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  1. Having played many campaigns online, I have to say that the absolute biggest hurdle you will come across is scheduling the game in a way that allows the players to all be on at once. People could come from different timezones and their schedules could change depending on what's going on in their life; organizing an online game is an absolute nightmare. Not to mention combat often moves slowly if people are inattentive or AFK.
  2. Maybe try firing him. The Inquisitor sends a message saying "Your progress has been unsatisfactory, you are being replaced. X is Prime now."
  3. Wait, so virus bombs and lance cannons did nothing, but a big ball of ice worked? I don't even.
  4. I tend to avoid letting any party member become "Prime" exactly because of situations like this. There's always That Guy who uses it as an opportunity to hog the spotlight and goes on a power trip, ruining it for everyone else. I've seen a Dark Heresy and a Rogue Trader game both meet their demise because the player in a position of authority abused their power. Same player both times, too. So usually I try to make sure the acolyte cells are truly democratic, with no Prime among them. This prevents any of the players from seizing power, and it also means that the heretics won't be able to single out a leader to target, because there is none. Of course, if the players WANT someone to be Prime, then by all means, go for it.
  5. At some point the GM really should put his foot down and go "No, you can't do this, that's stupid." I guess the point of threads like these is to see how far we can push our long-suffering GMs.
  6. This makes me think of an entire party of guys draped in ammo belts of spent psycannon shell casings, going "You can't touch this, daemon, neener neener".
  7. Hotshot charge packs are in the core book. The single shot probably doesn't matter since Micro cuts the magazine size down significantly anyway.
  8. We do have compact Land Raiders. They're called "Rhinos".
  9. Also, the Sisters of Battle, but they have somewhat of an excuse 'cus they wear strength-enhancing power armor.
  10. Anyone who's had to murder children for lunch is probably more than a little depraved, or desperate. Either one makes them fodder for the Dark Gods. The only humans truly immune to corruption are the Grey Knights (And some will argue not even them); even the notoriously pious Sisters of Battle can and have been swayed by the forces of Chaos. One way or another, it will worm its way in, finding a crack in even the thickest of spiritual armor. Your faithful character may be stronger than most men, but Chaos is patient and imaginative. If you stare into the darkness for long enough, it will stare back into you.
  11. I think the idea of "Purity Points" sort of undermines the insidious corruption of Chaos and one of the central themes of the setting. It's supposed to be a downward, irreversible spiral, and the reason it's so dangerous is that nobody is safe from it. It'd be like Call of Cthulhu if you could have a buffer against Insanity. It just isn't done.
  12. Not at all. She's human, not a Space Marine.
  13. Still more expensive than Manstoppers, which were 5 thrones for 6 bullets, and made the guns AP increase by 3 rather than 2.
  14. I'm a bit hazy on the subject; the only Living Saint really mentioned in the tabletop is St. Celestine, formerly of the Adepta Sororitas. They're not all Battle Sisters, though: There's St. Sabbat, a peasant girl turned war hero who is basically Joan of Arc IN SPAAAAACE! and St. Drusus, proof that you can still be a Living Saint even if you have a Y chromosome.
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