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  1. I'm trying to work on designs that doesn't infringe upon FFG until a license can be acquired for use of their official items.
  2. Tullahoma, TN It is situated within an hour of south of Nashville, an hour west of Chattanooga, and an hour north of Huntsville, AL.
  3. I think that the other launches were all early launches. I'm not sure if that is the case for L5R or not.
  4. My numbers crunch (using Star Wars Destiny as a guide) has the first real announcement article (with actually card images) marked at mid-April with the preview articles starting in mid-May.
  5. Sparks, you glorious bastard. Sadly, no really new details in there that I can find. Nice to know that even Geek and Sundry has the game on the radar. As far as news goes, you guys know where to find the most up-to-date news for the game (besides FFG) right? *shameless plug* I've been speaking to FFG about content as they get ready for the rollout.
  6. I wasn't sure Rokugani were ready for the move, but I must say that Mustafar is HOT propriety
  7. So many of you know me from my association with Legend of the Five Rings. We decided to move forward with a renaming of the blog to the Kolat Information Network and the expansion of the blog into other games. Our first addition to the blog is coverage of Star Wars Destiny with the new division, The Black Sun.
  8. I feel your pain. I'm going to try down in the Tullahoma area (30 minutes south of Murfreesboro) but that won't happen until I can get the product in.
  9. If my memory serves me well, those artworks were to be used of Onyx Strongholds.
  10. I've played a number of arcs throughout the game's history. Samurai - To me, Samurai had the best overall power level of any arc in the game's history. Jade - My first arc was busted as all get out but it was fun to me (save for the sensei's as a way to 'fix' the brokeness) Gold - Gold was very much powered down from Jade but it was a different and interesting at the time. Lotus - Felt a lot like Jade and I enjoyed that kind of craziness. Emperor - Felt a lot like Lotus and I enjoyed that kind of craziness.
  11. The deck that got me into the game was the 1999 World Championship finals between a Brotherhood Enlightenment vs. Brotherhood Military. I bought a Phoenix Pearl Edition starter and a Brotherhood of Shinsei Pearl Edition Starter. While Brotherhood was my first clan, I was still exploring the lore of the game. I began exploring the stories of the game. The first story I found that I had a connection to was "Private Lessons". Kakita Toshimoko was an absolute bad @$$! Had I never found the story named "Son of Storms", I would have ended up a Crane player. The story of Yoritomo just resonated with me and I was forever hooked on the Mantis. When Mantis went on hiatus at the start of Gold Edition, I dabbled in many other clans including the Crab, the Lion, the Dragon and the Crane.
  12. I can say that I have had contact with FFG about the status. This was the e-mail contact that I had that was replied to on March 2nd: "We have not yet begun any external playtesting of L5R. It is still in the earliest stages of development." I am continuing to monitor the progress since I have a current signed NDA (one that was transferred from AEG to FFG) and since I applied for the Playtest program for L5R under FFG.
  13. Since we have no official company run L5R events until the release of the LCG in 2017, The Kolat Informant website has posted a number of events going on in 2016 for the L5R community. If you are interested in hosting an L5R event next year, you can contact me and I can add the details to the list. The link to the list is http://kolatinformant.com/2016-unofficial-l5r-event-schedule/
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