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  1. But apparently had very limited quantities and sold out very quickly. Just got out of their vendor area and they were completely out of stock. Got my flame of the west though and about to take on the seige of annuminas in 15 minutes! Sorry for the troll headline
  2. i think this is a total troll post, but just wanted to throw it out there. If theres only one more cycle after the current one like the OP seems to suggest, that'll still take us the next another year and a half into the future. Thats a good amount of time. cant believe this is the kind of crap i post for the first time in months for. i'll end on a positive note next saga expansion looks amazing. really looking forward to the rest of this current cycle you guys. see whomever at gencon
  3. Aragorn (tactics) - Faramir (leadership) - Amarthiul Allies: Dunedain Hunter x3 Weather Hills Watchman x3 Gandalf (core) x3 Defender of Rammas x3 Veteran of Osgiliath x3 Guardian of Arnor x3 Ranger of Cardolan x2 Gimli x2 Events: Valiant Sacrifice x2 Descendants of Kings x3 Sneak Attack x2 Feint x2 Attachements: Secret Vigil x3 Sword that was Broken x2 Dunedain Mark x3 Dunedain Warning x3 Celebrian's Stone x1 Horn of Gondor x1 Captain of Gondor x2 Rohan Warhorse x2 Steward of Gondor x2 Everything pretty straightforward here. Havent added anything from Dread Realm yet, Fornost Bowman would prob be the one card from that I'd try to add. Would be nice to add Treebeard ally to have a huge guy for Faramir to ready too. Defintely some cuttable items here for other cards. Horn of Gondor isnt super necessary, Secret Vigil never feel super super useful, Celebrian's stone can probably get cut as well. Obviously pairs well with a lore/spirit deck for question and healing
  4. Jumping back to Scorpigorn for a hot second, him and the leadership Faramir hero work really well together. I feel as though leadership Faramir has gone under the radar a little bit but I've had a lot of success with him especially in a Dunedain-esque build with the handful of options to engage enemies outside the normal engagement step. So especially once Aragorn drags someone over, Faramir can pop a strong ally back up to attack it. Simple enough but effective. (this obviously is best in multi-player when theres enough enemies on the table to justify the combos)
  5. Hero: Aragorn (T) Ally: Ranger of Cardolan Attachment: Silver Harp Event: Boomed and Trumpeted Side Quest: Gather Information Leadership: Veteran of Osgiliath Lore: Distant Stars Spirit: Fair and Perilous Tactics: Derndingle Warrior Quest: Wastes of Eriador While I have enjoyed this cycle, I admittedly have spent less time with it than probably any of the previous ones. Through no fault of the game itself, infact I cant think of the state of the game being in a better place especially where its at now and where its going, but have just been enjoying some other hobbies and life of course always getting in the way. Infact despite owning all the APs I have yet to even attempt the last two quests and those I have played have probably only been just a few attempts each. Maybe once things slow down after the holiday season and we go into a small lull before the next deluxe I'll be able to put in some more time and greater appreciate all the great things we've received this cycle and this year
  6. Back to the Dunedain cards briefly, played a few quests with my friend for some two player action and used Aragorn (tactics), Halbarad, and Faramir (leadership). I was really pleased the way the heroes worked together. Play dunedain hunter, grab an enemy, quest with halbarad for free (and ready up an ally if one needs readying), engage an enemy normally, ready a questing ally, kill the enemy, engage another enemy in staging or with other player with aragorn, ready another ally, either kill it or leave it engaged so i can quest without exhausting with Halbarad again. And lots of other little combos with that. Its too bad we cant play with 4 heroes, because those 3 with tactics Mablung would be crazy. I want to try and iteration with him but not sure who i'd want to take out; probably Halbarad.
  7. While making it cost 2 would make it fit better within the silvan archetype, as a whole, I think the best iteration of it would be if the willpower would be bumped to 2. Then its practically a pseudo 3 willpower which sets it apart from the other 3 cost spirit allies.
  8. awp832: appreciate your detail and reasons why you find it valuable. In some silvan builds I can see it being a possible include and advantageous. Looking at some other 3 cost spirit allies with similar stats though, and I just doing think the guide stacks up unless in a silvan archetype: Eomund: has the "most of the time, equivalent" 2 WP, 2 HP, and if you are running any other Rohan characters, a better play. Is unique tho Bofur: Not that you are ever paying the 3 resources for him, but for comparisons sake, 2WP, 3 HP (advantage) plus still his main effect. once again unique which is I guess is a draw back since there cant be multiple copies in play Rider of the Mark: 2WP, 2HP, can cancel at least 1 shadow in multiplayer, multiple if more than one player has spirit, in solo, this and Lorien guide would be just about equal. Pelargir Shipwright: 0 Base WP....but c'mon if you're running 3 cost spirit allies...you probably have at least 2 spirit heroes. 3 HP (advantage). So if you are running 2 or especially 3 spirit heroes, advantage shipwright Greyflood Wanderer: 2WP, 2 HP, has the doomed ability, if you want to use, advantage wanderer otherwise equivalent Celduin Traveler: 2WP, 2 HP, can be played for 1 cost in secrecy and can discard a location from top (which may not be ideal since generally locations are most benign encounter cards). A relatively close equivalent, but the Traveler still has more going for it overall
  9. Yea just not up to snuff compared to the other allies available now days. If it cost 2, or kept the 3 cost but had 2 will power, would be a much more usable card. Maybe the new noldor steed will inspire some more location control decks that people will try revisiting this card in
  10. There isn't an unspoiled Tactics card in this pack I don't think - Hold your ground! and Delay the Enemy are the two. There isn't an unspoiled Tactics card in this pack I don't think - Hold your ground! and Delay the Enemy are the two. Whoops. Must have missed or forgot about it oh well. The more I think the more I can see him providing some utility especially the more players you have, like if someone gets an enemy engaged with them unintentionally and doesn't have a decent defender, but as a mostly solo player not sure I'll ever see him at his best.
  11. Kind of underwhelmed; I'll still give him a try for the sake of giving him a try but I think for the most part he'll just be displayed in my binder. When the preview article said the hero would revolve around defense I was really hoping for the next Beregond or Erkenbrand. While the uses people have proposed may be ok, I can't help but think there's other player cards or heroes that could do the same thing yet better. The unspoiled tactics card hopefully helps him, but 1st impression is not great. A shame because I think he would be vastly improved if he even was just able to give his DEF to allies. He would be perfect in an ent deck. On color, and able to make your Derndingle Warriors absolute fortresses
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