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  1. 1. Yes, it does. 2. You don't apply Tinkering to a Battering Ram. You apply it to a piece of ICE. That way, if it previously lacked the Barrier key word, it now gains it and Battering Ram can work on it. And, yes, you will have to pay 2 to break up to 2 subroutines on that ICE (assuming BR's strength matches the ICE's). Also, please put any further rules questions in the Android: Netrunner Rules Questions forums. Keeping them together will help any people with their own questions look them up more easily.
  2. Andromeda genuinely having a 9 starting hand is unbelievable. There are so many advantages, big and small, that she provides. I really thought that her ability was too powerful to be printed, but here she is. Data Hound is just freakin' intriguing. He won't be easy to use but that ability to trash cards in the runner's deck is mind-boggling.
  3. Nerdelemental said: …a first turn Account Siphon… …fearless run against a Snare… How soon can I get my hands on this damned pack… Assuming the spoiler is authentic and correct, as you pointed out she seems too good to be true. :-| If you compare this version of Andromeda with Chaos Theory: Andromeda: 45/15, +1 Link, 9 starting hand size - Effectively a deck size of 36 at the start of the game. Chaos Theory: 40/15, +1 MU - Effectively a deck size of 35 at the start of the game. They're similar in that they've got an advantageously shrunk stack, but consider that Andromeda Can pack 5 more cards in her deck than CT can while almost being on par with CT in terms of deck size Has more options than CT right at the start of the game Belongs to Crims, the most consistently successful runner faction in the game while CT belongs to the Shapers who, while not bad, haven't been as successful as the former. This implies that CT's 1-card smaller stack and +1 MU are enough to balance her against Andromeda's bonuses. I really can't wait for an official reveal from FFG or someone getting their hands on the actual card to see if this is all true or not. Something is off.
  4. Nerdelemental said: Not that great? That seems too good to be true for me. We'll see, but you'll be pressed to get 4 cards into play to keep from discarding. So a lot of 0-2 cost. I'm thinking the only way to maximize it is to front load the deck with a ton of money makers, especially immediate payoffs (Sure Gamble) and plan to get them all out on the table in one form or another right off the bat. Regardless, it's a major headstart. In a stupidly huge way. Assuming that ability list is close to accurate. Even if you only use it as a way to dig through the deck a bit to get a choice card or two, it's still a huge bonus right out of the gate that the corp side will reel from. The momentum will be so solidly in that hands of the crim from the get go, even if he has to dump a few cards - you've still dug four cards deeper into the deck to get essential tools. Sheesh. The more I think about it, the more I love it. I draw a huge mitt of cards. Turn 5 creds into possibly 13 with 2 clicks to spare and have a decent run rig already going within just a couple of turns. The Corp will be up against the wall wondering how to defend against it and where to defend against it. (am I missing something?) Holy cow: even if your first draw doesn't get you 2-3 uber-cards, you can still mulligan for 9 cards (right?) I agree- that ability may be overpowered. Consider that she has almost the same advantage as Chaos Theory while having another huge ability. Assuming she's legit: comments on places who've seen this spoiler have people complaining about having to discard cards you can't use. Not having enough actions and credits to prevent yourself from discarding is such a small cost to what she provides. For example, she's far more likely to draw Account Siphon with that hand. Given a 1st runner turn opportunity for a successful Siphon and the larger threat of tag-based corp actions, let's say she spends a clikc on an action (maybe Infiltration or Satellite Uplink), Siphons, then spends her last two clicks on disposing tags. That leaves her with 7 cards in hand, so she has to discard 2. That's a small price to pay for having crippled the corp and gaining credits. Also, if you really want to avoid discarding, you can just play Public Sympathy in your deck. Another advantage: fearless 1st turn gamble with Jinteki. Is it an agenda or is it Snare!? It's Snare!. Andromeda's grip is down to 6 (chances likely she still has good stuff in there), she's got a tag, but that's one less Snare! to worry about while she still has a lot of options. Lastly, yes, she mulligans for 9. The mulligan is referred to as a "new starting hand".
  5. SnowcatAssassin said: A new Crim Identity? Great. That ability, if that is what it is, doesn't seem that great at least compared to Gabe. I dunno. I must think on this. Are you kidding? Andromeda is amazing. :-D Well, assuming the spoiler is authentic… ;-) She makes it very likely for you to get most of the tools and tricks you need to for a good rush game right at the start of the game. You can get your economy set up (example: Underworld Contacts and an extra link), you can get most of your 'breakers out, maybe even start your combos. Also, she's comparable to Chaos Theory in that they both give you a slimmer deck/stack. Gabe isn't bad, but I'm tired of rarely getting to use his ability. Barring a bad draw and mulligan, players will protect HQ as soon as the game starts. If they're facing Gabe, then they're going to put extra effort into it. :-( I was looking forward to the next Crim ID in hopes of someone less predictable, but if this 9-card hand ability is correct then, with her +1 link, I'm going to be really happy modifying my deck to fit her.
