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  1. lurkeroutthere said: But it's the nature of the commisar's relationship with the rest of Imperial forces why I was really disappointed to hear they were going to be a starter PC role in Only War. A lot of times only war will presumably have you operating in a fireteam situation, the concept of attaching a commisar to a fireteam on a more or less permanent basis is silly considering your standard imperial guard regiment will have maybe 3-4 commisars total (so at best 1 commisar per every 250 troops and officers, and in truth probably a lot greater ratio then that). I agree with every point you've made in this post except this one. I hope that this is explained in more detail in the Only War Rulebook. But anyways, I've heard many people(mostly my players) explain to me that Commissars and Priests are extremely numerous in most regiments unless they come from a backwater. I've heard there is Commissars attached at Regimental Level, then Company and finally Platoon. Leading men and keeping units of soldiers at top fighting capacity till moved elsewhere. One of the ways I've explained a Commissar being attached to a squad is having the squad be the Commissar's Command Squad. That means, his bodyguard. They are not part of the Imperial Guard, but merely troopers from the regiment chosen to be part of the Commissariat as that Commissar's protectors. This works to a degree but I just wish there was another way to explain it. It's really just, headcanon way of explaining things. Anyways, I hope FFG gives us the average number of Commissars in a Regiment and what not. That'd be helpful for us GMs!
  2. Right, thanks for the replies. I will make sure to change the Storm Lasgun accordingly at a later date.
  3. Archeotech 'Storm' Lasgun Designed during the Dark Age of Technology by a forgotten corporation of security contractors, the 'Storm' Lasgun is without a doubt the most deadly of all laser weapons built in existence. Although the rapid rate of fire exhausts the clip within a short time keeping the gun on semi-automatic and single round rates of fire allow soldiers to work around this limitation. However, the corporation saw that these designs were prone to overheating and the components required to make said lasguns was too high for it's purpose. It was dropped in favor of the rapid expansion of various other forms of firearms, which did more or less the same thing as a Storm Lasgun, but were much more cheaper to produce in the vast quantities needed at the time. Thousands of years later, the Forge World of Ryza has found the STC print-out of the Storm Lasgun, and is currently producing a few token models for use by members of the Inquisition, and to a much more rarer extent, the Imperial Guard. The power behind such weapons make them a deadly in the hands of any soldier. It is said that the Storm Lasgun has "an extra kick to it that will knock an Ork Boy off his feet", to quote Guardsmen who had the privilege to use such weapons exactly. Storm Lasgun (Class: Basic Range: 75m S/2/4/ DAM: 1d10+4 PEN: 1 Clip: 30 RLD: Full SPECIAL: Overheats, Storm Wt.: 4.5 Availability: Near Unique) Tell me what you think of this weapon and if you'll use it in your games. The gun uses a standard las-charge pack but a backpack is advised since it consumes half the regular amount in a charge-pack. Such as where for a Regular Lasgun it'd be 60, for this, it's 30. So if I charge-pack has only 30 lasbolts left, if popped into a Storm Lasgun it's 15. Also, is Near Unique too brutal or is it fair?
  4. Morangias said: GalagaGalaxian said: And from what I understand you do NOT get free replacements of that equipment, so don't lose it! This appears to be correct. Quite strange, especially for the likes of Storm Troopers and Commissars. Commissar: "Drat, my bolt pistol got torn to bits in that Ork's mouth, oh well. Quartermaster bring me another." Quartermaster: "Sorry Commissar, we can't bring you another." Commissar: "What?" Quartermaster: "Yes sir, it seems we only have one bolt pistol and we have no means to replace it." Commissar: "You best pray to the Emperor for thanks, because if I had my bolt pistol right now I would shoot you. Wait my chainsword still works. Hold still." Silliness aside, I agree with you. It seems quite odd indeed.
  5. Hey man, I just registered so I could thank you for this calculator. It's been a boon to my group, and really helped me as the GM get everything organized. Finally we can focus on the game instead of scratching our heads and going back and forth through the book to find the costs for everything. I was about to make a WordPad file with all the costs for everything, but this is much simpler and more effective. Thanks again MajorMurray
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