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  1. My favorite part of this game is engaging the characters and situations from the books, and set rotation would limit that. I hope rotation expresses itself as an expansion symbol limit.
  2. Since the Trolls say "when x engages a player sack" does that mean the troll doesn't sack when it is voluntarily engaged by a player or from Hungry troll?
  3. How do you know this tracker? the rules state 2. Declare defender. A character must exhaust to be declared as a defender. Only one character can be declared as a defender against each attacking enemy. A player also has the option to let an attack go undefended, and declare no defenders for that attack. Unless a card effect specifies otherwise, players can only declare defenders against enemies with whom they are engaged. Which would mean that once an ally is declared as a blocker, the creature no longer has the status of being undefended.
  4. I haven't forgotten about you guys, I just haven't has time from school to study deckbuilding.
  5. Forgot to build my deck after school started! not gonna make it.
  6. Thanks for Logrolling this! I hope to see you on the 27th? Do you want to meetup at some point before then? I'm anxious to get started!
  7. I recently moved into the area and would like to connect with a group here.
  8. I can never wrap my head around these decisions. how many supplies have you guys been bringing?
  9. Would you say that the XXacha predict Hacan or Sol 8 at the preponderance of your games?
  10. Regardless that doesn't solve the problem for the other players.
  11. Xxacha cannot predict the post-turn 8 victory.
  12. This hadn't occurred in my games yet, but I'm starting to think that if the Sol and Hacan ally together they could just hunker down and share the victory, especially if a siegebreaker race like Letnev is in on the conspiracy. It wouldn't matter that they'd need five strongholds since they can wait it out. Wouldn't this drag down the game and be too advantageous, since they wouldn't need to make any risks on offence. Am I off base here? Why aren't other people complaining about shared delay victory?
  13. Since the invaders have a choice between 8 and 5 units per turn, it makes thing flat out worse for America. I can't imagine why the U.S. player would agree to adding the option unless he was a much better player.
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