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  1. I have been thinking about how interesting roleplaying expirience could be to play troops of Severan Dominate, fighting for their cause, poory armed and facing overwhelming odds against both Orc invasion and Imperial warmachine. Idea actually came to me from American Civil War and Confederate soldiers. It looks to me as a good idea for campaign and even some future sourcebook.
  2. Emperor Castaigne said: Stormtroopers aren't exclusively from the Schola Progenium, some regiments train their own soldiers as Stormtroopers, such as the Death Korps of Krieg Grenadiers. Wearing heavy carapace armour and wielding Hellguns/Hot-shot Lasguns, they're stormtroopers in all but name. "Grenadiers are chosen from the ranks of infantry squads, usually by their Watchmasters and recommended for appointment as a grenadier. This is not a promotion, as grenadiers still carry the same rank, but they are regarded as having a seniority over rank and file guardsmen by dint of their experience and veteran status." Imperial Armour Volume 5 - The Siege of Vraks, page 88 "The Krieg reminets maintain and train a strong and sizable force of grenadiers, forming an elite force withing the Death Korps. They are drawn from veterans and survivors of decimated squads and platoons. An officer Watchmaster or Commissar selects each grenadier for service." Imperial Armour Volume 5 - The Siege of Vraks, page 91 Elysians and Harakoni field integral Stormtrooper Company among their ranks. But most other regiments don't have integral Stormtroopers.
  3. Hygric said: Munitorium Resentment: the regiment has a bad reputation with the Munitorium, making basic supplies harder to aquire as shipments get diverted to other regiments and extra layers of red tape get placed in the way. Reduce the squads starting logistics rating by 5, and increase the cost of the Munitorium Influence talent by 100xp. Gain 2 regiment design points. Good Idea! Here's mine… Backwater World Regiment: Regiment has problems maintaining cooperation with other Regiments because either they came from the World which is technologicaly primitive, their customs are considered savage or their World simply has bad reputation in the Imperium. They are considered peasants and savages or generally unworthy by "more urban" or "more noble" Regiments. They also have problems in dealing with High Command cadre. Their social tests have -10 in such situations. Gain 1 Regiment design point.
  4. Problem emerges if Light Infantry Regiment has Grenadier among its ranks. That would be kinda unusual formation mix. IMHO Stormtroopers (or Grenadiers or Heavy Infantry) should be Regiment Type or even Combat Doctrine for all players to be issued Hot-shots and Carpace Armors.
  5. Considering Deathwatch and Librarians (OK… I know that are Adeptus Astartes)… Force Sword… why not? On the other hand it is a significant weapon but Psyker himself is a weapon and a very unstabile one… don't you agree? You have to take into account that Psyker element in any regiment is usually 1 to 5 of them on whole regiment if they even get them assigned by Adeptus Astra Telepathica… they are additional support specialists… like Kommissars and even rarer.
  6. Leave Ratling as it is and add Spotter option to Weapon Specialist Comrade.
  7. KommissarK said: You know these guys are known to participate in combat if the planet is under attack. "if"… they will defend, of course, but they are not ment for frontline deployment
  8. From my point of view it affects IG as follows… Adeptus Astartes - they exist and if you're lucky you will see them somewhere in the distance doing their job Inquisition - fear them and provide them all necessary support on their secret missions Adeptus Arbites - they are deployed on Imperial Words far from combat zones where they keep peace and persecute criminals Adeptus Mechanicus - that strange half-machine guys who tamper with heavy equipment Imperial Navy - transport from battlefield to battlefield and support on call… if… Ecclessiarchy - they offer prayer, confession and comfort
  9. I really don't want to pester, and I see it is canon, and I'm aware thats imaginary Warhammer 40k world… but 4 Brigades in a Regiment? Historically it was 2 Regiments to form a Brigade and after Korean War Brigade and Regiment became nearly the same organisational unit with different name. Roughly in contemporary armies it is Brigade = Regiment.
  10. Stormtroopers never drop via Grav-chutes. They are deployed via Valkyre in aircav style… even in Drop Regiments…
  11. Also I recommend songs of David Kincaid (American Civil War music mostly Confederate songs) and John Tams (Sharpe TV series) as a good inspirational music. As an overall music for bacground I suggest James Horner (Aliens sountrack), Hans Zimmer (Gladiator soundtrack), Adam Harvey (Ultramarines soundtrack), Dead Can Dance (Lisa Gerrard) and works of Keiki Kobayashi (Sony Playstation music composer, most notable song Unsung War from Ace Combat 5).
  12. Catachan - Rambo soundtrack, The Doors, Ramones… Vietnam War era hits…
  13. Tanith - Scotland folk music Vostroyan - Russian folk music Krieg - WW1 German marches Vallhallan - WW2 Red Army marches Armageddon & Mordian - WW2 German marches Cadia & Elysia - WW2 US army marches Maccabeus Quintus - Gregorian choral music Harakoni Warhawks - Aliens or Band of Brothers soundtrack Thats what I would use as background in my sessions…
  14. Nice idea though. I think that Vulture Gunship could be a nice addition to Vehicles Section of the book. Why? It would be natural that Imperial Guard relies on heavy airsupport in their land battles… same as modern troops rely on use of Apaches or Hinds or whatever else. Also if Imperial guard is fighting to control some important infrastructure on infested world such is Prometheium Rafinery or Chaos captured Manufactorum producing Warlord Titans (strategic value absolute LOL) they should rely on something more surgical then orbital bombardment or Marauder strafe run which could inflict unnecessary collateral damage to the objective installations. Despite that it is common practice that Drop Regiments use active Vulture support during their combat drops since they lack artillery.
  15. MorioMortis said: but the Munitorum is bound to get suspicious that you aren't taking good care of your gear (which is punishable by death) if you do it too often. Unless you're a member of some Gung-Ho Regiment which is usually given the hardest task on the battlefield, suicidal assaults, dangerous infiltration missions or defense to last men alive. In that case even Munitorum can't suspect anything. But if you're Johnny Soldierboy sitting in a trench all **** war and you lose your equipment very often that could lead to accusations and possible death. Thats my oppinion.
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