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  1. alright, I was wrong. thanks for the link to the vids HuronBH. I thought they were going with a modern day predator drone look for the axis flyers with no cockpit I thought it looked too smooth and out of place for 1947. I see the detail in the vids that there is infact a cockpit and lots of detail. overall it looks pretty good
  2. first impression I'm a little disipointed about the design. maybe when we get a better photo of it it might grow on me
  3. I'm pretty sure those French kill teams and brit commandos are allied. there hard to see in the photo and for all I know they might be the exact same models with a head swap. which is fine with me.
  4. Thanks for all the great photos. love the new SSU tanks. I see three man fire teams for the Allies and the axis. do you think the'll sell them in groups of three or six? any roumers of other new releases?
  5. it's a bit of a trip but I'd be willing to travel to Showcase comics. I was there before many years ago is it still in the granite run mall?
  6. maybe we could meet up at a HMGS convention and play in the open gaming area 'Fall In' is a few months away. usally it's held in Lancaster PA.
  7. I'm liking that tank it's the love child of a BMD-1, a KV-2, and a T-34 what a lovely child
  8. good to know, looking forward to this
  9. Psykostevo said: Now that we have seen the sprues and know a squad carried Granatwerfer is coming. haven't seen or heard that, do you have a link?
  10. wow, just stunning work. they look great I especially like the strips on the zombies
  11. I know there has been two core/starter box sets released so far for Dust Tactics, I have them both and they are amazing but I was wondering if we will see a new box set featuring the core rules for Dust Warfare and perhaps several minis/squads for the SSU? The great thing about the core sets is the minis and as much as I like the new SSU they are bit expensive compaired to the Axis and Allied factions (because of the larger intro box sets)
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