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  1. Varn

    Repair times

    Your point? A rush job will take less time but it won't be as good a job as if you took your time and did things right?
  2. I'm a bit busy right now so I can't sit here and write a long post, but there is one thing I'd like to point out. The M240B GPMG weighs in around 30 pounds. It is a ***** to lug around and use, but it's very possible (I've seen a number of people do it) to aim and fire it from the shoulder. While I cna certainly understand the Plasma and Melta weapons being quite heavy (they are depected as being very large and bulky), I think 30 pounds of weapon really is near the upper limit of what is anywhere near realistic for one man to carry and use. IRL a 240 gunner has an AG to carry most of his spare ammo and barrels, a Plasma or Melta gunner is carrying all his own ammo. So yes, while I think it's entirely within the realm of 40K for things to be big and heavy and bulky, there is a limit at some point where you just need to step back and say you've gone to far. I think a lot of gear probably needs it's weight reduced, and I think that would go a long way in help solving the whole carry weight issue in general.
  3. Learning to attacking, defending and parrying are three very different things. You can quite easily learn how to effectively kill someone with a given weapon, as well as learn to simply block incoming blows. Leaning to DEFLECT blows and maintain the offensive is something else completely. I'm playing as a Sergeant right now that is heavily specced for melee, and while I have yet to really do any fighting (the game just started) I look forward to putting my Best quality chainsword +10 Parry and Counter Attack talent to good use.
  4. Infantry are known as the Queen of Battle, and artillery is known as the King of Battle. Now you tell me, what does the King do to the Queen?
  5. As an American, I like to overlook most of the metric system. I have no idea how much a kilogram is, to me, it's the primary unit of measure used to determine drugs. Low and behold, this fine gentleman Darklordofbunnies, goes and points out how much 35kg is in pounds. That's ******* retarded. Now before anyone bites my head off for making the following comparison, I think the dimensions of the weapons being compared are quite similar, as are their uses. The FGM-148 Javelin ATGM with it's launch control unit weight in around 18kg. That's a big friggan missile too. Again, I get that 40K isn't exactly grounded in reality or anything, but some things are just too off the walls. I think the Missile Launcher should probably get cut down to 20kg.
  6. Indeed. Heavy training differs from weapon type training in that it's more theory than practical. If you are trained on a weapon, then using a heavy version of that weapon won't be impossible since you already know the basic operation of the weapon, just not the finer details of using a heavy version. On the flip side of that, I could try to explain the nuance of a heavy weapon to someone, the slige varion in how it handles and operates, but that person still has no idea how that type of weapon operates even in general, so Heavy training won't give them any real benefit. Honestly, I say leave it up to the GM. For general purpose usage, if you don't have the training you take the listed penalty or you just can't use it. If it's a special situation or you playing by the Rule of Cool, let the GM decide. Like I've said before, every gaming group is different and they all have their own little quirky likes and dislikes. Some like their game more realistic but free flowing, other like more crunch while still yet others like to fly by the seat of their pants and do whatever they like as the mood strikes them.
  7. Going back and rereading this thread over a few times it would appear I misunderstood it the first time through. However, I still think that the current system isn't terribly flawed. If you start throwing in huge penaltys that get redued by various amounts based on training you end up with a huge book keeping headache and have to rewrite and add in a lot of stuff tot he rule book. Then what happens when someone has the Heavy training but not the base training, does that still lessen the penatly despite the fact the character has no idea how the basic operation of the weapon type works? Now magicly anyone with WT (Heavy) gets a huge bonus to using every other type of weapon there is. It works one way, but not in reverse, and making that clear in the rules leads to even more headaches.
  8. Ogryns are nothing ore than humans who after generations of living on hard, high gravity worlds, have developed a slight mutation that makes them larger and more powerful. While they can be as large as Space Marines (most sources give them as being between 8 and 10 feet tall), they are much slower (some strains are known for being quite fat) and dumber. They also have a basic human physiology, just with larger builds. Marines on the other hand are genetically and chemically altered (their bones are infused with ceramite and bonded together and they have many redundant organs) to be unstoppable killing machines. When you factor in power armor, Ogryns are a complete joke. Depending on what sorces you read from, it only takes a few hundred Marines to overwhelm rebel PDF forces and take over an entire planet. In one case, a SINGLE Marine was dispatched and quite easily cleared up an entire Dark Eldar raiding force from one world. Granted there are other instences of Marines getting completely massacred (Celestial Lions), these tend to be isolated incidents involving lesser chapters, and other forces seemingly have no problem facing similar situations (Salamanders).
