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    Thanks for the quick reply. I looked more closely at the cards and found those that allow healing after your heads-up. After playing the game for the first time I thought death came awfully quickly (I killed my son in two turns- luck of the draw I guess he played a boomstone and I fireballed him turn one for nine damage and then he hit me with a lightning bolt in a corner and I used Lifelock and his own lightning finished him off- we played for about five minutes not counting the thirty we spent reading rules…). I suppose more healing would stretch things out a bit too long.
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    I've only begun to play and in a casual perusal of the rules I cannot find any reference to healing other than to say that it can be done where the book speaks to damage and the damage dial. I've also looked through the cards for all the schools of magic and found none that are healing spells. Can someone explain how it is done or tell me where to look?
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