  6. bhosp said: Test Run has some pretty cool interaction with Noise's ability, since it can install a virus, then put it on top of the deck to be installed again. I've been using Test Run to get early Djinn, too. Those are very good points. And I like the idea of using Test Run to snag Djinn to snag viruses.
  7. Imp is nasty and you should definitely use it. You can actually make room for it by taking out most of your icebreakers, keeping just Corroder (very efficient at breaking barriers) and increasing Crypsis to 3 copies. Yes, you heard that right: don't just keep Crypsis but even max it out in your deck over other 'breakers. This is a deck with lots of viral support (Cyberfeeders, Djinn, Grimoire, Deja Vu and, most of all, Noise himself) so this is a situation where it can really shine. Drop Joshua B. He gives you a tag at the end of your turn so, unless you add Decoy into the deck, your resources (or worse) are going to be in the corp's crosshairs. Diesel is just too good and useful to pass up. You could also throw in Aesop's Pawnshop along with a Wyldside or two. That's what most Noise decks do: Wyldside feeds them cards and when it becomes to Wyld they can sell it to the Pawnshop. You can go for either or even both. I'm not sure you need Test Run with Djinn, Diesel and/or the Wyld/Pawnshop pair. The influence could be used elsewhere. Lastly, you should consider Stimhack. The brain damage may be a turn off, but it won't matter if it lets you steal that last agenda to win you the game.
  8. http://stimhack.com/humanitys-shadow-spoilers/ No scans, so no proof it's the real thing. Seems legit, though. And assuming that's really the new Crim ID, I am very happy.
  9. Runix said: One more reason that Crypsis isn't junk: it can break untyped ice, like the recently spoiled "Whirlpool", coming in the next expansion. Granted, I think FFG will naturally be very cautious about releasing ice that broken by conventional breakers - and Whirlpool is certainly situational, and a one-time-use - but that means having an AI breaker available will have real utility above and beyond deck speed and size optimization. Yes, but speaking as a Crim player, I can avoid Data Mine and Whirlpool one way or another. Whirlpool is only worth it if the succeeding ICE are all particularly dangerous and not survivable; more likely, it leads to an ambush asset- but if so, a Crim is likely to spot the trap using their expose shenanigans and simply not fall into it. A trap that doesn't spring simply takes up space, time and money. For that matter, Data Mine isn't that nasty either where a player is likely to be willing to take its 1 net damage. Anarchs can destroy ICE, and both Data Mine and Whirlpool are particularly easy for them to trash. Shapers can prevent net damage. There's just so many other options that can be taken that don't cost as much as Crypsis but are as- or even more- effective.
  10. Thanks to the release of 4 data packs, it is now possible to minimize the chances of drawing an agenda, whether as a corp or a runner player, to a base chance of 7 out of 49. Max out your deck size to 49. To meet the 20 or 21 agenda point requirement for decks of that size, get 6 cards worth 3 points each and 1 card worth 2 agenda points for a total of 20 points. Any corp deck can do this, but NBN and Weyland have agendas that fit this purpose. List of 3-point agendas: Neutral: Executive Retreat, Priority Requisition NBN: Restructured Datapool Weyland: Government Contracts The question for this thread: Is it worth it? It's a very general question that can only be answered in specifics: What faction is the deck? What build or strategy does it follow? How would its 3-point agendas fit in with it? Can they contribute to your deck's performance? If they don't, is their scarcity a good enough advantage to use this trick? And if you have to score them to win, how does their high advancement cost affect you? I tried it once in my HB deck. If searching for 9 agenda cards in a 49 card deck is frustrating enough, 7 cards makes it much worse despite such a little change in numbers. The smaller number of agendas means more slots for economy or defensive cards and also gives you more time to set things up. However, what got me was how long and costly it was to score the 3-pointers; they're vulnerable once you actually draw them or are about to (top card of R&D). As HB doesn't have any 3-point agendas, I had to use the Neutral ones; while Priority Requisition fits well with the startegy of building ICE fortresses, I was wary of Executive Retreat's ability and didn't use it at all. As I prefer a deck that focuses on installing and scoring agendas ASAP, and because the safest place to keep agendas is one's score pile, I've since reverted to using 9 agenda cards mostly with just 2 agenda points each. Jinteki, like HB, doesn't have any 3-point agendas and has to rely on ER and PR. However, it does gain more free slots for their traps and tricks and makes a runner more likely to walk into them. I have very little experience with NBN but I reckon that NBN's ability to score agendas quickly puts it in a similar position to HB's click abilities. This arrangement of deck size and number of agendas would simply minimize the chance of runner snagging one of their before they can score it. Lastly, Weyland must face some pros and cons in using this strategy, especially for Scorched Earth decks. While it keeps Weyland safer from losing agendas, the larger size of the deck also makes getting Scorched Earth and other necessary cards harder. My friend who plays Weyland prefers a smaller deck just because of that. So, what do you think? Please discuss.
