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  1. Yup, my regular storm trooper squad harldy ever survives at all. Charge! First trooper takes 3 damage and dead. Second one takes a cleave damage. Same wookie makes a new attack on the third trooper, 3 damage again and another cleave hit leaves the last one with with a single hit point. Which the smugler hits out of her turn anyway. So a whole squad destroyed only at the cost of a single heroes turn...
  2. Aren't there always two possible side missions?"After the introductory mission is resolved, shuffle the Side Mission deck, draw two cards, and place these cards faceup on the table. After each non-agenda side mission is resolved, shuffle the side Mission deck, draw one card, and place this card faceup on the table. " I thought this meant the side mission that they did not chose stays and we draw and add a second option to replace the one they finish.
  3. Thanks for the replies. Then I guess it'd make an interesting combination with Cell Portal (#74).
  4. Matrix Analyzer's ability of placing advancement tokens isn't a subroutine like most ICE, so I'm not sure about how many times you can use it during a single encounter. The card doesn't specifically state that you can only use this ability once. I know that the logic would say doing that more than once would make the card overpowered, but I'd rather not get into arguments over this when playing with friends when everyone believes that they are the logical one. Any ideas? Can I pay 10 credits to put ten advancement tokens all around? If not, where does the rules explain this?
  5. JoshTheStampede said: Icebreaker abilities end at the end of the current piece of ice, by default. The Shaper icebreakers last for an entire run, not just one piece of ice. That's the difference. Thanks, this answers my question.
  6. I'm still not sure about this. As you see from these two examples, one card clearly states that the boost is only for this run, while the other doesn't. Does this lack of the notice of the end of the boost counts as "unless otherwise noted by card abilities"? If they all end at the end of the current run, why one card has this notice and the other doesn't?
  7. To explain further; the Android Netrunner Rules of Play rulebook, page 6 states: " Remote Servers The Corporation has no remote servers at the beginning of the game. The Corporation creates remote servers by installing cards. Cards in remote servers are active if rezzed and inactive if unrezzed. There is no limit to the number of remote servers the Corporation can have at any given time. Ice The Corporation installs ice to protect his servers. Installed ice is always dedicated to a particular server and placed in front of that server. Ice can protect an empty server. Ice is active if rezzed and inactive if unrezzed. " So you can create a remote server with any applicable card, including Ice and Ice can protect an empty server.
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