  9. Dear Lord, after all the great work FFG has done to make this a fun game, if they tried to base anything off the TT, then I might have to to suck off a las rifle. The TT rules always have been and probably always will be a massive cock up. There also one big reason why they are terrible to base an RPG off of, they are balanced for gameplay. On the table top, it doesn't matter if you are a single Guardsman up against a Space Marine, you roll well enough and you will kill him..in CC. The statistics given for units are such that they are made for a game that uses d6s. Also, the left hand has no ******* clue what the right is doing. Case in point: Ogryns, In TT rules they are retardedly more powerful that Marines, yet we know fluff-wise that's not true. I haven't had much free time as of late, but when i get a moment I'll start using MW's tool to run a bunch of sims and see how long on average it takes to kill stuff over 20-50 battles, maybe more depending on how fast I can do things. Then I'll make some tweaks to weapons and see how that changes things. Oh and you're welcome Hiro, however; to be honest, that line has been thrown around a lot on the interwebz.
  10. But averages mean nothing in this situation. Using only average numbers and raw math, you get results different from if you actually roll like you would in game. I know this because I tried it and got some very disturbing results. Using just averages means most weapons won't penetrate or do any significant damage most of the time, not to mention you can't factor in RFs. Also, your numbers are off, you're dealing with dice, not raw numbers, you can't just round everything up.
  11. This is a terrible idea on so many levels. To begin with, it bogs down the game and makes progression even harder. It also makes no sense. Weapon training gives a person the ability to use pistol, basic and vehicle weapons of that type. A heavy weapon is basically just a scaled up version of whatever weapon type, the operation of it isn't going to be THAT much different. When I was in Basic Training, I unfortunately did not get a chance to train on the M2 .50cal, but I was trained on the M249 and M240B. If you sat an M2 in front of me right now, I am almost certain I could load, fire and preform immediate action on it without much trouble. Oh yes I probably wouldn't be a very good shot and I'd have a hell of a time tryingot take it apart and clean it, but the fact still remains that it's nothing more than a up-scaled belt fed machine gun. And while I'm sure Plasma and Melta weapons are probably a fair bit more complicated than SP guns, people who are trained in their use shouldn't have too much trouble figuring them out. Also, heavy weapons are already quite easy to use. In most cases, if someone other than a Heavy Gunner is using a heavy weapon, its vehicle mounted, and if they have the Operate (Surface) talents, which a lot of regiments give, then they can use it no problem. Take it off the vehicle and suddenly the person is absolutely terrible with it? How does that make sense? Finally, Rule of Cool man. The Heavy Gunner goes down and someone else needs to jump on the gun becasue **** has really hit the fan and oh god they're coming out of the walls and they have a tank, oh wait, whats that, I take a huge penalty and am not allowed to even try to be cool and have fun in a game? IMHO -20 is plenty penalty for person without Heavy training, any more than that and you're just trying to screw the player.
  12. g0arr, your number mean absolutely nothing. Average weapon damages can be figured out use some very basic math. The whole point of this thread is dealing with how hard vehicles are to kill becasue most anti-armor weapons don't do anything to them. My original intention was to show this using a large number of attacks against various vehicles/facings. MW has gone and made a utility to help simulate this on a large scale in order to better understnad what the effects of any changes to weapon damages might be.
  13. Something you might want to add is support for multiple weapons. Most vehicles have more than one weapon on them, and while in most cases the secondary is some sort of anti infantry weapon, for heavier things like tanks it'll probably be something like as Las Cannon. In a vehicle on vehicle fight, you arent just going to fire their main weapons at each other, and the secondary attacks will definitely effect how much damage is done per round and how long it takes to kill the target, not to mention RFs per round.
  14. It's fine, what really matters is that we now have an effective tool for testing things very quickly.
  15. I think this might be a bit out of context for most of you then. I'm not so much angry as I am very annoyed and disappointed. Musclewizard and I had spoken briefly on another site about this subject, and at the time he had mentioned he might try to make a program, but it would probably be quite a while before he had anything workable, if he could manage it at all. When I told him what I was doing he made it seem like he was abandoning the project. Now several days later he not only has a working program, but it produces data many times better than what I did, and this is what I'm annoyed about.
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