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  1. Air units have a compulsory movement of 12 inches in addition to any move actions they may take during activation. 12 in. compulsory move plus a march move action would be 36 inches.
  2. RobT

    My SSU Army

    Very nice! I particularly like what you've done with the bases. So simple, yet very effective.
  3. I'd certainly like to see these after a good coat of dullcote, too. Why did you bother putting them on different bases, rather than just putting your basing material on the base that came with them? Otherwise, this is a really nice start!
  4. That's an interesting idea. Will you be basing the rest of your force on Litko bases, too? Or just your multi-wound models?
  5. Pael said: I haven't played it yet but I was going to go with a transport heli with a cc squad to drop wherever they are needed. The heli can suppress/kill lighter infantry while the cc squad will be close enough to handle everything else especially with an attached commissar. Will you be paying the 5 points to give the platoon (thereby your cc squad) the Air cav rule?
  6. I think you pose a great question - especially because it seems we may have to wait some time before the attack helicopter will be released. It looks like the heavy tank (which we won't see rules for until Hades) will be released for tactics before the two units that I think the SSU really need - that attack helicopter and the airlift KV. As for handling armor, I've played three small games (130 pts) with my SSU, and I've had some trouble with armor. So far, I think the Nadya is a fantastic walker against just about anything. I may never run a list without at least one. I've also had some success with widowmakers. I painted up a combat squad just before the book was released, and I wish I had put my efforts to painting up a rifle squad. There just seems to be no good reason to run combat squads over rifle squads (at least in my opinion). I think once Nikolai is released, he's going to be amazing in a unit of two rifle squads combined with a commissar. 4 Widowmakers hitting on blanks should do sizeable damage to light and medium armor. On paper, Fakyeli seem to be a good option against enemy armor. However, I'm finding the unit to be extremely slow compared to other assault troops. I'll have to try screening them or running them behind my Nadya to keep them alive long enough to make contact. I think fakyeli really need to deploy from a helicopter to make the most out of them.
  7. Thanks! It's my first time using The Army Painter stuff, and it's not bad. Considering Dust is meant to be a quick project for me, I like the black grit didn't have to be painted. Though I did use a matte varnish, I do worry that I'll have problems of it flaking off with time. We'll see. For now, I'm enjoying painting minis that I don't have to assemble or prime.
  8. Thought I'd share my first SSU models as I anxiously await for the new book. I'm going for a fairly historical color scheme, and wanted to experiment with basing material that I didn't have to do anything but glue to the bases. And, finally, I've completed a test model for the Chinese volunteer unit:
  9. There's a group of us starting to pick up the game at Drop Zone games in Glenn Burnie. http://www.dropzone-games.com/
  10. That's what I thought. However, without further official FAQ clarification I have a feeling the guys I play with will likely want to play the rule as requiring a unit to have an unused action from their unit phase.
  11. Hi all, After re-reading the rulebook and the FAQ, I'm still a little unclear about one aspect of units that can react. Does a unit that activated in the initiating player's unit phase need a remaining action in order to react in the 2nd player's unit phase? The way I'm reading the FAQ, so long as a unit didn't gain suppression or reaction markers, they can react, even if there are no actions left for that unit. For an example: can a unit of Brit Paras airdrop in (using up 2 move actions to do so), then make a ranged attack reaction to a unit that moved into 12 in. of them during the 2nd players turn?
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