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  1. Well, the fact that this topic has generated such a heated discussion makes me think that my player was not forcing the issue as I thought and maybe I should give him more freedom to apply Brace. However Sturn's reasoning is very compelling and I will watch carefully that Brace does not overshadow other similar talents. Thanks everyone for your comments and reasoning.
  2. On my table we have a bit of a recurring issue with the Brace talent. The player wants to twist its reference to environmental factors. He thinks it should also apply to everyhting physical like negating 1 setback die due to darkness, fog... when doing Perception or Vigilance checks even outside of structured play. Because of the name Brace I believe it is more like taking a few seconds to breathe, calm oneself and focus before doing something and it should not apply to simply remove setbacks due to factors you do not control. What is the general opinion? Can anybody give me more examples of its use?
  3. Ok, I thought that by removing it I could save a sheet out of each 3 or so but if it you already designed it so that it does not increase the needed amount of paper then I am satisfied. Thanks for your time!!
  4. Umm.. I mean the big square for Notes at the bottom of any Encounter printout. I am right now watching a .pdf o a encounter I created and though it is empty it still appears. Maybe I am not making myself clear.
  5. The problems were solved in the last bug fix. Thanks a lot! Just a small suggestion: Could the ¨Notes¨ section be an optional feature when printing an encounter? I rarely use it and so it´s just a waste of paper space. Thanks again for your effort.
  6. I have a new problem with the GM Tools version Everytime I create an encounter or modify an existing one the program stops working and I get an error message. This happens as soon as I make a change to the encounters and on different computers. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  7. Of course I would pay for the shipping costs if you send it my way.
  8. Yes, I did. There must be something with my computer because I have downloaded the last version on the laptop and there it worls perfectly. I will tell you more once I do an image restore.
  9. Well I would really appreciate one of those F&D beginner boxes if you have an spare one once you finish demoing. However I live in Spain and don´t know if the shipping cost would be affordable. Thanks anyway for offering them.
  10. I have found something I believe it´s a bug. In the GMTools when I import an encounter and use the print option I only get a white sheet on the print preview. I have tried with several of the encounters from the different adventures and the problem remains. I am using the latest version of the program. Thanks.
  11. Yes!! Finally Verpine. I wish there are included some Verpine weapons.
  12. First I must thank you for creating such a detailed sheet for Astrogation calculations, it´s a very handy doccument. Second, I was wondering if there was an update of this great resource? Have you had enough time to incorporate the Hyperspace rules found on the Fly Casual sourcebook? I do not want to sound anxious but on Saturday my players will have to escape in their ship and perform several jumps to avoid being hunted and your sheet would come very handy. Thanks.
  13. Regarding the Starship Action Sheet yesterday we run the race found a the Jewel od Yavin Adventure and noticed that it would be very useful to have an Advantage & Threat sheet for starship combat that would also include the uses of advantage and threat in races/chases as found on page 50 of that adventure. I think both sets of rules (combat and races) could fit together in one sheet and should be together as sometimes races include some combat. That way we could print that sheet and your Starship Action Sheet in both faces of the same paper.
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