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  1. Spend some time on these. It was a little hard for me because I have no green stuff experience so I had to just cut, bend, file and glue them... but Im proud! Made thematic sniper/spotter and saboteur teams.
  2. There is also a page with the trooper from the imperial assault starter set. The hero is on one of the rebellion books from the rpg
  3. After a year of waiting I finaly went to see Star Wars EP7. It was nothing like I expected and not in a good way. I knew the plot points of the whole movie 2 months ago and still went in to give it a try. For me, its a little dissaster. A good looking movie with hype and promisses that ends up turning Star Wars into a childish comedy. Everyone loves it, I dont. Why? Here are the main points: When I read the leaked script it looked a lot like a new hope...and thats what I got. A new story (not really new if you have read the EU) that seems to put all the effort in the nostalgia factor. Bad dialog, poorly written scenes that dont make you feel what they should and "everything you love about the original movies". We have X Wings and Tie fighters! (A new version of the x wing capitalizing the original MC QUARIE ART). We have this new obsession with the blue squadron (originally the blue squadron idea that ended up being red squadron because of problems with cgi) Then again thats all we get. No other fighters. A hybrid between a Z-95 Headhunter and an x wing. On the other side, just a tie fighter. Lore wise, the interceptor should have been mass produced after the BATTLE OF ENDOR. So why just use the same type of ship and upgrade it with rotating turret and shields (guessing by the FANSTASY FLIGHT GAMES DESCRIPTION.) They still seem to blow up easily. A force like the so called New Order should have a variery of new modern ships after 30 years... ohh, right...Star Destroyers! Nostalgia factor used to apeal old star wars fans. Characters...my god... We have our original characters going back to their original rolls because you know...nostalgia and all that. We get a new darth vader wanabe hyped beyond believe turning out to be a confused child full of insecurities. We have a new r2-d2, a new Yoda in Maz Kanata (force sensitivity- check 1000 years old- check), a new Wedge in Poe dameron, a new Deathstar Run in the so called STARKILLER BASE AKA BIGGER DEATH STAR (again nostalgia factor and referrence to the original name of who would later become Luke) a new Dessert planet called Jakku replacing Tatooine, a new Skywalker-ish character living on a dessert planet... (interesting) A new movie that feels like a freshened up version of something that we already saw. Plot twists that were not so plot twist and that we keep on hearing troughout the movie...I mean, I heard you 10 minutes into the movie, Han is your dad... I dont need you to remind me for the rest of the movie. The other shocking plot twist? Why??? Im thinking its not a good move investing on Ford and hoping he lives 10 more years fearing what to do if he died. So, they took the easy way out and removed him from the equation. That, or Ford got bored. From what I see (movie,comics and books...) the Canon feels like they are trying too hard on making star wars so likable to new and old generations that they forget that Star Wars sells without help. If you need evidence, look at the dissaster that was BATTLEFRONT 3, something that had a 0% chance of being bad...its bad and unfinished. Some of us even bought the Rogue Squadron 1,2,3,4 games...practically same levels just because we love it. You dont need that. What you need is a creative team writing for the love of art, not to appeal a demographic, because at the end of the day, it sells itself. We have this crazy corporate mentality behind the details on the movie capitalizing on the hate for the prequels and the what could have beens of the originals. This movie could have been well thought and made 10 years ago. That way you could have used the original characters fpo a slow transition in to the new ones for the new generations instead of this mess of quicly off with the old and in with the new. It could have been different in the way they made the twists...that last spoiler scene involving Han could have had the first plot twist involving his legacy. I believe that It would have been better to find out who Kylo ren is in the moment Solo says "BEN!" instead of 10 minutes into the movie. I dont know what to say or write. I feel dissapointment. Feeling ive read better and seen better on books and comics even thou they are not "canon". I hoped for somethig fresh, something feeling like star wars, not a new disney comedy with star wars skins. Personally, not sold and not convinced with the nostalgia factor. Not a bad movie in comparison to ep 1... not a bad movie at all, but the hype was too much. Forgot to mention John Boyega. He was funny. I like that dude.
  4. By no loss of detail you mean that the miniature was unchanged or that the miniature was affected but with no loss of detail?
  5. Any confirmed methoods? Im worried about the plastic.
  6. Hello! I paid a comission painter to paint some miniatures and some of them were not painted as I wanted...after a couple of tries I gave up and took the miniatures home. Now I want to re- paint them myself (something I should have done in the first place and save myself 150 bucks) and I dont know what would be the best option without damaging the miniature. I dont know anything about this. New Painter. Help? I would paint on top but I dont want them all ugly full of paint.
  7. LedZep

    Recon X

    Hello! Would you be willing to make that same ship to anyone else? PM me with details if you can!!!
  8. No one seems to have an answer for why do the pictures have him with 3 red lines...even som old toys do.
  9. I know a lot of the members have changed call sings over time. My question is, why is there an X wing with 3 marks on most of luke skywalkers x wing images online? Is there any info on this anywhere? Is this the rogue 3 call sing? He is not listed on the rogue 3 list on wookiepedia.
  10. Hahaha I know that feeling. I recently won a $200 gift certificate on a game store and went crazy with x wing. (Two more B wings behind.) Officially ready for wave 4!
  11. Are you gonna make an up to scale model of the transport or blockade runner? Im gonna try legos XD
  12. Come on man, don't be like that. We just have no idea what you were talking about. The post was about me having a train of bad experiences this year and asking for help to win a contest so I could get some x wing miniatures...since I have no money due to not being able to find a job and since playing x wing is one of the things I use to distract myself from all those problems while I look for a way out of them. I just felt ashamed so I deleted it. I know you guys are a great community.
  13. LedZep

    Recreating the 181st

    https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/549413_10151557799181742_2094402824_n.jpg Back on the topic of fielding all 4 saber squadron pilots on x wing miniatures game... ive done it many times. Problem is there are players who just want to win and use those same 100 points to field 2 falcons, 2-3 firesprays, 4 Y wings and so on. No matter how good they are, they are just too fragile and they are no match for a 360 fire ark. (dont even get me started on my bad rolls) I still field them all the time because they look awesome
  14. Oh that topic...no...Im talking about rogue squadron after endor and before Bacta Wars. When the painjob was just the replacement panels (red/yellow) markings
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