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  1. Faction cards just sold over the weekend, and the Aurebesh ones I was planning to sell with the sets, but feel free to make an offer for them if you are interested.
  2. Edited to remove force coin (sold) and update prices.
  3. Feel free to make counter offers. $225 obo for the following: Core Set x2 Edge of Darkness Balance of the Force (1-2 copies, don't remember which) Draw Their Fire Ready for Takeoff Lure of the Darkside Knowledge and Defense It Binds All Things Join Us or Die The Search for Skywalker The Desolation of Hoth Escape from Hoth The Battle of Hoth A Dark Time Assault on Echo Base Darkness and Light 5 packs of Star Wars FFG Sleeves (Han, Boba Fett, Jabba, Lightsaber, Star Wars) 1x Boba Fett Aurubesh promo 1x Lightsaber Aurubesh promo Also for sale, but not included in the lot: 1x 2013 Regionals playmat-$15 Shipping inside continental US only, sorry.
  4. I dunno if this is even doable, but I'd like to see something where you can either: A) Build multiple decks at one time or B ) Have a setting where you can tell the deck builder to take into consideration cards in another decklist on your profile for purposes of them being used in your collection. I think both of those sound confusing, so I'll try to give an example that makes a bit more sense of what Im hoping for. My wife and I like to play 4 player (both of us using 2 decks). We've got all the packs and 3 Cores. So if I wanted to build a deck on ringsdb it would be nice to be able to have the site tell me Ive already got 3 copies of Daerun's Runes in another deck so I cant put it in this one cause I only have three or to say Ive already got 6 of 12 Core Gandalfs in decks. Or just be able to build two lists at the same time in the same window. So I click into Deck 1 and add 3 Daerun's Runes. Im now using 3/3 of them. I click into Deck 2 and try to add Daerun's Runes, but I cant add more, cause its already at 3/3. So like I said, I don't know if that's doable for programming, but does that at least make sense? If this kind of thing is doable, then possible side-add: Some way to indicate to the joint-deck builder that you own 2+ copies of a single pack/box aside from a Core? Thanks for all the hard work. This site is awesome!
  5. My wife and I have been playing through the campaign mode in 4 player (2 players each playing two handed). I didnt think to make any notes during the games about scores and such, so below is a brief rundown. We are trying to play with heroes that are at least somewhat thematic for the game, and altering the hero change threat increase rule to only happen if we switch in someone new entirely. Switching between versions of a hero or moving a hero from one deck to another doesnt raise the threat. Deck 1: Boromir (T), Dunhere, Eowyn Deck 2: Theodred, Aragorn (Le), Haldir Deck 3: Sam, Merry, Pippin (Lo) Deck 4: Legolas, Gimli, Glorfindel 1. Shadow of the Past Earned: Mr Underhill, Galdalf's Delay 1.1. The Old Forest Earned: Old Bogey Stories 1.2 Fog on the Barrow Downs Earned: Ho Tom Bombadil 2. A Knife in the Dark 3. Flight of the Ford Earned: Weight of the Ring, Eaten Alive 4. The Ring Goes South Earned: Lust for the Ring 5. Journey in the Dark Earned: Pursued by the Enemy, Overcome by Grief Character Death: Theodred (sacrificed to the Balrog), replaced by Denethor Boon Used: Ho Tom Bombadil 6. Breaking of the Fellowship Earned: Followed by Night Captives: Denethor, Dunhere, Gimli, Pippin Hero lists with boons at the end of #6 (thats as far as we've gotten at this point, though we are getting ready to tackle #7) Deck 1: Boromir (T), Dunhere(Captive), Eowyn Boons: Phial of Galadriel, Glamdring, Tireless Ranger (Boromir) Deck 2: Aragorn (Le), Haldir, Denethor (Captive) Boons: Leaf Wrapped Lembas, Anduril, Valiant Warrior (Haldir) Deck 3: Sam, Merry, Pippin (Lo) (Captive) Boons: Old Bogey Stories, Lorien Rope, Sting, Noble Hero (Pippin) Deck 4: Legolas, Gimli (Captive), Glorfindel Boons: Mithral Shirt, Three Golden Hairs, Skilled Healer (Gimli)
  6. I live a couple hours south of Bloomington, but will try to make it up there if I can for this.
  7. That would make sense, since the announcement for the release of the Game of Thrones packs just came up the other day on the main page of the site.
