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  1. Grappling Struts should be either 1 or 0 points. Noone is seriously considering them at 3p.
  2. Well, they're pretty much are one of the best scavengers 😁
  3. DFS-311 with Grappling Struts is quite a support machine.
  4. Yeah, that would make them the primary platform for Barrage Rockets! Leaving ESC for Vultures
  5. I feel this thread was hijacked by the Imperial Gang Anyway, I'm thnking on APT and Afterburners on DBS-404 to unload the hurtness
  6. Fenn Rau with APT and Trick Shot can get 7 red dice as well
  7. Treacherous will hardly trigger in your games... I might suggest picking up a different talent
  8. 2 Hyenas. But, if they are cheap enough, I might get 1-2 more later...
  9. I'm of the same opinion. Just like in Legion, the new factions have to catch up to the old ones. Rebels, Imperials and Scum each have more than 30 ships already...
  10. It has Reload, so that's not that big.
  11. I do hope so all pilots get Sensors.
  12. The leaked Passive Sensors also let people do that: Funny thing, this ship also comes with it...
  13. oops, you're right. edited to avoid further confusion!
  14. OMG, I think Kraken finally met a worthy opponent!
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