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  1. So do Spiders and Scorpions, so at least you can say the three Clans have something in common!
  2. Give another month or two and we should know what they plan to do (whether its printing the full book or starting again from scratch). Have patience...and if your bored: chop wood and carry water.
  3. Ouch that poor mother is going to hate herself for the rest of her life now. To be Crab is Pain.
  4. I totally agree with this , its starting to looking far too similar to the First Beta of New Heresy for my liking. I mean how can we judge whether or not the Unicorn clan is overpowered or not if are no rules for Calvary anywhere! ...or any of the other various things that need more details to know of its functioning properly.
  5. Earth applies to the (Reason Approach) which includes "appealing to others with logic", "Calming and soothing words", and "Verbally B****-smacking someone into submission". Its not all defense.
  6. Just asking but, am I the only one a bit thunderstruck by how ridiculous the bottom of the Status Chart is? I mean ronin and bandits exist outside the Celestial Order by default, but the chart makes it look like they're still perfectly functioning citizens: drinking with upper classes; going to Winter Court; Chillin``` with the Emperor.
  7. The Eta exist to do those kind of jobs, sanitation is handled by them in the first place it wouldnt be much for those doing the work already to make saltpeter. In fact that's what the Kolat did in our games, certain Eta "Family" would control the flow of saltpeter and make profit in black-market deals...and request the execution of certain samurai while they were at it.
  8. Although not a GM I did have one that took the firearms rules and made it a Kolat exclusive thing (seriously if anyone in Rokugan would have firearms and explosives its them). They didnt use them widespread or anything but they did make great use out of them during firework displays and festivals and even had a School that focused on the use of them. Perhaps the biggest irony is that due to the scorpion and Lion rewriting the history books, few people (even those in the mentioned Clans) knew anything about them; ignorance is lethal.
  9. I'm hoping that this isn't just the Star Wars/Genesys system with the serial number filed off, and hopefully the game is playable for dishonorable/ronin types and not simply Clan samurai only. Still next week will bring the first wave of information, we will all be ready for it.
  10. Yeah these people are just trying to grab some fame through ******* about things that don't actually bother them. Ignore them and carry on.
  11. To be fair the reason the Kolat didn't get wiped out is because they're spread too far apart and dont make it obvious that they are Kolat (the Master's likely sent out a last message before being overtaken to get rid of thier tear stones and go underground). ...and because their exposure came because some little frakker (probably a Scorpion supporter) went, and without prompt, 'confessed' that he was a Kolat Master (cant remember which one, Coin I think) and told the Scorpion where the Hidden Temple was. The one thing I do hope doesn't happen is that they try to merge the Spider Clan and Shadowlands into a single group. Most of the problems came about because they made it an "Us or Them" issue and made defining the Spider Clan that much harder (the Shadowland players certainly didn't want to lose their only option to play, that's for certain). With any luck the Spider Clan and Shadowlands will both be played separately (with the Shadowlands being one of those 1 vs All decks I've been hearing about), and the Best Clan will be able to control the reins of our destiny.
  12. I agree with Gunichi , in addition how exactly are they going to prevent people from outside the game community from messing things up... and I'm not saying new players, I'm saying random Twitter trolls from simply voting for Feths and Frakking. Twitter is a horrible place to do a poll anyways as there is loads of people with multiple accounts, which allows one person to make multiple votes (and gain a disproportionate amount of power over the choice).
  13. We of the Spider Clan would like to take this moment to remind you that we are equal-opportunity employers , from goblins to Crab champions and Phoenix overlords, our doors are open to all Clans for membership into our wonderful enterprise. Thank you, and have a Taint day!
  14. Does anyone else marvel at the sheer stupidity of Isawa Atsuko, or is its just me? I mean by default all prophesy are vague, disjointed, and offer only possible answers...and yet with a handful of images comes to the conclusion that whatever disaster is coming is the Unicorns fault! She didnt even take the time to think it over or decipher the myriad meaning the visions showed just went straight to "Unicorns are HERESY!" and tell Mama Turkey that troubles abrewin`. I predict one of three thing: 1. The Phoenix ban it: this angers the Unicorn, but low and behold they weren't looking far enough west and a cleaver oni lord hijacks a bunch of old Ivory Kingdom ships, sails around and attacks the Empire from the rear. Unicorn fend off assault, weather many losses and issues with taint and their Champion is lost, but the use of meishōdō proves to be a major asset in repelling the horde. The Emperor is impressed, apologizes and lifts the ban. Phoenix are Disgraced. Lions lose even more territory for (likely) supporting them. Unicorn share a knowing look with the Crab, who nodes and sends some Kuni to help clear out the taint and rebuild. Beginning of Uni-Crab bro-club. 2. The Phoenix fail to ban it: Kaede, thinking the worst, attempts a last ditch effort to prove that the Phoenix always knows best, breaks the enchantment holding the power Jinn down. The free Jinn burns down the Imperial Palace all the Hantei line is lost, along with the palace. Everyone is angry and start ribbing the Unicorn for bringing something so dangerous into the palace. Unicorn point out that it was the Phoenix that unleashed the Jinn. Everyone asks why the Phoenix did something so incredibly stupid, for which they have no good answer. Phoenix are Disgraced. Everyone is on edge. Jade Magistrate is reformed. Almost unanimous vote puts Unicorn in charge of Jade Magistrate (to pour salt on the wound) Throne is Empty. Let the Race begin! Phoenix are at -1. 3. Its a Scorpion Trap: The Phoenix plays right into the sinister clans hands. History repeats itself. ...and thus the continuation of the Old Phoenix Tradition of FAIL continues into a new generation.
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