  8. I really like this idea. I think I might try something similar. I skimmed a few of the longer posts, so I apologize if this has already been suggested, but to add to the flavor of the campaign, I think I am going to limit myself to using heroes and allies that havent yet appeared in the encounter decks I havent gotten to yet. So no using Elrond until I actually get to Rivendell. No Arwen until after the two sets in which she is an Objective Ally. Etc. It shouldnt put too many limitations on the table, but it should make it a bit more interesting.
  9. Bombur with Citadel Plate, Spear of the Citadel, A Flaming Brand, Song of Battle, the Dunedain card giving +1 Def, and getting bonuses from Dain wearing Narvi's Belt.
  10. Yes, he affects himself. In the article it says he quests for three because of his ability. =D
  11. I just built a set of three decks based around the Gondor and Rohan heroes the other day. They are built with the assumption that all cards are available, along with a second Core set. Only thing Im not 100% on is that I dont remember how many Galadhrim's Greeting comes in the Core. I have 2 decks marked with 3 each, so if a Core only comes with 2, then the two decks with Spirit would be 1 card short each. :/ I hope these help! Deck 1: Tactics/Spirit Starting Threat: 27 Heroes: Beregond, Hama, Dunhere Allies: 18 3x Defender of Rammas 3x Gondorian Spearman 2x Horseback Archer 3x Westfold Horsebreaker 2x Escort from Edoras 3x Envoy of Pelargir 2x Arwen Undomiel Attachments: 10 2x Horn of Gondor 2x Citadel Plate 3x Blade of Gondolin 3x Spear of the Citadel Events: 22 3x Feint 3x Quick Strike 2x A Test of Will 2x Dwarven Tomb 3x Foe Hammer 2x Hasty Stroke 3x The Galadrhim’s Greeting 3x Unseen Strike 1x Will of the West Deck 2: Spirit/Leadership Starting Threat: 27 Heroes: Eowyn, Eleanor, Prince Imrohil Allies: 22 2x Eomund 3x Snowborn Scout 3x Rider of the Mark 3x West Road Traveller 3x Riddermark’s Finest 2x Faramir 3x Guard of the Citadel 3x Gandalf (Core) Attachments: 11 2x Steward of Gondor 2x Unexpected Courage 2x Blood of Numenor 2x Nor am I a Stranger 3x Cram Events: 17 2x Sneak Attack 3x Astonishing Speed 2x We Do Not Sleep 2x A Test of Will 2x Hasty Stroke 3x The Galadrhim’s Greeting 2x Valiant Sacrifice 1x Will of the West Deck 3: Leadership/Lore Starting Threat: 27 Heroes: Theodred, Boromir (HoN), Denethor Allies: 21 2x Gleowine 3x Ithilien Tracker 3x Warden of Healing 3x Snowborn Scout 2x Faramir 2x Guard of the Citadel 3x Gandalf (Core) 3x Errand Rider Attachments: 14 2x Steward of Gondor 3x Dunedain Mark 3x Dunedain Warning 3x A Burning Brand 3x Forest Snare Events: 15 2x Sneak Attack 3x Mutual Accord 2x For Gondor! 3x Daeron’s Runes 3x Grave Cairn 2x Valiant Sacrifice
  12. I play Ranger Spikes into the Staging Area. A bad guy pops out, getting Ranger Spiked. I kill the bad guy who is Ranger Spiked. Ranger Spikes go to my Discard Pile, or go back to the Stagine Area? I would normally assume my Discard Pile, but it does say "If unattached, attach Ranger Spikes to the next eligible enemy that enters the staging area."
  13. @ lleimmoen: I dont agree with peoples criticism of the film not feeling like a complete movie, compared to Fellowship. H:TUJ ended with the party on top of the eagle eyrie, looking out at the Lonely Mountain. Fellowship ended with Frodo and Sam standing near a cliff, looking towards Mordor and Mt Doom. Neither of them seem like the end of a single story, as they obviously arent. They are just convenient resting places to leave the audience hanging til the enxt installment begins. Edit: my point is, really, who cares? Tolkien's work is obviously hard to adapt, that much should be clear. I dont understand why people have to nitpick about stuff like that. harry Potter 7.1 didnt have a complete feel to it because it wasnt the entire book. I imagine Twilight fans feel the same about movie 4.1 of their favored franchise. Why do people complain about this kind of thing? (I'm not saying you are, I understand you were just making an observation. I am just commenting on the observation) @ CJMatos: *Spoiler warning*…..but the dwarves did wind up in sacks at one point. I'm not entirely sure what your comments pertain to specifically, though it's been a few weeks since I've seen the movie.
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