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  1. i can't believe this became this popular.\ **** i wish i hadn't lost my copy of RT...
  2. What are some of the greatest (and strangest) nemeses your groups have gone up against? For my group, it's each other. There are two separate rogue traders in my group, and their retinues are split evenly between the other players. The two sides have entered into a rough alliance of convenience, with both hoping to eliminate the other before they get too powerful to take down in one fell swoop. Things, of course, are not going as planned, so they've instead settled on an arms race, with each side trying to be the last ship to land a crippling blow on an enemy vessel so they can claim it as a prize,and the first party down on a planet so they can claim it as a colony. It's pretty funny
  3. While I'm no expert on navigators by any stretch, I don't think it's likely for them to be twins. navigators are incredibly selective about their breeding to make sure that they remain pure and the navigator gene breeds true. Now, it certainly wouldn't be IMPOSSIBLE, perhaps the gene takes in one, but not the other, but for one twin to be born without the navigator gene and then become a psyker is at least grounds for immediate excommunication if not outright execution. Someone would have needed to smuggle the psyker twin out of the family, and depending on how quickly the Twins' parents were able to deduce that one of them was a nascent psyker, it's a very real possibility that the navigator twin may never have known he (or she) had a sibling until encountering them on the rogue trader's vessel.
  4. so i'm running a pair of Rogue Trader games that are going to Merge soon, and right now i only have one (potentially two) chief antagonist. one of the games revolves around a set of inquisitorial acolytes granted a Warrant after they royally screw up an op. reason they weren't killed outright is that their inquisitor wants them to go clean up their mess before they get axed (that and said inquisitor is a heretic who doesn't have any other acolytes that are even possibly capable of cleaning up this colossal charlie-foxtrot). the other is a more generic group of rogue trader and retinue that consists of Cave Johnson as a Rogue Trader, Mecha Hitler, and the most sadistic navigator this side of House Nostromo. events are as follows: totally-not-inquisitorial acolytes: alaric (the newly appointed rogue trader, who also happens to be a fifteen year old noble), Lax (ex guardsman turned Archmilitant who happens to be in the unwitting possession of what is basically an STC equivalent of a Daemon weapon) and Leopold (originally named Noface, a former hive-ganger turned Seneschal with a head for numbers, as well as a penchant for batman esque shenanigans and rampant cannibalism) made the mistake of leaving The Hand and Eye of Tal'veshyr (two halo Devices that when integrated into the same host, allow for all the positive effects of Halo Devices while getting rid of the drawbacks) unattended. Somnius Halbrel (one of the primary antagonists of the Dark Pursuits adventure out of the DH2E corebook) takes this opportunity to claim the prize that these acolytes have denied him for so long. after doing so, he orchestrates a shootout at an underhive arms auction that the PCs are at and jumps system, heading for the Koronus Expanse. after they become rogue traders, they go through some "here's how rogue tradering works" adventures before heading off into the expanse after him. Aperture Labs: Cavus Johndoe (a test tube baby who's only claim to a warrant was the fact that the genetic material of his genesis was pulled from members of an old Rogue Trader Dynasty, all of whom happen to be dead now), Heinrich Faust (a death worlder pulled from his planet by a Heretek who trained him to be a tech priest only after he instilled in him an abject hatred for Genetic Impurity [no opinion on Xenos aside from them being not people, and therefore not subject to basic decency] and a love for wanton human rights violations) and Trick Wanderer (a Navigator who's real name is unknown, all that's clear is that she's from some navigator House that's hard up on luck. oh, and she really enjoys mind melting people with her warp eye and using a mono grox whip to sever a foe's achilles tendons so they cant run away) have just finished the events of Into the Maw out of the core book. only deviation from the chain of events is they managed to convince one of the Ork Freebooterz they fought on magoros Secundus to come aboard the ship and serve as Faust's personal "Prototype Tester". said ork is now a GM Controlled Character who will be rolled out for the purposes of shenanigans, screwing with their plans, and occasionally getting them out of a bad scrape alive. general conclusion is that Hadarak Fel is an ass, and needs to be shot after here's my questions: I intend to draw these two parties together, and i need to get them to work together in character without having to introduce some poorly set up "you guys are friends now" nonsense. I'm considering Using Lure of the Expanse as my basis for this, but dont want things to get to crazy. both parties are playing their characters well, and i know that the Characters will likely shoot each other just for being competition. How best should I handle this? one of the possible scenarios i considered to get them to work together is the idea of them having shared enemies. Somnius Halbrel is looking to do something bad involving the Rifts of Hecaton, the Yu'Vath, and Halo Devices. to facilitate this, he's signed on with Fel in order to make things move a bit faster. however, I have absolutely no idea what their End game would be, and why an Arch Heretek and an unscrupulous, but ultimately still loyalist Rogue Trader would work together. Any Ideas?
