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  1. Never tried those two back to back, but I did do a Solo Jenny through Dunwich, and then followed up with a Forgotten Age campaign, and she won (though heavily tramua'd - Thermos was very useful by that point!). https://arkhamdb.com/decklist/view/8155/forgotten-age-final-jenny-barnes-transfer-from-dunwich-1.0
  2. My Return to the Forgotten Age just got delivered (alongside a marvel Champions Hulk hero pack, and LOTR Land of Sorrow). Unfortunately I'm going away tomorrow morning for a long weekend. Still, something to look forward to next week!
  3. Got my dispatch notification for Blob from gameslore today. Looking forward to a new scenario to try.
  4. does anyone know how to stop ringsdb from showing allies that can be heroes via Messenger of the King from appearing when you filter to hero cards? As default behaviour, this is really annoying!
  5. I'm in the UK, and had a preorder from gameslore.
  6. Well, as final scenarios go, that one (though mechanically interesting) seemed....easy? A bit anti-climactic after the wait.
  7. Finally arrived today! Tomorrow, the campaign finally finishes...!
  8. Had my shipping notification for Weaver of the Cosmos this afternoon. Finally going to be able to finish the campaign!
  9. Am I missing something with Mystical Studies? It has no cost, no round or phase limit, and doesn't exhaust. Surely this is a misprint? Otherwise this card is completely broken. Has there been an errata for this? Edit: never mind, I misread this as an upgrade, not an event!
  10. I got mine delivered from gameslore a few days ago, but I haven't gotten around to trying it yet.
  11. All four. The letter says I haven't been charged, though I haven't double checked if that's true yet.
  12. Got this through the post today, with a letter saying it was a 4-part limited series that has now been cancelled, and none of the free gifts. Looking through the cards from these issues, its impossible to play a game. This makes no sense.
  13. I loved the Brubaker Era Captain America comics, so now being able to play two-handed with Cap and Black Widow, with Bucky, Falcon and Sharon Carter as Allies, makes me happy.
  14. They're all here: https://hallofheroeslcg.com/natasha-romanoff-black-widow/
  15. Got my Black Widow hero pack delivered today, and I've played a couple of games with the pre-built deck against Rhino. Loving this hero so far! The Preparation cards are an interesting play style, and I felt totally in control all the way through. I don't think I've ever spent so much time in Alter Ego mode. A refreshing change after the disappointing Thor.
  16. That was my thought when I read this thread. Last thing anybody needs is another potential transmission source.
  17. It may be punishing, but I definitely had more fun with (most) of the scenarios and story of The Forgotten Age, over The Circle Undone.
  18. hope you feel better soon. I live in an apartment building and just watched one of my neighbours buzz in his coughing, sneezing friends. What is wrong with people!!! Stay at home, unless absolutely necessary!
  19. Id be excited for a Scarlett Witch hero, but I've always found quicksilver pretty dull, so I'm hoping my guess is right and its Daredevil, as I'd love him as a hero.
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