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  1. Currently, are two cores still recommended?

    Unless hes talking LOTR unexpected courage, in which case 3 copies is legal and needs 3 core sets.
  2. Confused about book cards

    My completist-collector side really hates promos distributed like this.
  3. I eventually just took the pain in the wallet and ordered direct from FFG.
  4. Me too. I recently got into this game and went on a buying spree, but cant find this pack, except for ridiculous money on ebay.
  5. The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    Looking at the rules sheet, you're correct. Mordor Orcs and Harad Territory.
  6. Big news?

    no way am i spending money on that. ah well, at least it wasn't announcing the end, or anything like that.
  7. If were going *up* the Anduin, shouldnt it *end* with a big troll?
  8. I feel no shame in admitting i often opt to play some quests on easy mode, so I have fun rather than repeatedly getting my face smashed. Sometimes i want a really difficult challenge, but often i just want to enjoy the experience.
  9. Ah, going full circle, returning to where the game started....this must be the last cycle. The end is nigh.
  10. Maybe this wont take as long to release as there wont be a saga this coming year? (Wishful thinking).
  11. This was waiting for me when i got home this evening. Finally.
  12. The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    Just had an email from gameslore to say my copy has been shipped, so i should finally have it in the next day or two.
  13. Official Fellowship Announcement

    They'd have to do something very interesting with a 2nd edition to make me even consider it. If they finish up the game and move on to a 2nd edition, then I'd just consider that a sizeable, very replayable collection, and probably move on to collecting something new. I used to play Deciphers Star Trek CCG 20+ years ago, and I stopped collecting that when it moved to a second edition.
  14. The Dungeons of Cirith Gurat

    After months of showing as expected in september, gameslore has updated this to a release date of the 5th of December...heres hoping.
  15. The forum seems to have turned fairly negative of late, and I miss the positivity there used to be here. Perhaps its time for a new forum game to give people something fun to discuss? I enjoyed Seastan's Random walk to Mordor a couple of years ago: Anyone up for something similar again?