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  1. Blackberry

    Faith of Shalya

    Let's see… noncombat, non-healing spells. Rank 1: Soothe (remove a condition from a target) Benediction of Shallya (if someone takes an injury/disease/insanity, gain favor) Rank 2: Moment of Doubt (each time target fails a check, target suffers stress) Kindly Words (influence target, may not take hostile acts) Rank 4: Peacemaker (bonuses to Charm checks)
  2. Blackberry

    How to knock a dragon prone.

    I might say one extra <P> per pair of legs or balance limbs (wings can be good for balancing), plus calculate the difference in weight and award [W] for each +100 lbs of the attacker or for each +100 lbs of the defender.
  3. Don't forget that, in story mode, you decide how long a "round" is based on the particulars of the scene being played out.
  4. Blackberry

    Saying goodbye to WFRP 3e

    I love the cards. I also play in a Pathfinder campaign, and I have to constantly reference the rules just to figure out what all the words on my character sheet mean, how this feat interacts with that maneuver, etc. I wish it all came on cards WFRP-style so that the game system could get out of the way and encourage roleplaying.
  5. Blackberry

    2nd Edition

    What do you think makes it a "video game on paper"? Instead of tallying various points on a piece of paper or in the margin of your character sheet, you use tokens. 5 of something still equals 5 of something. Instead of having to pass around rulebooks and constantly look up all your capabilities and options and how they interact with one another, you have that all printed on cards to lay out in front of you. There's absolutely no difference in function between WFRP3 and any other RPG.
  6. Blackberry

    How many times can a skill be trained?

    andersb25 said: Ok thanks. So you start out with one careers skill trained and if you do not spend creation points on skills your career will only make you better then everybody else in one skill. I don't think you start with any skills trained, unless it comes from your race or from special rules for your career (i.e. starting as an Apprentice Wizard).
  7. Blackberry

    Eye for an Eye NPC cards

    Snake Pierson, huh?
  8. Blackberry

    More than one spell in a turn

    As soon as she has spells that take 3 or more power to cast, things will start to get hairy.
  9. I'm not an expert in the lore, but I think Perform A Stunt with Piety or Spellcraft is totally reasonable. Or Cantrip, of course, if you're not trying to get a specific game system effect.
  10. Blackberry

    Held Actions

    As long as they're before the bad guy in the initiative order, I allow players to declare an action or manoeuver and put it "on hold" with an if-then trigger. If it's a very time-sensitive or narrow window trigger, I'll apply a greater difficulty or misfortune when it goes off but add fortune dice if it's unexpected by the target.
  11. Blackberry

    WFRP v3 - How without the tidbits?

    Mestre dos Magos said: By using dice to count charges in action cards, and for fatigue and stress, the amount of tokens is cut down a lot… I like the immediate and physical sense of six things as opposed to one thing. It's much easier to distinguish and just looks like more as opposed to putting a die on each card and then having to read the die face. As long as it works for you, I say go for it.
  12. Blackberry

    WFRP v3 - How without the tidbits?

    You could sit in on one of the online sessions using OpenRPG or Maptool to see how it plays.
  13. Blackberry

    WFRP v3 - How without the tidbits?

    Hello! I love the "tidbits". Instead of having only enough room on your character sheet to write down a keyword and having to constantly flip through a rulebook to figure out what you can do, what the rules are for it, how it interacts with other rules, how often you can use it, etc., it's all on cards laid out right in front of you, and you always know at a glance everything you need to know. And the wound cards and counters only add to the visceral feel, keeping you intimately connected with your character's status and fate rather than just tracking a bunch of faceless and confusing tallies on a piece of paper. What if you were in the middle of a battle and forget that piece of paper next session? What if someone else has to run your character, and they don't know if your hit point tally counts up or down? WFRP3 solves all of that elegantly. If you want to get rid of the bits and just use the books, then just use the books! The game is fun either way. But I'd recommend trying it a few times.