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  1. They would be moving in a set direction but the changes in movement are "caused" by changing forces. i.e. stray blaster fire, explosions, collisions, forces given from ship propulsion, etc.
  2. My method uses a GW scatter die and moving the asteroid 1 distance. The problem is that it doesn't make sense to fight around asteroids and if there ever was an asteroid field, the asteroids don't move at a significant velocity to be much of a danger.
  3. Nicco2

    Happy X-Wing Day

    Game is now available. Funagain games is shipping today and all products are 20% off. Starting an Organized Play League in my hobby store and waiting until FFG releases the kits.
  4. Waiting on the eventual Rogue Shadow or Outrider ships. Maybe even mercenary/neutral ships like the Virago.
  5. pilots are tied to a ship, however, upgrades are not. upgrades are tied to a pilot so you can have certain upgrades like proton torpedoes on either an X-Wing or a Y-Wing.
  6. There is a video of the winner: I dunno if there was a prize. There probably was.
  7. I'm definitely not excited for the LCG at all especially with Android Netrunner already coming out. I find Netrunner superior in so many aspects. When I checked the forums the other day, I didn't see a future expansion thread so I just made one so that people who only want to know about the news can easily find it without searching through pages of replies.
  8. The guy who won used 3 X-Wings and 1 Y-Wing.
  9. Also Millenium Falcon and Slave 1.
  10. So from GenCon, scout ships like the A-Wing and TIE Interceptor. Maybe a bomber class for Empire and a general swarm ship for Rebels.
  11. Nicco2

    GenCon Reports

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, this game and Android: Netrunner are sold out already….
  12. Nicco2

    GenCon Reports

    Expect it by September. October the latest judging from the tournament that's taking place November. Game is pretty solid. Saw people playing. I think some people were trying to set up a 3v3 at some point.
  13. Nicco2

    GenCon Reports

    Getting my copies today. Not playing in tournament though. Too busy. Will post some thoughts if I get a game in.
  14. ^ Why would this game need two core sets? It's a miniatures game, not a LCG. It comes will all the character cards and resources you'd need to play the game and you won't need any duplicates of the core set items other than the minis themselves and maybe extra dice.
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