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  1. Danigral is giving some great advice--as far as faction pairings go though, doing mythos+investigator is good if you're looking to have even-ish games with friends, but if you're trying to just get more familiar with the game it can also be helpful to pair monster with monster and investigator with investigator just to get a feel for the very different ways they each need to be played.
  2. Also Forgotten Shoggoth is neat with the Oracle, but basically destroys the possibility of other interesting discard interactions that both Yog and Shub love so much if you bring it out too early
  3. My general take (related to your shub/miskatonic deck) is that Er'nrawr is generally not very good at domain denying, since his action takes place before the refresh phase. So in the late game/as long as your opponent has expendable characters he's not gonna be that useful (with regard to his ability at least).
  4. So if you have two of them in your starting hand (or get two early game) that's a free resource every turn, which seems really really good. And w/ Marcus Jamburg it'll just be a real ***** to deal with, fast access to all sorts of crucial supports. It seems like it has all sorts of combo potentials, but it also seems like it plays to the big advantage of the dominate meta (yog-shub AO), which is too bad.
  5. The clear solution is to include Roald Ellsworth and then put False Papers on both Erasmus Manor and the Halflings of D'Haz
  6. Haha don't worry Jhaelen, I'm aware it totally would not work. Sarcasm is hard over the internets BUT STILL, HOW EXCITING IS THIS COMBO?
  7. So the deck is Cthulhu, Miskatonic, Silver Twilight. You have an Atwood Science Hall with Lodge Defenses attached. You use the Lodge Defenses (after you sacrifice a ST character, pay X to return a character cost X or lower to your hand) to play and sacrifice Dedicated Butler (After Dedicated Butler enters play discard a card from your hand or sacrifice dedicated butler) infinitely. This gives Erasmus Manor (after a character you control leaves play, Erasmus gains CI until the end of the turn) INFINITE COMBAT, INVESTIGATION, AND SKILL. NOW, during your story phase, you play Misguided Dreams, so all characters must commit to stories. THEN, you commit Erasmus Manor and Halflings of D'Haz (the loser of the combat struggle must take an additional wound for each combat icon he lost by), and your opponent must commit all of their characters. With infinite combat you kill all of your opponents characters without invulnerability. With infinite investigation and skill you are guaranteed 2 success tokens! Throw in Parallel Universe for more zany fun. HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY STOP THIS DEADLY COMBO!?!?!?!
  8. It seems like no matter which way you go, Shub would probably make a good third faction for this deck: Shocking Transformation to get James Logan out more easily, support control, and Hungry Dark Young to make sure you can have an Agency Bodyguard out. Also I'm sure there's some combo that could be worked out with Ghoulish Thrill Seeker in this deck. Also Educated Officer is steadfast Miskatonic, so you'd need to consider that if you really wanted to include him.
  9. Awesome, congratulations! It's very cool that FFG has gotten involved with your podcast. Just as a brief addendum, you mentioned why Jim Black may have designed the Descendant to be so powerful. I've heard from Chris Long that he designed the Descendant for a blackborder cardpool, and the fact that it was only released after the game was restricted to whiteborder that dramatically increased its relative power level.
  10. You don't think that constitutes a problem, AUCodeMonkey? The fact that Agency hasn't gotten a really useful card for like three sets and is essentially limited to being a rush support faction? I think it's pretty dumb that an entire faction has been relegated to that capacity. I'd be interested to see your Silver Twilight Agency deck, too--if the cards in it are much different at all from the ones in COCLCG's Yog-Agency deck or the Hastur-Agency deck I have I'd be pretty surprised. I don't mean to sound snarky hear--I just played Agency basically throughout all of blackborder and the fact that nothing interesting has happened to the faction for years is a little annoying to me.
  11. Maybe this is just me, but I find Syndicate a much more fun faction to play with than Agency--I don't know about raw competitiveness but there's at least a lot of fun/small interesting combo potential to be had with Syndicate. With Agency you're basically choosing between rush or Government-Day. Syndicate gives me fun ideas anyway, whereas Agency it's basically "What if I tried an Agency-(insert faction here) rush deck?'
