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  1. This one is a treasure! https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/273345-probability-calculator/
  2. Many sads. But I guess Discord has been taking the place of forums for some time.
  3. Paid official book? No, thanks. I'd rather print the PDF once a year.
  4. Doing God's work, man! Thanks a lot for this!
  5. If GAR gets a LAAT, I'd rather get the HMP for CIS than the snail tank
  6. Funny, there is only 1 Strong synergy in CIS: DRK-1 Droids and Maul. Aren't those droids also great for B1s and BX full teams? You know, stuff with lots of white dice.
  7. So many stuff... - Magnaguards - Crab Droid - Vulture Droid - Rocket B2s - Hailfire - Deathwatch - Umbarans
  8. But there is! An AAT as your secondary commander is much valuable than a generic T-Droid because it contributes quite heavily in the game.
  9. 1. I really like TTA. It's clean, direct to the point, shows the cards and is easy to use. I usually compare it to YASB 2.0 (X-Wing), but I like TTA even more. I also hope you'll keep the card database - that's pretty useful! 2. As others have said, an app and a 'mathhammer' (dice sim) would be nice. Also, make it faster (it takes some time to load)! Regarding the Command Cards selection: it would be really cool if they were separated by the units providing them, instead of a unique list: 3. I don't use other builders, so can't say much on this matter.
  10. Unit: AAT. Beast of a unit! Keyword: I'm torn between Critical X and Scale.
  11. Each B1 box costs 25 dollars, IIRC. A starter set costs 100 and comes with 2. You generally want 4+ B1s, so at least 2 core sets or 1 core set + 2 B1s packs are necessary. The first option costs 200 dollars, but you can sell 1/3 of the first one (clone figs and cards) and 2/3 of the second (clone figs and cards, dice, rulers, generic cards, etc). That more or less will bring you back to 100 dollars. The second option costs 150 dollars and you can sell 1/3 of the first one. That more or less will bring you back to 117 dollars. It doesn't seem much, but if you end up wanting even more B1s (and using 6 of them is quite common), then we're speaking about: - 3 core sets: 300 - 1/3 - 2/3 - 2/3 = 135 dollars spent (or close). - 2 core sets + 2 B1 packs: 200 - 1/3 - 2/3 + 50 = 151 dollars spent. - 1 core set + 4 B1 packs: 100 - 1/3 + 100 = 167 dollars spent. Well, 135 to 167 is quite the difference - and you get 3 Droideka units and other 2 Grievous you can sell for collectors or just assemble in different ways. 3 Droideka boxes cost between 75 and 100 dollars. THAT money you'll be saving 100% for each new core set you get.
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