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  1. Yeah , I’m in the same boat. Buy one of each max , then proxy or whatever until I’m sure I need more than one. As these factions evolve , we will see what’s really needed ... Plus , 2.0 is like 30% more expensive than 1.0 ... so gotta be smart with purchases!
  2. Well, I kind of remember everyone go crazy on purchasing A-Wing packs for PTL back then, and we almost never played them (like ...ever...) Stick with the ships you want, and proxy the upgrade cards instead? Two lessons V1 taught me: 1) Don't buy packs just for upgrade cards 2) Don't buy too many packs too soon. Stick with minimum or down the road you end up with lots of unused ships & upgrade cards. For myself, mistakes have been done in Wave 1 & Wave 2 (read: ended up with too many T-65s, Ties, Interceptors, B-Wings, and A-Wings). I got smarter @ wave 3 & up ... well almost except that one time I fell for the triple jumpmaster trap *Wink*
  3. I like this conversation kit a lot as a “kitchen player”. Will allow me with one touch of blue acrylic paint to convert two of my overstock X-Wings (V1 core x 2 + Tantive IV + X-Wing pack x 2 ???) into proper Resistance X-Wing proxies ;) Now turning my overstock Ties into FO Ties proxies will require a bit more work ...
  4. Lets recap my own experience with LCGs : 1) Warhammer Invasion got a proper ending as a finished set. Still a fun kitchen table game to play. 2) Warhammer Conquest got a botched finish due to license termination. For someone like me who typically waits for a "whole cycle" avaibility, getting that last one was impossible, unless you chased Ebay @ inflated prices for something that in reality has no value once the game is discontinued .... Still a great kitchen table card game, but in my case I wish I'd had the chance to scoop that last cycle for my own enjoyment. I never did ... 3) Star Wars LCG. Super fun game to play casual games. Got a proper "ending" with it's full 6 cycles & expansion boxes. Everyone who collected this one had ample time to grab whatever pack they wanted & finish their collection. 4) Netrunner. Gets yet another botched & rushed finish a la Conquest due to license termination. I think what's worse here is it also happened one year after rotation. Should have just ended after the Mars Cycle with its full 7 cycles card pool & maybe a proper (and bigger) list of restrictions to address meta cards. Fans would still have cried out loud, but the concept of having a game rotate out its early expansions, reboot a Core 2.0 set, sell another full cycle, then get permanently shut down right after ... that's messed up 5) AGOT 2.0. Great game, great mechanics but a constant rehash of multiple versions of the game characters. This game can't go on forever as it will be eventually run out of gas or yet suffer another end-of-license termination ? Conclusion: LCG is a model that can't sustain itself indefinately, but remains a fun , affordable model for card games that give you significant enjoyment at lesser cost than CCGs. However, if you do buy-in a LCG just do so knowing that it will likely wont go on forever Plus, seeing as ultimately they all suffer cancellation, LCGs are kind of nice if you grow alongside them (by buying packs as they get released). If you are the kind of person who's a late adopter that likes "buying them all" when the game has a sizeable pool already, well, you most certainly are at risk of getting disappointed sooner rather than later.
  5. Hah, good for you. Somehow back then I decided to buy 3 core Sets ....thats what stings the most today =P (only 2 X-Wings in conversion set, come on FFG :P ) At least I'll be able to salvage two Ties into my rebels fleet (Sabine's X 2 is included in conv. kit).
  6. I stopped buying X-Wing after wave 8 ... Aside from an overabundance of "early mistakes" (aka, buying too many X-Wings, Ties, A-Wings, B-Wings, and Interceptors), I feel like conversion kits will give me a whole new collection of ship dials & cards, none of which I own now , all while needing to simply trade-up those early models I have too much (or even simpler: play with proxy ships). Now onto trading those extra figurines ....
  7. Greats news for me. I like the game but I was worried we'd reach the point where too big of a card pool would mean retiring some old ones (rotation ...) & then when you start doing so you lose some iconic Star Wars toons or vehicles in the process (unless they're rehashed into new versions ). I was also worried they'd start mixing Clone Wars stuff + new trilogy stuff in the game which in the end would have turned it into somwhat of a mess (ie, X-Wing miniatures ...). Not everyone wants to constantly keep purchasing expansions of a game. There's a reason why some niche & small card games like Star Realms or Epic Card Game have their own place at a gaming table. This isnt "Magic the Gathering" where they can indefinately create new creatures & spells -- and balance them into a playable game --... I'm glad this is considered "finished" aka I can just meet friends with my two boxes full of cards & enjoy an afternoon of playing games, without the constant monthly purchases & retiring old cards. I'll stick to Netrunner as my "evergoing" collectible .... SW Card game will remain a great card game in my gaming bookshelf I still play Warhammer Invasion & enjoy every game I play!
  8. Nice free upgrade for those of us who play casual, already own the ships, and play with printed lists instead of cards (unless the new falcon dial is different than the old one )
  9. Well, as a fan of the X-Wing books (Rogue-Wraith Squadron), TFA is worth it for that one scene where you see the X-Wings fly in for the rescure, zapping Stormtroopers on the ground & Dameron kills 6-7 Ties in less than a minute. The kind of stuff we've read alot in books but never quite got to see in a movie ... In fact, I think TFA should've been X-Wings from beginning to end. Screw the rest of the story =D
  10. Just Boost Action on old X-Wings would be great
  11. Kallel00

    Old X?

    As a casual non-tourney player, I think I'm just gonna glue the new printed maneuver templates over the old ones and play my T-65s as T-70s anyways (I always play with reference sheet anyways). As least on two of the four I own. They've been gathering dust forever and I don't feel like buying yet another 1 or 2 Cores & end up with a surplus of X-Wings minis. Same for my Tie-Fighters
  12. Always wanted to support FLSG ... and I never really compared prices with board games & stuff ... However, for miniatures like X-Wing, the difference does pile up quite a bit in the long run ... If you re looking at a 400$ collection, the 30% difference between US & Canada (actually, it's higher than that because of taxes), then you're looking at roughly a 120$ extra worth of minis ...
  13. So, what can be found @ 9.99$ US is now 15.95$ Canadian .. a whooping 60% exchange rate .... Guess I guess I'm just gonna start buying X-Wing during my yearly trip in the US ...
  14. Good timing to be purchasing regular ties ...
  15. I don't see any limited word in that image? I sure hope it's limited I don't wanna buy more than one mist hunter pack ..
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