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  1. Yeah....I've been playing that way with my Gandalf deck since learning about this. It's so OP, that I took all other card draw out of the deck; as nothing else is necessary. I kind of wish there was a ruling where Gandalf didn't automatically reveal the second and third card....so atleast the insane card draw could have a shot at failing.
  2. I think a suitable Seastan challenge would be to see how long of a streak he can build power decks......without using Steward of Gondor.
  3. Ohh...and if you guys are wondering why I res'd this thread, just started playing a Gandalf deck for first time.
  4. Wait a minute, am I reading this correctly that each copy of ETH (on different questing hero of course) can trigger on 3 different cards in the same phase? Wouldn't all of your heroes quest at the same time, and thus all instantaneously discard the same card on top of the deck (rather than 3 separate). I thought "that" was borderline OP with Gandalf. If you can do it ×3, that is just about downright broken. Any official rulings on this?
  5. You can do this today, actually, just by including both traits seperately: "k:gondor k:ranger" I wish we had a system of traits for decks. This could be an option that the builder selects like "monolore", "solo", "questing", etc. To then be able to search decks with these criteria would be amazing. It would just require users to update their old decks already published. The one thing I haven't seen anywhere yet is being able to search deck by function or archetype.
  6. Another good idea for a feature would be having the option to list decks as solo, co-op questing, or co-op combat...and then make it searchable. I'm constantly looking for decks designed specifically for those qualities (i.e. I have a good combat deck, would like to look at a list of questing decks to select a pair...that type of thing).
  7. Tactics Boomer is worse. I've only played him twice and was so bored, I've never played him since. He pretty much answers every problem once you get some attachments on him and threat reduction. He was slightly balanced in the early game when threat reduction was rarer....but now with easy threat reduction he's out of control.
  8. This resource is absolutely fantastic. Masterful job. It's really what the community has needed.
  9. I abuse SOG like a boss in Elrohir/Elladan decks.
  10. I think they missed on bringing errata to the wrong Gondor attachment. "O" cost attachments that give 2 free resources every successive turn and open any character in the game up to Gondor synergy is OP in every deck, not just ones successfully built to abuse it.
  11. Disagree entirely. A Rossiel is any deck that focuses on victory display shenanigans. Because like ents, Rossiel and victory display manipulation is a sub theme, it can be mixed and matched with many various deck types. My Rossiel deck does have spirfindel (because it's secrecy, he's kind of necessary for that) and only 2 copies of quick beam as the only entry representation. I rarely play with Elrond....as he is one of the more boring lore heroes and his threat is too high.
  12. The Minas Tirith lamp wright is one of those cards the designers should almost feel guilty/embarassed for releasing. I can understand why treachery cancellation needs to be extremely limited, but never understood the need to draw that same fence around surge. I was intrigued by Mono lore secrecy, but was worried about the extremely limited threat reduction, and thus not remaining in secrecy long. I'd love to play a variant though that included alot of encounter deck manipulation with Rossiel, since that's technically what the victory display shenanigans are anyway. What lineup did you use? One thing is for certain. I think Rossiel decks are maybe the most enjoyable deck archetype to play at the moment.
  13. Nobody is rocking any Rossiel secrecy decks yet? Secrecy is the first thing I thought of with her. Paired with Mirlonde and Glorfindel, starting threat is 19. Making that "out of the wild" 1 cost instead of 3 is pretty huge with getting victory display going. I've also become addicted to "the door is closed". I can't tell you how much I love this card. Firstly, it's actually a legit way to counter the hated surge cards....the only one I know of.Secondly, this card is a game changer if you set it up right. You haven't lived until you've slammed the door on an orc war party, or a nasty surging enemy.
  14. Thanks to the outstanding community here contributing advice, I think I finally crafted a solo secrecy deck that is both potent and thematically satisfying. I decided to go with the Haldir angle. Yes, I unfortunately do need Glorfindel, but by making it an all elven secrecy deck, he goes from being a crutch to a thematic inclusion. I decided to drop out Merry and get access to tactics through one of my oft overlooked and forgotten all time favorites, my old friend the Rivendell minstrel. The other cool part about this decision is the replacement with Mirlonde allows me to play on the rivendell/lorien theme. There is not a single non thematic card in this deck, as I've purposely left out power includes like quick beam because I can't stand the thought of ents in Moria and frankly don't think I need him. This deck is all about fixing enemies in the staging area and destroying them with Haldir while questing with strong wp ally support. The other nice thing is that about a third of the deck is either secrecy or secrecy related cards, so it actually feels like a secrecy deck and not just a dash of secrecy thrown in. I think I've covered all of my bases except the use Glorfindel, and I've even found a way to minimize the pain of using him by making him thematic. This was all based on the suggestions people made on this thread so Thanks! Time to go up against my favorite deck tester (and some of my favorite quests to date BTW), the nightmare Khazad Dum quests. I'm sure there will be some fine tuning, but I'll report back how my secrecy experimenting is going.
  15. Interested to hear more about secrecy Haldir deck? Please say it doesn't involve Glorfindel? I tried this with Mirlonde, Haldir, and Merry....but found Haldir is less effective without leadership or tactics to boost his combat. Really, it's tough to findicate much attack at all with spirit and lore.
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