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  1. Never been to the Guard Tower, only about 30 minutes. So I'd be willing to meet there.
  2. doomofthepeople said: Hey, I have been looking at taking the jump and was wondering if you have found any players in Columbus? Thanks in advance. Tom You would be the only one so far Tom….:-)
  3. Any players and/or groups in the Columbus area?
  4. Chairborne said: I'm planning on heading down to the "Art of War" in Cincy on Sunday for their Kessel Run Tourney. PM me if you want to tag along. James Hadbhoped to make it to Cincy as well, but couldn't swing it. How did it go?
  5. vermillian said: I'm just trying to organize meeting up and playing. EMAIL ME or find me on facebook jalexandernjames AT G Mail DOT Com. Email sent!
  6. Hi All, I live in the Columbus area and have played a little. Hadn't been on these forums since Gencon so I am a little behind! I can't make November 18th but would love to get together and play/demo. Is this forum the place to get that info? Or is there somewhere else I should be looking? thanks!
  7. tiepilot1138 said: Well, I might need more Y-Wings now. As we thought, the Ion Cannon fires 360 degrees, as what looks like range 1-2. Reading the card for the token, would a target ship get to fire in the turn it was hit? For example, Salm's Y-Wing (initiative 8) fires first at a Tie and hits with the Ion Cannon. What happens to the Tie on that initial turn? The card says he doesn't get to plot his next move, but he does get to fire on his following turn. Does he get to fire on the turn he got fried? Also, on the Ion Cannon card, what does "cancel all dice results" mean? AND the number tokens go up to at least 17 with this one. The Ion Token card describes things that a are affected each "phase" not on the next turn. So in your example, "yes" the hit Tie would be able to fire (if it hasn't been destroyed yet). But couldn't be assigned a maneuver dial during the planning phase and must make the stated move in the activation phase (after which the Ion tokens would be removed). Reading the Ion Cannon Turret card it appears that a successful (at least 1 hit that isn't negated) attack using the turret causes 1 damage and adds 1 ion token. But any other effects of the dice are cancelled, so no mutiple hits or crits. That's my best take at least.
  8. Just noticed something, it appears the Starfighters themselves have a "skill" number on their base. Or was that explained somewhere else? Just wondering…
  9. Sprenger said: I think that the difference in points between the X-wings and Ties won't necessarily be the pilots but the number of attachments like Astrodroids and weapon cards that can be equiped to the ship. At the bottom of each pilot card it shows what kind of upgrades that star ship can have. I hope that I can field a good 3 ship Rebel squad to make it feel more like attack runs more than just a bunch of ships going in 10 different directions. Also I'd like to see/play a 6 player game (like the one from last years GC) where each player gets to pilot 1 or two ships and work together. Good point on the upgrades and based on what I've seen and read here 3 Rebel ships seems right in the wheel-house for 100pts. And I would also love to play some multi-player co-op, would make for a fun game! Provided the mechanics are good, of course.
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