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  1. I think it is the Custodians-Token, because the Rulebook says you get 1 VP for it and it is also a Circle.
  2. I hope future Expansions are bringing more options for the Overlord. We are all very frustrated on playing the OL, we change in every campaign. We think, only some new cards and in Act 2 a few more livepoints and other dice for the monsters is not enough. I loved the way the Overlord could play at Road to Legend, to upgrade the monstergroups as I wantet.
  3. Send a Message to FFG, and you will get a new one, or, take a Zombie or a Skeleton from Warhammer, and use this for your familiar…. looks much better
  4. I think, the problem with new players is the complexity in technologies, and finding a way to win, but I dont know how to short that…
  5. Normaly we play abaut 1 hour per Player.. Our Games with 4 Players need 4-5 Hours to play… What do you guys do wrong? You can save a lot of time by planing your Turn while the others are playing… I´m looking for my buildings and technologys before it is my turn…
  6. All here in this forum know as much about Lair of the Wyrm as you do…
  7. Voldemort said: 1) Using a search item - a potion for example - does takes an action? If there is an "Actionsymbol" (Arrow) on it, yes. If not: no. (Healthpotion takes an action, Stamina not… ) The same as in #1. If there is an Arrow on it: yes.
  8. The Skill "Dark Pact" from the Necromancer´s Deck.. If you for exampel loose 4 ♥, you can choose your Spencer to loose the damage instead of you, but what if Spencer only has maybe 2 ore 1 ♥ left?
  9. A question about the first encounter. When a hero scrambles over an boulder, he moves to an empty space adjacent to that boulder, ignoring figures and obstacles. If there are a few boulders behind each others, is that treated as one boulder? In the picture the hero wants to scrumble over boulder 2. If he passes the test, in what space does he end his movement?
  10. I made an overview for Monstertraits, so I don´t have to look at all the cards.
  11. They are allready created, but I think 10 € is to expensive.
  12. Has anyone found some good Miniatures for Splig, Zachareth & Belthir?
  13. Some People bought blank dice and made this: www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/81611/descent-2nd-ed-indented-19mm-dice-sticker-templa You can get them here: blankdice.co.uk/6_Sided_indented_dice/10/
  14. Well, I didn´t see it first, too, but you must scroll a litle bit through the search results.
  15. I have allready an app for my android with the dice of Descent 2.
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