  11. Brigaldio said: I've been playing against my friend's cirminal deck quite a bit recently, and he pulled a lot of ice out of his deck and is relyign almost entirely on Crypsis. Criminals can get away with this more than the other factions for a few reasons: 1) your event cards are doing alot of the heavy lifting for you. Account Siphon only needs to get through to the hand once, and Crypsis works just fine for it. Once you've hit the corp with account siphon, you have even more money with which to fund Crypsis. Similarly, Inside job helps to reduce the cost of using crypsis since that's one less piece of ice you have to wory about. 2) You're getting a bunch of money back on your runs anyway between Gabe's passive and Desperado, so ice efficiency isn't as big a deal to a criminal as it is to other runners. The criminal economy can support Crypsis better than other factions can. 3) Criminals don't have to splash for Special order, so you're getting slot efficiency without having to spend influence. Those are exactly the same assumptions I had when I thought Crypsis was okay and I made my Criminal Crypsis deck. It just didn't work out. 1. That was the idea behind my deck. Using Criminal tricks, I wouldn't have to use Crypsis often thus not spending much. Yet, I actually did spend a lot on Crypsis to the point of nullifying what advantages my events like Inside Job provided. At the end of the day, even where Crims are all about speed, you will still not be so fast as to not need to break ICE (and given an experienced corp player, you're going to be facing fast defense set-ups as well). 2. That too was something I assumed, but Crypsis eats up those advantages as hungry as the poorer Crim 'breakers do (I'm looking at you, Aurora) yet while still costing more (weighty enough install cost, clicks to load, 0 strength). You're also overlooking the fact that Gabe- while not a bad ID- can easily find his ability locked out. An experienced player will always begin to install ICE on HQ and R&D first, whether they're facing Gabe or not; when they are facing Gabe, they put in an extra effort to protect HQ (and Archives for Sneakdoor Beta). This really slows Gabe down. As for Desperado, that's only one cred per successful run- that's the minimum Crypsis has to be paid whenever it break ICE (not to mention the virus token). You just get more out of other 'breakers. 3. As far as Crypsis costs a lot to use and Crims before and now have more viable and effective alternatives, using Crypsis is slot inefficient, as is using Special Order to grab Crypsis. You're better off going for Ninja, or even Peacock or something else. Brigaldio, I tried all of this and it didn't work. It couldn't even cut it in casual games, and certainly won't be strong enough for competitive play. Only with Noise does Crypsis make sense and that's because Noise makes a bit more use out of it than everyone else. When only one ID in the game is truly amenable to Crypsis, the hate for it is somewhat justified.
