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  1. Vector Strike

    Scum Squad 2.0

    Would exchanging the Perceptive Copilot for IG-88D and adding Fearless to Boba a side upgrade? Or would Perceptive Copilot be just better overall?
  2. Vector Strike

    I'm a bit confused about upcoming Wave content...

    I believe it will be re-released in 2.0, but only the Force Ghosts know when. If you really want to play with it NOW or anytime soon (I guess Wave V will come only by October), you'd have to get the 1.0 ship and the scum conversion kit
  3. Vector Strike

    "Talent"-less Force Users?

    He'll get a midi-chlorian Talent slot. And only him.
  4. Vector Strike

    scum players: what ship do u want to see in wave5?

    I'd hope for HWK and/or Y-Wing. Those 2 would complement my playstyle nicely
  5. Vector Strike

    2nd Edition Ships are all I could hope for

    If such old republic expansion would bring forth crusading Mandalore ships, I'd be totally in!
  6. Vector Strike

    Ffg release wave 3 question

    daaaaaamn. It's basically an Easter release, not Carnival
  7. Vector Strike

    What is the best Star Wars quote to state when playing X-wing

    I say "Hello There" every time my Fang Fighters come within range 1 of something. And they always deliver 😎
  8. Vector Strike


    >Have 3 of those >Cannot use on the ship it comes with 😭
  9. Vector Strike

    If you had to play only one faction, what would it be?

    I already do that... and I commend OP's good taste! spinny spaceship best spaceship
  10. Vector Strike

    Where do I get new focus tokens?

    Must second Burger Tokens. They are quite the success among my group!
  11. Vector Strike

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    Han Solo's rule to get +1 attack die when shooting through obstacles isn't working. The defensive part of the rule is, though. (He has Trick Shot; should've rolled 4 dice)
  12. Vector Strike

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    I don't remember this Title being available to the Scum Falcon at all... (0..7.0.1 hotfix) Also, Lando's Millenium Falcon title is missing
  13. Vector Strike

    Who is better carrier ship for Han gunner... Kavil or Boba?

    As we're talking on gunners for boba... is Veteran Tail Gunner that uninteresting? I find it to be a bit one-dimensional if I have to put Hand with Boba every time
  14. Vector Strike

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    ****, came straight to here thinking there was an update
  15. Vector Strike

    Broken Fang

    He's now a Christmas Dawn Protector