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  1. I'm also trying to figure out a good way to do the Warhammer magic that isn't too complex. I have created a Magic Power pool that can a magic user can channel to increase. But I'm thinking it's too much work to convert all the spells. But, like you, I am not a fan of every spell costs 2 strain (or power) to cast. I'm thinking perhaps you use a Magic Power pool and every effect that you add increases the power/strain used? My only concern with the standard Genesys system is for new players to the system it is a bit daunting/time consuming to decide what effects to add to a spell.
  2. I’d also like to see this work. I’m messing with Warhammr in Genesys, but need to develop the magic system further. thanks..
  3. Hi all, I can't seem to find a reference to this and I'm unsure exactly how it works. In an adversary profile, they have listed equipment with weapons stats i.e. Equipment: Really big and sharp knife (Melee; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Engaged]; Pierce 2) Does mean this adversary only does 5 damage or do you add their brawn or any other modifiers (e.g. number of successes)? I guess, in the example above, the big knife and their brawn are already totalled. So do you add 1 for every success? Thanks in advance, Jericho0ne
  4. Would like to see this, any chance you could update the link? Thanks a lot
  5. Hi Aurin, I expanded the Escape from Mos Shuuta scenario. The players had to retrieve a crate from the warehouse. How they get in and retrieve it is up to them. Whilst in there they have a chance to discover crates marked with the symbol of the Galactic Empire. Imperial munitions. This helps to tie in the presence of the Imperial shuttle later in the scenario. Hope that helps ?
  6. Fleshing out some of the interior. Sadly, I lost the original Photoshop file, so this isn't very high-res.
  7. Sorry for the massive delay! Not been on the forums for a long time. Most of the assets I used to create the map, I created myself of a search for in google. You can find a lot of useful stuff if you search for transparent PNG files. I'm about to start another campaign, so I might start looking at this again. Thanks
  8. Ouch!!! That sucks. I keep all my files on DropBox, working and PDFs. Learnt the hard way too. I will use what I can and happy to share anything that I create also. Great work to-date though, well done.
  9. Ok, how do you delete a post? Duplicated by accident..
  10. This saves me a tonne of work - great stuff Zuloth. Thank you! I just started wok on this myself and thought I'd do a quick interwebsgoogling. I'm actually working on converting Warhammer 3rd Ed to EotE. But a lot of the work has been done for me here. If you want help, let me know. Also the OneDrive link you refer to as "New" archive seems to only have 3 files as opposed to the DropBox 'Old" which has loads. Thanks, Jericho
  11. Have you tried this out yet @redace? I was thinking about the same..
  12. lol - I did indeed @oddballE8.. All that work and I only manage to run one session so far Thanks for your kind words people.
  13. Thanks a lot Sorry, delayed responses, don't get the forums too often.
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