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  1. The Phoenix pack isn't called "Phoenix Mix". It should be possible, with time*, to get different Clan packs focusing in different sides of each Clan. Meanwhile, we may get some of the missing/desired pieces in regular packs. * loooooooong time
  2. Battle Maidens. Battle Maidens that do stuff while opposed. Interesting stuff.
  3. So... Tadakatsu... Heretic monk? Cannot wait to get all the Clan roles for max fun.
  4. I'm hoping for a break until March begins. Once there, they can start with a clan pack and the next cycle. Just give me some time to save money for other stuff also from FFG, dammit.
  5. The day they stop liking money, it's the day the close the doors. :X In any case, no need to worry too much about what they will release and what they won't.
  6. Not holding my breath for specialization decks. And I'm still waiting for those Arkham Horror trilogies to be finished...
  7. Hachiman was the true thunder of the Unicorn. He should have gone to trample Fu Leng instead of Kamoko.
  8. Porque somos Unicornio. Nice things are for other Clans. Wait, after Moto Juro and other Imperial Cycle cards, do we get to keep complaining*? *ponders* Togashi Mitsu for Dragon Pack. Utaku Kamoko for Unicorn Pack. Yogo Junzo for Scorpion Pack. Doji Kuwanan for Crane Pack. Kuni Yori for Crab Pack. Matsu Tsuko for Lion Pack. There, wild predictions. * that much
  9. I wish there was less maho and jigoku (aka evil) and more "Fu Leng is a kami too! He has rights! Free Fu Leng*!". Well, maho could be ok. Right? Trying to purify it, right? * from black scrolls, from jigoku, from the shadow of his lesser brothers&sisters,...
  10. All the packs are up. Edit: funny, Altansarnai is Khan.
  11. Define soon. Unless the new studio has several teams, I doubt it anytime soon. If ever. Arkham Horror The Card Game adaptation/tweak would have more chances because the whole solo/coop. And being Arkham Horror. L5R digital would depend on waht they do with it. Straight port? Variant somehow? Unrelated to LCG development? Also, note that Lord of the Rings The Card Game is quite old so there was certain incentive to milk the IP in another way. So Netrunner could be there too at some point?
  12. I always get the feeling, from what I read from different people, that the end of o5r was just about Yoritomo-locked-Mantis and Daigotsu-chan-is-da-best. With some guest starring by the rest. In any case, o5r sounds like current Yoritomo's ambitious-wet dream. And for all we know, Yoritomo's scar may be Hotaru's husband doing. A Yoritomo that in this reality doesn't use headgear.
  13. Ye Mantis players be overcompensating for something? For all we know, in this reboot Yoritomo kicks Fu Leng's kami *** and makes Jigoku his realm. Meanwhile, Daisetsu is Master Tora. True heirs of Yoritomo.
  14. Mantis propaganda being Mantis propaganda, you know.
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