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  1. I am playing seeds of corruption and it has stopped giving story quests as a choice and has just been offering side quests. I hve done quite a few side quests now. We are now pretty tough compared to the challenges Is this bugged or do I just need to carry on?
  2. I have played all the campaigns available for Descent and I have to agree with the OP that after the first 2 or three quests it snowballs one way or the other. Road to Legend seems a much better way to play Descent
  3. Is there a release date for kindred fire yet?
  4. FFG could have knocked it out of the park with this one.
  5. This looks brilliant.Anyone know when the kindred fire campaign is out?
  6. Hi You are right about the time, it will be 7pm till 11pm in the UK. I use teamspeak, so its pretty much like gaming at the table. You won't need to type quick or anything. The group is very friendly and I am sure you will get along fine. If you would like to send me an email to skell360@yahoo.co.uk we can get you set up and have a chat about the details Speak soon Dave
  7. Hi There is a place available in an Enemy Within Campaign, which is played using Fantasy Grounds on Thursdays at 6.00pm GMT to 10pm GMT. I have a Fantasy Grounds ultimate licence, so it is free to play. Let me know if you are interested and want more details. Cheers
  8. flyndad said: WOW,.. I really hate to look stupid but,…… I can't seem to find a " Data Directory" or a " Ruleset folder" for Fantasy Grounds. My path to get there in xp is: start, program files,Fantasy grounds, and then I see an Apps data folder. I assume this is the apps data directory? When opening the "apps data folder" it contains : cache, docs, modules, utilities, campaigns, extensions, portraits and then a few text documents. I do not see a "ruleset" folder and none of these folders contain a "ruleset" folder. … now I did see a file in the modules folder labeled 3.5e basic rules. I should mention again that I still have the demo version, and that I have all the stress and fatigue tokens, and coins, and the party sheet, and all the mini card images. I can load Day Late and see the maps and NPC's ect. I just can't see any character creation or any pre-gen characters. So my v3.pak is sitting on my desktop just waiting for you to tell me where to stick it. As I am sure, you are ready to do by now,.. If you have trouble contacting Ceodryn, drop me a message and I will help get you fixed up. I am running a game on Sunday which you can join if you like
  9. Remorhaz said: i continue to buy rpg products based on the the free time i had when i was 12 when the reality is i wont play most of them. i just tell myself im a collector to justify the habit Dead funny, I do that
  10. I am just using conquest so we can see who wins the road to legend dungeon as there are not really quest objectives like 2nd edition
  11. I have been playing the dungeons from road to legend using 2E rules and it seems to run ok so far. I am setting up the maps with 3 open groups (drawn randomly), no reinforcements, and the leader as a master from 2E. Some of the dungeons ask for rolls of the old power dice, but if you have 1E, you should have these. I have been giving 3 conquest to the OL per hero death death and 3 conquest per glyph for the heroes. I have stocked the treasure by placing the number of 2E search tokens to match the number of players on the coin piles and chests from the 1E quest. This usually ends up in a fun hack-up. I suppose you could run a sort of campaign by having dungeons of two levels and giving 1 xp per player plus 1 xp for the winner. Havent tried this yet tho. To be honest, I think the 2nd edition quests are better, but there are lots of levels in road to legend that are fun to play if you want something different
  12. good idea I bet FFG will release more classes in the future…
  13. I am just having a practice run with using 1 edition quests using 2 edition rules. On the face of it, it doesnt seem too difficult, especially the road to legend ones, which i am just going to work out a number of open groups for each dungeon and see how it runs. Most of the named just have bonusses to stats so i may just leave them as they are.. Has anyone else tried this yet?
  14. That's a good way around it and I like simple solutions. I will give this a go. Thanks for your help
  15. Yeah you are right, it does feel counter intuitive. The previous system I used had d100 rolls and a roll of 96+ mean that you could roll again and add the score. Looking back, one of the most memorable moments of the campaign was when a low level character killed a wyvern with a lucky arrow shot to the eye. I think the wfrp system is great though, and it is brutal enough, I just wanted to give the underdog a remote chance of glory in the face of certain death.
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