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  1. Could drop the homing to concussion to get the other ABT. I'd prefer that to dropping to Guardian Warden. If you do that, the LRS is a must so that you have TL to spend with focus / missile to modify. You have a point left which can either roll back into a HM, have small bid, or add an intel agent for slam blocking.
  2. The tracers are Attack (Focus) so you don't need to TL. It can activate the other missiles quite well. @Starkiller. Love the concept of this list. Makes a lot of sense to pair one-shot ordinance with Xisor's need for meat shields. The tracer caddie is very susceptible to being removed before having a chance to fire. If that happens, the respectable punch of 3 missiles will fall flat on the first turn and you may have trouble setting up the missiles on future turns. Xisor is also lacking any efficiency. I'd be inclined to trade the tracer caddie and one of the others to insert a U-boat [i apologize if you are specifically trying to avoid the current craze. I have no problem with the U-boats, just wish that 3 in one list was not a thing]. This would be typical U-boat without extra munitions. Another option trades out soldiers for pirates to add a slaver and additional goodies on Xisor: Xisor: VI, AT, title, FCS Slaver: tracer, 4-LOM 2x Pirate: concussion, guidance
  3. This sounds like fun for casual play. HWK-290: · Torkil Mux (19) Ion Cannon Turret (5) Z-95 Headhunter: Black Sun Soldier (13) Feedback Array (2) G-1A Starfighter: Ruthless Freelancer (23) Fire Control System (2) Outlaw Tech (2) JumpMaster 5000: Contracted Scout (25) Deadeye (1) Proton Torpedoes (4) Extra Munitions (2) Guidance Chips (0) R4 Agromech (2) All PS3. Four ship types. Some nice combos. Good amount if hit points. I'll take this for a spin against a friend soon.
  4. My first thought was that this thread was an early April Fools but unless FFG is in on it, looks like it is on the water.
  5. I think there needs to be a Vassal duel. Not necessarily to settle the issue but to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of both valid approaches. PTL / Adv sensors and Mindlink / FCS should perhaps face Paul's world's list in to see how stress mechanics both internal and external affect play. IMHO neither of the principal participants in discussion above will concede that the other build is better. Nor should they. It is nice to see such discussion because it underscores that there is more than one viable build.
  6. Couldn't help but notice you're isolating Zuckuss. With FCS, it seems unlikely that he'll be receiving support from Manaroo. Is that the goal? Also, if you're looking for an extra point to beef Zuckuss up, here comes a possibly unpopular suggestion: lose the title. If it's going for Juke, your preffered action will be evade, anyway, and the Tractor Beam in this config isn't much of a tool. This concept is incredibly promising. Looking forward to more reports on it. You are right about my list not powering Zuckuss with Manaroo. I suppose that makes it a little less flexible if Talon is eliminated first. However, Manaroo can offer Zuckuss TL / Focus when FCS has not been triggered yet on a new target. Regarding ways to get the extra point, I also considered dropping title for juke. My hesitation is that it makes the G-1A rigid. It is nice to have the option to use juke or BR depending on situation. The other option is to drop SPA in order to not put too much emphasis on the success of the cloaking device.
  7. This is a great list concept. I had been toying something similar - swapping Talon for Palob - but I think this has potential. Looks fun to fly too. You all have explored several variations of the base pilots. My version incorporates many of the thoughts above. List name: Zuck on This... [100 points] G-1A Starfighter: · Zuckuss (28) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire Control System (2) · 4-LOM (1) · Mist Hunter (0) Tractor Beam (1) JumpMaster 5000: · Manaroo (27) Attanni Mindlink (1) Anti Pursuit Laser (2) K4 Security Droid (3) Unhinged Astromech (1) Kihraxz Fighter: · Talonbane Cobra (28) Attanni Mindlink (1) Stygium Particle Accelerator (2) · Cloaking Device (2) I'll try Talon with EU again too but I haven't played with cloaking much and it synergizes with him nicely. Manaroo is an excellent blocker. It makes the target priority even harder when she is right in their face. Also, you don't want her for your last ship so make her a nuisance. I desparately want 1 point to upgrade Zuckuss' VI to Juke but I'm keen to get some reps in with this.
  8. One thing I would worry a little about is the obvious - once one IG is dead the other's EPT is useless. But I suppose it's no worse than a disposable skill.