  12. SnowcatAssassin said: Crypsis has been alright in my Crim deck, but I've been debating in taking him out because of his expense. Early game utility is about the only good use I've gotten out of him, and even then, the clicks and credits it costs to make him useful don't necessarily pay off. If I just run at HQ or R&D, got through the ICE, and all I pick up is more ICE or an operation, then it's a net loss for me and Crypsis didn't earn his keep. I have had way more use out of Snitch in so far as seeing what I'm up against, especially against the outermost ice. If it's a Neural Katana or Tollbooth that the Corp can rez, I can simply just jack out and prepare for it later, saving my credits in the process. If it were Crypsis, the Corp rezzes that ICE, and now I have to deal with it, and there go my credits. Definitely, if I have my Compromised Employees out, I want to make the Corp rez ICE, but if I don't have what I need out, Crypsis doesn't always pay off the way that Snitch does. Even exposing derezzed ICE with Infiltration or Satellite Uplink so I can snag an Icebreaker with Special Order has been more benefit overall compared to Crypsis. That said, I still don't think it's terrible. He at least can get you started, if nothing else. You don't have to keep him around the entire game. I had the same experiences you did in my Criminal Crypsis deck. You can do your best to mitigate Crypsis' costs but you end up trading one resource for the other in doing so (card slots instead of creds or clicks and vice-versa); in the end, you're still paying a huge cost for the advantages Crypsis provides. It just ain't worth it. You raise an interesting point with Snitch: as more sets are released, Crims get more toys that are simply better alternatives to Crypsis. Snitch is an example of that without even being an icebreaker. We can also go back to the days when we only had the Core Set: in a Crim deck that already had cards for Sentry, Barrier and Code Gate (usually a borrowed Yog or Gordian Blade) ICE, when the player wanted to throw in an extra 'breaker, the choice was for Femme Fatale, not Crypsis. Femme Fatale has huge install cost and isn't as efficient as Ninja when it comes to Sentry killing but its ability to bypass ICE (notably the ubiquitously corp-beloved Toll Booth) still made it a much better choice than Crypsis- and that's even where Crypsis is for the early game as proposed and Femme Fatale can usually only be paid for in the late game! As for the other runner factions, again only Noise seems to make the best use of Crypsis to the point of accepting its weaknesses. Anarchs and Shapers instead have gotten other toys that they'd rather run. There have even been some terrible cards that came out for them and the idea that Crypsis can take their place hasn't even come up. The choice is still to not run them and not run Crypsis. Also, to be honest, I predicted on these forums in a Crypsis thread that it could possibly get cards in the data packs that would actually make it good (that was the time I got the idea to make my Criminal Crypsis deck). Those cards have still not arrived. Brigaldio, SnowcatAssassin just is on the money here. Crypsis either costs too much or can easily be replaced by something far more efficient.
  13. Posting here just to inspire your games of X-Wing. I particularly like the concept of a female TIE Bomber pilot. Enjoy!
  14. sharoth said: Messenger said: Going back to my first sentence here, my friend who helped me test my Criminal Crypsis deck pointed out that there's at least one way to make Crypsis the star of its own show: in a Noise deck. Anarchs provide a lot of stuff to support it's being a virus and- most importantly- Crypsis provides Noise additional virus fuel for his ability. Where a Noise deck is program-heavy, Crypsis can save up on card slots normally reserved for a lot of different icebreakers (meaning you use it as your primary or even only icebreaker). Where Anarch cards lower strength, Crypsis doesn't have to use that many creds to operate. And then, there's Stimhack… However, all of this has to be tested first. I already tested that and it is a wonderfull deck, though he isn´t the only breaker in that deck. I have Corroder for Barriers cause they are usually stronger as codegates and sentries and its very costly for Crypsis to break them. You usually don´t run that often on remote servers so money isn´t a issue. Useing Crypsis as your only breaker is for Anarchs very importent, cause you have more room for other programms and viruses. Currently the Noise/Personal Workshop-built is one of the strongest runner decks if not the strongest. Glad to hear it. :-) Having 1 other icebreaker in the deck with Crypsis isn't a bad idea since it takes some load off Crypsis without rendering it redundant. Corroder is a beast of a barrier 'breaker to boot.
  15. I talk about using Crypsis as one's primary or even only icebreaker because that's the only real point I see in putting Crypsis in one's deck. You said that the point of Crypsis is that it's "a backup and gap filler". A "backup" by definition is reactive and depends on a certain situation occurring, such as losing a program; but it doesn't often happen while I already include 1 extra copy of my 'breakers in my deck anyway and don't have a hard time getting to them- thus having a Crypsis backup in my deck is wasteful. A "gap filler" by definition is a temporary solution to a problem. As such, Crypsis is just expensive to run (card slots, creds, clicks) when the alternative- getting to my more long-term tools- is more efficient, cheaper and not hard to pull of. You spoke of "assembling Voltron" and it was even admitted that using Crypsis will slow that down- and yet assembling Voltron is the far surer and more effective strategy. So if I already run other icebreakers, why am I going to bother mixing in Crypsis when I can instead use its slot for something else? This is where I disagree with you and anyone else about Crypsis': whatever advantage it provides is actually too small and definitely too costly compared to the alternatives I can do without it. --- Going back to my first sentence here, my friend who helped me test my Criminal Crypsis deck pointed out that there's at least one way to make Crypsis the star of its own show: in a Noise deck. Anarchs provide a lot of stuff to support it's being a virus and- most importantly- Crypsis provides Noise additional virus fuel for his ability. Where a Noise deck is program-heavy, Crypsis can save up on card slots normally reserved for a lot of different icebreakers (meaning you use it as your primary or even only icebreaker). Where Anarch cards lower strength, Crypsis doesn't have to use that many creds to operate. And then, there's Stimhack… However, all of this has to be tested first.
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