  5. Personally I want more information on the fringes of the askellon sector, since that's probably where RT2E would take place. Aside from that, I want to see how they would handle the free form system of DH2e with RT. unlike DH, character roles actually matter a lot, especially in the case of rogue traders astropaths, and Navigators. Handling them as elite advances could be particularly interesting. Other than that, more core ship hulls, and streamlined rules for ship combat.
  6. hey guys, i'm going to start posting Highlights from my current campaign, which revolves (as the name suggests) around the players hijacking my campaign to start a gang and go take out Inquisition High Value Targets in manners that even their Inquisitor sees as either incredibly strange or a complete waste of resources. our story begins in a bastardized version of Dark Pursuits, with our three acolytes arriving in Port Gyre on orders from their inquisitor (whom none of the Acolytes have actually met) to go seek out one Lans Guljian, who has been acting strange-well, stranger than usual for a dissolute Apex Noble- after recieving a package that may or may not be a Xenos Relic. the mission is pretty straight forward: go find the crazy noble, figure out what's making him crazy, decide if it's heresy, find who supplied it, and kill him/her/it/them. as they step off of the Orbital Lighter, they see a man (who was their original contact) getting jumped by a trio of hive gangers behind some old trash compactors. Lax, a Feral World Guardsman who is still trying to figure out how mixing up "closet full of the Captain's best Amasec" with "room occupied by the Captain's altar to Chaos" managed to keep him from getting executed, rushes to the man's aid, rightly suspecting that he's the guy we're supposed to meet in order to get into Guljian's estate. Noface, a hive ganger and Desoleum Native, decides that a heavy stubber might not be the kind of backup Lax needs, and opts to help out by knifing people. As the fight wraps up, it becomes clear that the man they're trying to save is in rough shape, and will likely not last long without immediate medical attention. it is also around this time that Lax realizes that the rather young looking priest they came with is nowhere to be found. Lax leaves Noface (who has stated that he knows how to handle this) to stabilize the man while he goes to find their third party member. after a lot of running around, Lax finds our priest (who Lax swears looks like he's ten) staring at a group of prostitutes like he's never seen a pair of bare breasts before. he picks the kid up and carries him back over to the trash compactors where he expects to find Noface Stabilizing their contact and getting him into good enough shape to at least talk. what he finds instead is Noface sitting by the trash compactors alone. even the bodies of the dead gangers are gone, although there is a lot more blood than Lax remembers. one thing Lax clearly does not remember is the Trash compactors being on when he left. and it's just around this time that a Sanctionary comes by, shouting "what's all this then?" they couldve done any number of things at that point. Noface, knowing how corrupt Port Gyre can be, couldve intimidated or bribed the guard. Lax couldve told the truth (or at least part of it), and gambled on the guard just leaving them alone. Alaric (the priest) couldve used his considerably high Fellowship and his position as a ministorum deacon to convince the guard that what had happened was right and just. instead, Alaric blurts out "do not interfere with the business of the Inquisition!" Things went down hill pretty fast. while the Sanctionary stands there slackjawed that this punk kid in priest robes would so openly invoke the name of the Imperium's bogeyman, Noface takes the opportunity to sprint up and sever the poor guard's spinal column. he then motions for Lax to strip the Sanctionary, while he takes Alaric aside and explains why announcing your allegiances to police is generally a bad idea. after a solid ten minutes of argument punctuated my Alaric shouting "i'm thirteen, thank you very much!", the Lax and Noface pitch the dead Sanctionary's body into the Trash Compactor with all the other dead gangers, as well as their contact. Lax is horrified to see that much senseless violence come from one man, fails his toughness check, and vomits into the compactor. after screaming at Noface that the contact was their only lead, Noface pulls out a small dataslate, which has a set of coordinates for further into the hive, as well as note from their inquisitor to "deal with any loose ends" as they see fit. far as Noface is concerned, a dying man is always a loose end, and doesn't the Inquisition have a strong no-witnesses policy anyway? Lax considers pointing out that their original mission parameters most certainly did not include bonuses for racking up a body count, but decides against it. if the big scary man wearing somone else's tanned face like a mask says or does something that doesnt end in you being dead and/or faceless, you go with it. now that the group has coordinates to what is probably a rendezvous point, they sit down to make a plan. after about twenty minutes of hushed whispering, paranoid stares out into the street, and lax shooting down (twice) Noface's bid of "kill everyone" Alaric climbs up onto Noface's shoulders and says "you two shut up! i have a plan!"
  7. So our GM was stupid and got himself bedridden sick, and I'm taking over until he gets back. I was looking over the notes he put down for our tanker campaign, and one of the things he came up with was the idea of an Operator running the tank, and the rest of the characters doing infantry work that helps the tanker. I like this, but i'm having some issues coming up with how to make this work in a way that makes it fun for everyone. some of the things I found in his notes (and a few I came up with myself) are: Playing an artillery Regiment, taking Mechanised infantry and using a Basilisk instead of a Chimera. Operator and the Heavy run the Basilisk, while the rest of the Squad's Job is to make sure that no one else gets at the Basilisk while its pounding the enemy. Playing a specialized tanker corps, where the Tank is supported by snipers taking out Anti Armor Infantry, and Shock troops following the tank to do mop up operations. play an armored regiment, but spend bonus points on better gear for non tank based characters. Playing a Siege Tanker Corps. Tank is used as a mobile shield to help advance the front line. Take Siege Regiment, and then get the Vanguard option. take a Standard Leman Russ instead of the specialized chimera thoughts?