  12. One of the problems with me for Agency is that they really don't get any interesting cards anymore. Almost all of Agency's really solid cards came out in Dreamlands or before (look at the cards in COCLCG's deck!)--these days they just get even more ways to retrieve/find attachments (which aren't all that great) or expensive characters with lots of combat/investigation and not much else. Agency late game gets really hard against all sorts of decks, considering lack of arcane and expensive characters with nothing to offer besides more combat and investigation. I can appreciate what dboeren said about Agency being dull--but I think that's a product of the cards that are currently being made for Agency, which don't really offer much interaction potential with one another, and are really just variations on a theme of doing the same thing over and over again. If I had my way the next box set would definitely be Agency, no questions asked, and it would give them more exciting things to do in the late game (put icon boosters on characters, make attachment cards that are actually worth playing, introduce some cost reduction, give Agency a new way to deal with opposing characters that doesn't involve wounding, maybe make resource destruction a thing) That being said, Agency has a small group of really good cheap/rush-y/rush-finisher cards, like Government Exorcist, Undercover Security, Marshall Greene, and Nathaniel Elton. But that's annoying too because essentially any mono-agency or dual faction deck with Agency is going to feature pretty much identical Agency cards.
  13. The weekend before Memorial Day would unfortunately not work for us up in Boston. It's right at the end of finals period/just when everyone is leaving school for us.
  14. The one concern I have about removing Mother's Hands is that an early Initiate of Huang Hun can really terrorize this deck--are there any other good anti-Huang Hun Shub cards? Cthulhu has a few, but as you mentioned its probably better to keep it all in Shub.
  15. With Shub I've found it's actually quite fast--you're just about guaranteed to have an ancient one out by your second turn. The downside is there's going to be one turn where your defenses are pretty bad. This has been leading to losses to rush decks--one mono-miskatonic (the deck can't really stop mass investigation struggles until turn 4 or 5 and Dr. Shrewsbury is deadly) and one Yog-Silver Twilight (bounce is good). I think Nodens probably could remedy this problem to a large degree, but I can't be sure.
  16. So Tom mentioned in his post about his World Championship deck that it might be possible to sub Cthulhu in for Yog in the deck, the big plus for Yog being that it has Twilight Gate. It occurred to me that in the right deck, Por XV: 14:19, the Cthulhu prophecy, could theoretically work in place of Twilight Gate (providing you had cards that could be sacrificed--Aziz Chataluka, Lavinia Whateley, and The Three Bells jumped to mind). I've toyed around with the deck design a little bit, and it seems like Cthulhu might be slightly weaker in the earlier game than Yog, but it gets pretty severely destructive in the late game with Cthulhu, Cthylla, Deep One Rising and possibly Ghatanothoa providing some serious fire-power (I'm still toying with Ghatanothoa, but combined with Lavinia Whateley and maybe a Corrupted Midwife he seems pretty exciting). I've just begun toying with the deck, and I'm having trouble balancing early-game defence with late game power. This is made especially difficult by the fact that I don't have Nodens. I really want Nodens. Oh well. Anyway any advice on what to include and what to leave out would be greatly appreciated. One final general thought is that it might be worth sticking in Hastur to deal with pesky Explorers with willpower (this would not be an issue if I had Nodens damnit) Here's the working decklist CHARACTERS--34 2 Aziz Chatuluka 1 Cthylla 1 Bokrug 2 Cthulhu, Lord of R'lyeh 3 Ghatanothoa, Out of the Aeons 3 Priestess of Bubastis 3 Lavinia Whateley 3 Ghoulish Predator 3 Black Dog 2 Basil Elton 1 Corrupted Midwife 3 Grasping Chthonian 3 The Mother's Hand 2 Y'Golonac 2 Nug EVENTS--12 3 Por XV 14:9 3 Feed Her Young 3 Broken Space, Broken Time 3 Thunder in the East SUPPORT--4 2 The Three Bells (almost entirely to help guarantee my ability to sacrifice a character) 2 Under the Porch
