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  1. That's the life of anyone creating homebrews But yeah, I vote on improving that!
  2. What I'd really like is to avoid the X-Wing situation and NOT release 2.0 version of existing units - a conversion pack is more than enough. Also, points and upgrade slots in PDFs instead of the cards
  3. Yeah, that's a bummer. My only guess is that FFG is toning down on the crit parade - Cassian, Iden and Padmé don't have it as well. Regarding Bane damage potential... he deals 1.23 wounds on a red surge (in heavy light cover) enemy
  4. He's CIS in X-Wing, will be CIS in Legion as well.
  5. Cad Bane's cards are being spoiled in the Legion Academy stream. I hope they'll show up in TA soon!
  6. I hope he'll have white clothes on his 1 pip card, grey on this 2 pip and black on his 3 pip
  7. Huh, didn't know about Maul. Anakin was spoken of, though. I didn't think of that! Yeah, Iden Versio treatment. That would suit Maul well. Even a 100-110 commander would be good. Freaking 175p bottom cost for our commanders is too much!
  8. If Maul went to the Seppies, so will Jango. There are no need for him to be Scum, when Boba is already there.
  9. Pro Tech Models is a British seller. They got this from their Spanish distributor. Dunno why would that be fake
  10. From their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProTechModels/posts/2575528099215155 Star Wars Xwing - Today we been sent quite an interesting list from a Spanish Distributor/Stockist asking if we want to pre-order any.............. Have i missed some announcements ?
  11. Reflexes generally bite the dust for Throw. But I agree with you - Throw on Dooku didn't do much for me. Although it is there to use with the lightning for his 1-pip, the Throw doesn't add much else for Dooku for the rest of the match. 3 red pierce 2 surge to crit vs red surge defense behind heavy cover = 0.99 wounds 5 black pierce 1 surge to crit vs red surge defense behind heavy cover = 1.25 wounds - and has scatter to boot!
  12. That's not me - that's what the DEVS said. They'll release CW stuff as 80% of all Legion faction releases while GCW will fall back to 20% until they are more or less balanced. I'm sorry, but expecting Scum faction anytime soon is just delusion.
  13. No, they won't. CW factions will get an Operative, a Support and two Special Forces options - while GCW will get a new Commander option. That will bring GCW number of options to 21-22. CW factions will have... 10-11. What kind of magic trick will FFG pull off to create 10 more options for CW factions until October? Resources, time and warehouse space are limited. If they devout some of those to Scum (or other non-existing faction), those will be reduced for GCW and CW factions. While GCW can indeed take some rest on releases, CW sorely need those! Whenever CW options reach more or less 80% of GCW options, then it'd be okay to release new factions.
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