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  1. Hey guys, i recently got AH last week and played it a few times on my own and i loved it more than i couldve expected. I sleeved all of the cards in the base game and i could hardly even store it in the core box set anymore :'( .. I know i will be getting the expansions as time goes by and what im looking for is a storage solution idea that will have room for all of them to be stored and played out of the box right away. I want to create a wooden box and i found a few plans that i liked but only one of them was made recently and has room for every expansion to date .. my only issue is that i have no clue if sleeved cards require even more space than say the non sleeved cards (dumb thought i know because i can see it with my own eyes) My only ordeal is that i dont know how much space in my storage box i need to make to accommodate all of the cards in the expansion sleeved. Im not looking for tuckboxes because imo they just dont look nice, might be practical but just not for me. Here are the plans i found and will probably go with: Venshads Plans with these plans im not sure if hes laying the cards down flat or laying them sideways business card style. by the looks of it i know it can hold all the cards out currently through all the expansions and i can probably build a box to store each of the boxes in those plans and be able to travel with it. what do you guys think or what would you suggest? im looking for some ideas because i do not own all the expansions nor have them all sleeved so i dont know what to expect when it comes to card realstate needed to store this beast of a series
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