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  1. Scenario: Yoda has 1 disrupt showing and C3PO has a blank. Can you remove C3PO's die to resolve Yoda's Special? I'm in a debate with a friend claiming that you could do C3PO's action with Poe1, in order to resolve his Special. My friend stated that it's different because Yoda doesn't have a blank. I'm not sure why that matters. What do you think?
  2. Target in SW Minnesota still had it at $29.99...
  3. 1 box and twenty booster packs. Sabine,Master of the Council, Chopper, Cad Bane, Ahsoka, T-7 ion, L1RK Sonic Cannon, Inquisitor and His saber and Mace. Not to shabby...
  4. True. It's probably to early in the day to crush some dreams.
  5. So far no errata. Anyone think we may escape them?
  6. Either you work for an FLGS, or you really really like this game!
  7. Thanks for the unboxing! Are you going to buy two? Ha.
  8. From a lot of the responses that I've read, it seems like most people are pretty meh about this set so far. Maybe we are just spoiled coming off of SOR.
  9. Correct. The downside to playing elite(2 dice) characters, is having to pull another copy of the character. Not to bad if it's a Rare, but difficult if the character is Legendary.
  10. So Comic Con gets them, but not the largest gaming convention?
  11. More importantly, is this an opened pack from Gen Con?
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