  17. Hey! I was just going to post a Hastur Syndicate deck that I'd built, but I started browsing the deck forums and noticed this one, which is basically the same concept, so I just thought I'd post my deck here and we could compare. CHARACTERS--30 3 Patsy 3 Tragic Celebrity 3 Tattoo Artist 3 Lookout 3 Peter Clover 3 David Pan 2 James Crusher (iffy) 3 The Red Gloved Man 2 Marcus Jamburg 2 Victoria Glasser 3 Demon Lover EVENTS--3 2 Apeirophobia 1 Power Drain (iffy) SUPPORT--14 2 Dutch Courage 3 The Guzheng 1 Caven of Flame 3 Stygian Eye 3 Infernal Obsession 2 Ice Shaft CONSPIRACY--3 3 Negotium Perambulans in Tenebris… Some things I'm still deciding in my head about the deck--I might take James Crusher out and add more power drains. I also might take Tattoo artist or Victoria Glasser out and add performance artist instead. Ideally I would have more Cavern of Flames, but I only own the one copy. In theory I'd like to have another Marcus Jamburg and another Ice Shaft, but this deck has a lot of neutrals as is. I was afraid to put in less than 3 of either Negotium or the Red Gloved Man, but I noticed that you snuck by with 5, COCLCG, so I might try to add in another Jamburg in place of a Red-Gloved Man. Anyway the basic concept is pretty similar to COC's deck--you use Negotium to screen most of your opponent's characters away and then use the remaining cards to snipe off the remaining cost 3+ cards. A lot of the characters I think are pretty obvious auto-includes--Patsy, Peter Clover (this deck has no cards above 3 cost!), Lookout, Tragic Celebrity, TRGM, Marcus. I stuck in David Pan, Tattoo Artist, and Demon Lover as ways to defeat any scary icon characters that sneak by my other defenses. Victoria Glasser is in because she's a really good two cost and arcane icons are my favorite icons. I think the events and supports are pretty obvious too--stealing/destroying/neutralizing 3+ cost characters. Apeirophia is obviously just great, particularly because this deck (being super reactive) is hard to topdeck against. Dutch Courage is there as a possible counter to Agency/Nodens/Khopesh/Rats/whatever else wounds. Not too sure about it. My big question for this deck was how to deal with Ancient Ones--it has quite a few good solutions, I think. Peter Clover is a guaranteed removal from the story, as this deck has nothing above 3 cost in it. David Pan can go head to head, particularly with help from Tattoo Artist and Demon Lover, who also allow the Ice Shaft to be brought into play against any AOs. The Guzheng and Cavern of Flames also work pretty well. So far this deck has done pretty well in play-testing: I tested it against my homegrown version of the Shub-Yog Ancient One swarm and it won consistently. Admittedly, Shub Yog had neither Nodens or Nyarlathotep (as you may have noticed, I'm rather deficient in Dreamlands cards). Nodens would be pretty good agains this deck (another argument for performance artists--I could also take out Dutch Courage to accomodate them. Anyway, I'd love to hear any thoughts anyone has about this particular deck, or any suggestions for cards added or removed. I've been kicking around the idea of Kidnapping 101 or Bound and Gagged--I'd probably go for bound and gagged since it could deal with pesky AOs like Y'Golonac in conjunction with demon lover or stop annoying character abilities.
  18. Hey--I was thinking of organizing some sort of regional in the Boston area this coming year: we have a little group in Cambridge. Unfortunately we're all impoverished/busy college students so travel of any sort isn't really convenient for us. If there were to be a regional in NYC however, I could probably make it with one or two other people--otherwise we'd probably try to do our own thing.
  19. No. When Cthulhu was first converted to an lcg, the asylum packs held 40 cards. This was true for the Summons of the Deep and Dreamlands Cycles, as well as Ancient Horrors and Mountains of Madness APs. With the Yuggoth cycle, they switched to 60 card asylum packs. The Summons cycle and ancient horrors and mountains of madness were reprinted with 60 cards (where they had previously been only 40), but dreamlands never got the reprint. So the dreamlands cycle will be unique in that each of its packs will have only 40 cards. Hope this helps!
  20. 1) Nick's "Crazy Cthulhu" vs Gavin's "Skill" GAVIN 2) Chad's "Straight Jacket" vs Greg's "Darius" CHAD 3) Matt's "Lo Pan's Panacea" vs Christian's "Minions of Insanity and Chaos!" CHRISTIAN 4) Grant's "Can You Spell Mi-Go?" vs Jason's "Femuhlhu" GRANT 5) David's "Make Me Go Away" vs Mart's "Miskallaneous, Etc…" DAVID 6) Jefferson's "Government Payroll" vs Katherine's "Dreams and Ghouls" JEFFERSON
  21. Based solely on these descriptions, I'll say Shub-Yog beats the 5 faction deck, Shub beats Hastur, Cthulhu Hastur beats OoST, Hastur Syndicate beats Miskatonic, Agency/Misk beats the Ladies (apologies for the phrasing), and 4 factions beats agency.
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