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  1. Arrived home from work to find my copy waiting for me. Looking forward to trying this one out.
  2. I had the same empty space issue the other day, and opted not to shuffle them back in, so maybe the reason I'm struggling with this scenario is I'm making it too hard on myself!
  3. Just got a dispatch email from gameslore, so should receive it sometime this week. Looking forward to this one!
  4. I got my copy of Before the Black Throne delivered on Friday, so I was eager to conclude my two campaigns i've had running through The Circle Undone. The first is a two-handed campaign with Diana and Rita, and the second was a Solo campaign with Joe. Both had been going quite well so far. I played Diana and Rita last night, and Joe today. I lost both Campaigns. I got to act 3 in both, but lost to Azathoth in the first, and in the second Joe was driven insane after moving around a lot of the map, then being cornered by three monsters, without a weapon. I don't normally replay scenarios in a campaign if i didn't like the outcome, but i might just reset both of these and try again. Is it just me, or is this the hardest final scenario so far?
  5. I had a different experience - Carcosa is the only campaign where my investigators have lost in the final scenario! I haven't gone back and replayed it, so a return to box seems like a good opportunity for me to avenge that defeat.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Love the look of this one.
  7. Does the physical quality of the cards in this pack seem worse than previously, to anyone else? They feel thinner, and after a couple of hours of unboxing, mine are starting to develop a curve.
  8. So what happens if I play a scenario with Smeagol as a hero, and the scenario includes a Gollum enemy?
  9. Found it in the end, looking forward to trying it out this weekend!
  10. I was really looking forward to trying this out - then the delivery driver screwed up my delivery, sent the parcel to a post office, and hasn't left a parcel card or any indication of which post office it is at (there are quite a few within reasonable distance)....so I'm trying to track down where this even is now....😡
  11. Maybe I'm missing it, but does anyone know if it's possible to filter decklists on arkhamdb by XP? Sometimes I want to find 0XP decks, and sometimes I want to look for upgraded decks to see how people upgrade investigators, but I don't see an option for it.
  12. This quest seems pretty hard. Tried it with a pair of tactics/noldor decks that have done well against the rest of the cycle. I was holding my own for quite a while, and I got 19 points of damage on Dagnir, but the actual win condition is really hard to reach. Eventually, some nasty treacheries wiped out my allies, and I started losing heroes before I could rebuild. It was all downhill from there.
  13. Over the last couple of years, I've found myself playing lotr less than before, and looking forward to Arkham releases more. Part of that is definite frustration at the pace of releases and unexplained delays. It does seem likely this is the last cycle, but if so I'm ok with that, there is already more content for this game than almost anything else I've played. There are loads of heroes and archetypes I've not even played yet, and quests i haven't touched for years. I've got many years if enjoyment of the game still to come.
  14. I got the shipping notice from gameslore as well, alongside the latest lotr pack. Guess I know what I'm doing this weekend!
  15. Guardian - Mark. I like Zoey as well, but Mark seems more reliable. Survivors - my least favourite class, but It's a toss up between Ashcan and Rita. Pete and Duke are an awesome pair for solo, but Rita was great fun in a two-player circle Undone. Mystic - I've not played mystic much, but so far I'm liking Diana. I feel like I haven't quite cracked how to build for her yet, though. Seeker - Ursula. Played her through forgotten age, and it was great fun. Rex is powerful, and I really want to like Joe, but I've had the most fun with Ursula. Rogue - my favourite class. Jenny, no contest. I've played her through multiple campaigns, and always had a blast. I want to try out Preston, but I haven't got around to it yet.
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