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  1. To transfer the information from one thread to another : If you are adjacent to another character AND you share a path with him , you can chose between a melee or ranged attack. If you are adjacent to another character BUT you don't share a path with him, than you are forced to attack melee (knife etc. 4 dice) or weaponless (2 dice). Kala
  2. In the old rules, there was a limit and reach for each weapon type, to balance the whole game and maps. With the new rules, this is all gone and just simplified. All weapons which are not melee (like knifes, claws etc.) can be used ranged or even while standing next to an enemy, which shares the same path with your. To my knowledge and understanding, it should be allowed to shoot adjacent characters even with heavy weapons, if they are on the same path as you. So attacking through a door is just a "melee" attack, with only knifes, hand-to-hand and all other melee weapons. However, the strong heavy weapons fobid the character to use Overwatch. Kala
  3. ??! said: If you are sharing a path with the target, you can also target it with a ranged attack. How would you decide the situation at a "painted" door, which discriminates two seperate paths ? Do I need to attack melee through this? This would clear up some troubles that I explained in my other thread (rushing on the castle map).
  4. Hermans command pack is a good idea. I blocked the door with the stosstruppen (due to their knife), but Daniels stamina is way to strong. I should have tried the command pack instead.
  5. To answer this question incomplete by my self : I have the same amount of tokens for the three factions Reich, Matriarchy and Union. The Shogunate has still some more. In each case, there are enougth tokens for each objective. Kala
  6. Hi, playing the castle map and entering from the stairway entrance with the 2 rubble tokens, each union character is able to enter the big hall in which the opposit entrance is placed. If we played this right, even Daniel Brown was able to enter (crossing the 2 doors) the big hall way (blue/green circles) and attack all characters, left after entering. I lost Herman instandly :-). The question occuring must be: Was it a failure to leave Herman standing near the entrance, or did we miss/brake some rules? Maybe the map design is not very good for the new rules with limitless reach of ranged weapons. Thanks for your input and help, Kala
  7. Hi, in my last game, the bomb of Tala created a lot of questions at our game table. The description enables Tala to place the bomb on a circle to detonated it later. 1.) This led directly to the following questions and discussions : - When is Tala allowed to detonated the bomb ? Only when it is her turn ? Does Overwatch enable her to do it anytime ? In compare to some other items, can the placed bomb be forced to explode by shooting at it ? This question got imminent, while Barrie Brown attacked a character of mine, standing next to the bomb (so technically Barry would have been able to shoot at the bomb too). The most important question about the remote bomb is : Why should I place it and wait for someone to run into it ? Due to its non-blocking nature, its even not so usefull to block an item or path with it. For me, the only use could be to save my entrence point, which is worth 5 points in "King of the Hill" game. How can I make use of the bomb as remote in a usefull sense ? 2) An issue, which I could not clearly solve with the rulebook is according to melee attacks. Am I forced to conduct a melee attack while standing adjecent to another character, or can I still attack him with ranged weapons if available ? 3.) A specific situation occured, while attacking with Evas Whip. Attacking a union character standing 2 circles away from Eva (so one empty cicrle in between) is possible, but is this still allowed around a corner and through a door ? Playing the Castle map, and starting from the stairways entrance, there are directly two doors. Passing the first one, entering the purple-like long floor path, the uper situation might occur. As the attack of Eva is still a melee attack, even while not adjacent to her opponent, the attack might be carried out even through a door. The most difficult question was: If it would be allowed to attack through one door (when the path is connected), can I attack even to two doors, like it would be possible on the Castle map ? It might be a wired, but I think, that it is possible to hit somebody with a whip through an open door, even while standing 90 degrees rotated to it. I hope this questions is not to strange, but the situation occured 3 times in a game :-) 4.) Playing a 3 Command point game mode, like "King of the Hill" , it is possible to bring constantly reinforcements with new grenades or different packs. If some captures any point (action, entrypoint or objective) he has to end the turn of the "leading" character. When capturing the entry point, this rule hit me hard. The enemy can bring in reinforcements which are able to attack my leader with everything they can, in case they player wins the initiative roll. Should this still played this way and is there really no limit to reinforcements (the old rules limited it to still one reinforcement per troup). Thanks for all your support. This game is awesome! Kala
