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    So, I picked up the rulebook and DM kit for this game and am currently very enthusiastic about it, but I have one reservation. Since the game is very combat orientated, in order to provide an optimal (or even just adequate) play experience will I need to purchase miniatures? I am aware that miniatures are never really strictly necessary per se, and most things can be handled via theater of the mind, but I would like to hear from some people who have actually played the game whether or not this is really a viable option.
  2. I and a friend recently purchased the base game, and have played through all but the final scenario it came with. As we have advanced through the game, we have noticed a steadily growing trend toward the Americans having the advantage in virtually every concievable field. In the initial practice scenario the difference was relatively slight, and we chalked it up to us both being inexperienced, but when doing the later scenarios we feel that the start up so strongly favors the American side that playing it through to the bitter end is just an excercising in torturing the Axis player. Is this just us, or do others in the community feel the same way? And if so, are there scenarios published anywhere that might be a little more even?
  3. I've seen this "buy a second core set" advice thrown around a lot on various forums but really for a new player who is just playing with their friends, it is rubbish. What does a second core set get you? More of the cards you already have. Excitement rating = 0. What's the justification? To be more competitive. Well, may I ask, with whom are you trying to be more competitive with? Your friends, who have access to exactly the same card pool as you? Or with the tournament crowd, with whom you need every single expansion pack released ever anyways plus the core set x3. The best answer for new players just entering the game and playing only with their peer group (who all probably don't have their own core sets and are sharing cards) is to get the deluxe expansions for the houses you and your friends enjoy playing most. The Greyjoy/Martell expansions are also a good bet.
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