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  1. It also means Stonesnake can't stealth past him and that Massey's Hook can't stand him. There are plenty of interactions that make his not having stealth a pretty interesting thing.
  2. Any keyword manipulating card like Deceit or King Balon's Host, etc.
  3. I'll be playing the last chance tourney most likely. Our plan is to stay until Monday morning.
  4. Tulsa is similarly 10-12 or so. Not sure exactly how many playing AGOT joust though. Some of the Team Covenant guys will likely skip joust, but we'll probably have 10 at least in the field.
  5. Catelyn and Drogo would be self-referential only unless they come in and attach as a dupe, in which case it should return opponents's Catelyns and Drogos with this new ruling (as well as the now duped Catelyn and Drogo). Correct?
  6. How about if your opponent has the same character in play? Are all characters with that name removed?
  7. I will also be there. Arriving Thursday night and staying until Monday morning. Plenty of time to drink heavily...
  8. Some of the non-uniques are helpful, such as Knight of the Tumblestone if building Stark knights or war crests or Tully. There are probably some other non-uniques you may want 2 or 3 copies of.
  9. The way you are playing is correct. The attachment can be knelt to save the character no matter what state the character is in (kneeling, standing, etc.). In order to deal with this you would need some way to remove attachments or blank their text (Frozen Solid, Ill Tidings, and many others), you could also use target kill cards (such as Die by the Sword, Incinerate, etc.) or use more claim 2 so you can at least kill the other characters on the board. EDIT: You could also cancel the Response by using something like He Calls it Thinking.
  10. I guess i'll need to start getting used to posting here.
  11. No, because the character leaves play (meaning Flame Kissed is discarded) and then returns to play, so any other effects on it are also reset. Re-entering play makes it like the character enters play for the first time, so any previous -X effects or +X effets. etc. will no longer apply.
  12. Khudzlin, we were thinking of this thread: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/55657-player-action-window/ It is determined that there are player actions after the last active player's last challenge, but before he says "no more challenges." Even if the last challenge was his 3rd challenge, since there are actions that can initiate others. So there are actions after each challenge framework, but not after the active player says he is finished initiating challenges. I had misunderstood that initially as well.
  13. I remember seeing/reading that somewhere as well Khudzlin.
  14. Generally, every search has always been shuffled regardless in this game. As one who has played against Braided Screamers I am hopeful that it's not supposed to be shuffled if nothing is found... oh well =)
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