  8. Hi everybody, the "Operation Hinansho" expantion comes with several new tokens, especialy lots of objective tokens. Maybe I counted wrong, but there are additional Objective tokens inculded for Reich (3), Union (3) and the Matriarchy (1). Why do the Matriarchy get an unequal number of new tokens ? Are the missing two tokens included in the Novgorod expantion ? Kala
  9. Nice, Playing with 2 maps is awesome. I need a bigger tabel and more time to play even more. This game adicted me. Thanks for your answers. Kala
  10. New questions have arrived :-) : The equipment cards for the Stosstruppen, show 5 dice for an attack. Is this correct ? I thought, they have 5 dice when carrying a melee weapon. This would not be the case, while using the stamina pack. Another question regards the duplicate of the castle on the backside of the Novgorod map. Miah999 wrote in an older thread, that he plays with both maps at the same time. Are there some rules how to play on two maps with 4 teams ? Yet, I know about rules for 4 teams on one map (which is really tight). Thanks for your support. Kala
  11. I started to play Tannhauser half a year ago. Today, I decided to buy all available figures and expansions for this game, before they are all out-of-stock. Yet, even on Amazon, the availability for the expation-figures is limited and some are still not for sail (e.g. Natalya). Most important: Buy the new rules. They are absolutly worth the 5 $. They make Tannhäuser to a total new game with much more balancing and fun. You should play several rounds with these rules and maybe decide to buy some additional characters. The best, Kala
  12. Thanks for your answers! I am very happy, that Hermann can attack non-adjacent enemys in the smoke. Is OZO able to shoot with DOOM into the smoke as "If" there wouldn't be any smoke ? Smoke Grenades (SG) are somehow a little bit strange in it effects. If it is possible to throw a normal grenade "aimed" into smoke, how do you use the SG's usefull in the game ? We used SG to avoid any ranged fighting interactions on this path. Maybe Miah999 could make a good "tips for smoke grenade use" video on his block (if you find the time :-). Thanks for your help. After the next sessions of Tannhäuser, I will post some new questions :-). Even after 5 games, there is soooo much room for rule-mistakes. Beside, the games last 3 houres or longer :-) Kala
  13. After some further games with the basic Reich and Union chars, I got some new questions. Maybe they have extensivly 1.) If a character has a token with the declarition "always use your best attack/stamina value", does this count for counter attacks too ? 2.) If a mental duel (Pathmos Amulet) with Hermann Heinzinger was successfull, is he allowed to : - Throw a grenate with the defeated hero (like the bomb of Tala) ? - Is he allowed to move the enemy character into a "bull rush", which might end in a free attack ? 3.) Can mental attacks (like Hermanns Pathmos) find targets stading in a path with an aktive smoke granate ?. 4.) Can McNeal throw a granate into a smoke filled path, due to his goggles ? 5.) What happens if everybody wants to set his last two characters on Overwatch (This happend ! :-) ) ? 6.) A character wants to pass 2 enemys (which are adjacent to each other -→ no free cirlce between them). So he is forced to bull-rush 2 times, with seperate dice rolls. What happens if the first roll passes successfull and the second is lost ? Where shell the bullrushing character be placed and how many free attacks shell be executed ? 7.) Is it allowed to shake of a received Hand-to-Hand wound after the shockroll ? 8.) Playing the game mode "King of the hill", every player starts with 3 CP's. These enable him to reinforce a dead troup each round. Is there a limitation how many times a troup can re-enter ? The reviesed rules say "no-→ its limitless". 9.) If a reinforcment troup enters again, do they really regain all their equipment , especially granates (this was horrible!!!) ? I wrote, that they are allowed to change the type of "pack", but I found no explicit rule, that forbids to re-enter with full equipment. This are a lot of basic questions, but I hope that you find time to answer them. I'm very thankfull for your support. Kala
  14. I was supprised reading about the development stop of TH. Is there an official comment on how long old figures and expantions will be produced and kept available ? Vice versa, have they anounced the production stop for any expantion/figure ? I just wan't to buy it all, before they are gone. Even if they stop the development, the game is still very diverse. I just started this year with TH and until today I had much fun with it and its universe. The only trouble is to find some other players. In Germany, TH is not very "main stream", but I do my best to infect and addict new players :-). Thanks for your support, Kala
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