  9. This seems like a novel and fun list type. I tend to agree with the post above that the stress is manageable but does require skilled player. Switching off which IG does red moves seems simple enough and except with enemy input you don't double stress. Even if one IG pulls of stress, you benefit from the free focus (just doesn't get additional economy). I will have to try it. A list I was considering is this: List name ~ Broken CD Aggressor: · IG-88C (36) Attanni Mindlink (1) Autoblaster (5) Tractor Beam (1) Ion Bombs (2) Accuracy Corrector (3) Ion Projector (2) IG-2000 (0) Aggressor: · IG-88D (36) Attanni Mindlink (1) Autoblaster (5) Tractor Beam (1) Ion Bombs (2) Accuracy Corrector (3) Ion Projector (2) IG-2000 (0) -- TOTAL ------- 100/100p. -- Actions are for defense and repositioning. There are control aspects to help pin an enemy down. It may not be as good as Chopper or palp ion decimator at eternal blocking but it has merit. Lots of tricks and fun aspects.
  10. Seems I stirred up a nest of mynocks with this thread. Firstly, I do not believe that FFG should or would make such ships 'limited' [better term than unique for this] at this point. People have bought lots of duplicates and well that's not good business practice. This is my favorite game. I played 40k back in 3rd edition (and a few newer). This is hands down better and more fulfilling game. But there is an analogy to 40k that suits what I'm aiming at here. Back when I played, the force organization chart meant something (before the current play whatever or formation groups mechanics). Your army was led by 1-2 leader type units for a standard game. No one to my knowledge was upset that there was a limit on the number of 'special' type units were in your list. By removing this basic element of army building, things got insane (contributing factor, not the only cause). [The current game of 40k as I understand it from friends who continued to play is very different from old editions. I don't want to get into it except to offer the leaders analogy above] In xwing there are lots of anachronisms in lists. I'm fine with that. It would be too restrictive to make it 'true to life' with regard to the timeline. But even so, I'm not thrilled about spamming odd-ball ships. For the next while, I'll have make due playing against triple scouts and perhaps even double Ghosts...
  11. JumpMasters in the wild are light recon craft for long-range solo flight, not missile boats akin the TIE Fighter game ordinance Lambda.Regarding your last sentence, I believe some of the worst threats to a balanced game have come from lists that run duplicates of ships that I'd call 'unique' (for the purposes of a 100 point match). At least if 2 E-wings or defenders were together, it could be an elite raid or special ops mission. The only freighter convoys that you'd be likely to see would be civilian - not redundantly modified paramilitary gunboats.
  12. True but did they fly in waves? Or did each group or pilot mod one ship and pair it with other ships?
  13. This is not a "sky is falling" thread about U-boats. Since getting into the game at wave 4, it struck me as odd that doubling or tripling up on iconic ships was a thing. This seems so counter to how universe portrays these ships. Now with triple slaver and triple JM5Ks, we will see this trend continue. Their stengths do not bother me - good lists and builds come and go. But the bounty hunter and smuggler ships are one of a kind and surpass the capabilities of base chassis. The Firespray is perhaps the exception since it is a powerful patrol craft. Double decimators and multiple Lambdas don't bother me. But Chewie and Lando. Or U-boats. Or similar lists are not 'fluffy'. I appreciate that the Punishing One and Outrider were handled far better than the Falcon but... I like how uniqueness works in this system. It would have been nice thematically to make certain ship types unique was well as titles. There is not much incentive for FFG to do this since it would decrease sales of larger ships but I for one would have no problem paying more for unique ships rather than seeing them spammed. I'm curious if others agree.
  14. I'll definitely have to give this version a try. Wish there was 1 more point to flip Zuckuss and 4-LOM back. But having extra control built in is nice. Having Greedo / Fett / Dengar on 666 is quite nice. Doesn't limit movement options. Can double modify easily. Simple and strong. If you don't have two YV's, you could swap out the Bossk carrier for IG88. Perhaps IG88C with autothrusters or IG88D with wired. Not nearly as good but would be fun to fly three unique ships.
  15. Interesting thread. I like the 'neo-jousters' that have shaken things up. It is a good direction to keep that element in the game. However, I think to some extent ordinance offers opportunities for traditional jousters to find a place in the meta. Most of the jousting ships have torps or missile slot(s). The point efficiency of jousters lessens the impact of ordinance cost and the opportunity cost of the modification slot for chips. I think it might be nice for X-wings specifically to have ordinance related ability. Perhaps a title that reduces cost of Torp by 1 and/or adds ordinance token like Extra munitions. Or offers free TL with certain trigger. I agree with some comments above that I like being rewarded for good flying in dial selection (not just post dial movement and PS bid).
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