  8. thanks, that helps a lot. How here's another question: What's the viability of Tanker Characters outside of the tank? I ask this because I know my GM, and I know he's going to throw us in situations where staying in the tank is suicide.
  9. Having recently watched "Fury" with some friends, we immediately set about badgering our GM to run a Tanker Game. he's up for it, and we start here in a few days. However, what does each specialization offer to a tanker crew?
  10. So the Tome of Decay was pretty clear that once you reach 100 corruption, you effectively die, and nothing more becomes of your character. however, I've been wondering if there's a way around that. a couple of the ideas i've played around with are: A) a character with a sufficiently high Willpower (i.e. 100 Willpower with at least unnatural willpower 1) becomes a Daemon Prince in which the possessing entity is the dominant personality, and the possessed individual is the one who now has to fight for temporary control. The character enacts enough passive influence to keep the daemon from outright killing everything around it, but it is the Daemon's motivations and ambitions that are important right now B) the character, upon reaching 100 corruption, embarks on a journey to turn the source of his power into a more stable fixture, binding both his soul and the essence of the daemon into a powerful daemonic item (weapon, armour, locket, whatever). the character can never become a daemon prince, but can also never die, so long as the item in which his soul/daemon amalgam is trapped exists. however, should this item be destroyed, the character will die instantly (no burning infamy to stave that of). so basically you either become a daemon prince with an emphasis on the Daemon, or you become a lich equivalent. thoughts?
  11. I personally have a serious inclination toward Tzeench. I've run the gammut for the God, going from Spies seeking to sow chaos and tear down nations in the name of the Great Architect to Sorcerers looking for forbidden knowledge and power to a Soldier who fought to win, and pledged himself to the Changer of Ways in exchange for the knowledge to gain victory in every fight.
  12. WHEN THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO COME OUT WITH MORE MATERIAL FOR BLACK CRUSADE? all I want is a date for a release. I don't care if the next book is another adventure, rules for running an actual Black Crusade, a look at another Chaos Stronghold (the Maelstrom would be nice), or the long awaited Nurgle Book. I just want a date! is there anyone who's got an idea of when they'll release the next book?
  13. The general consensus from what I've seen here on the forums is that N0_1_H3R3's page was taken down because a lot of his material unintentionally violated the guy's NDA's. this is corroborated by the fact that a lot of the material he came up with regarding additional psychic powers (Biomancy and Pyromancy in particular) was almost identical to the power suites found in Tome of Fate. I don't think anyone here thinks he intentionally put it up to give us a teaser look at what's going to be in the other books (at least I don't), but FFG likely had him take it down since it technically was a copyright issue. my Guess hope is that the material N0_1 didn't get to post (specially that about the Obliterator Virus) will come out in the Nurgle Sourcebook (I'M STILL WAITING, FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES), but we'll have to wait and see once the book comes out
  14. wow i made absolutely no sense last night. forgive the total lack of continuity in my original post, i had just finished the twelve hour drive from school to work for the holidays. allow me to make a few clarifications. the classes listed that have no correlation to their human counterparts are not meant to be equivalent to each other at all. when looking at the Class list, I saw no need for Missionary or Navigator for Orks, but I still wanted there to be an equal number of class choices. Kommando Nobz and Paindocs both have a place aboard a Kaptin's Krooza, and therefore (I felt) should be represented within the list of possible careers. Regarding Ship Hulls, perhaps you're right, and classifying them like that is a bit too structured for Orks, but there's no reason to say that Orks themselves wouldn't put their own ships into rough categories depending on their size and function. Orks may be simple, but they are far from stupid, and can choose to ignore one fight if it means that they can go win another later. likely a Kaptin can recognize the difference between a Lootboat, that's designed for carrying a Kaptin's stuff, and a Ded 'Ard Krooza, which is his own Flagship. while both ships are undeniably Orky and perfectly good for fighting, the Kaptin's going to know that taking on a Repulsive class Grand Cruiser with his Boardin' Ded 'Ard Krooza is a better idea than taking on said grand cruiser with his Shooty Lootboat. On that note, i do recognize that Orks have no need for different classes of vessel, so the different hulls may only have one class, but with wildly variant customization options to fit an individual captain's needs. Finally, you're right. i am creating unnecessary work for myself. but i'm a glutton for punishment, and I'd rather put in the effort and watch this crash and burn -and at least be able to say i did it- than wonder how it wouldve gone had i done it.
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