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  1. There need to be non raven ways to change the season to winter/summer, just my opinion
  2. Also any text without a BOLD font happens automatically when its triggering effect causes it to, for instance Balerions renown and deadly are not in bold, these automatically happen and are not optional. Also its both players responsibility to make sure things like renown and deadly are resolved as they happen even if its your opponents character and he forgets. Bold texts like his response are optional and if the player forgets to activate them its on them. Welcome to the game btw, its a lot of fun and super affordable to keep playing, plus the players are some of the nicest i've ever had the fortune of playing with and against.
  3. although in a melee joust combined tourney you are allowed to have one deck for both, but seriously changing your entire deck is clearly against the rules lol
  4. Im still looking for a better online play experience. I dislike OCTGN as i consistently can't get it to run, and my local meta is atrophying slowly but surely. Besides i know everything is profit driven and wheres the profit in players going to a 3rd party, i say FFG should set up their own online card browser and player, and for a nominal fee ($5?) BOOM, FFG monitored organized online play, a free way for new players to get a taste of the game, and stronger meta for all since the online community won't be dependant on having numerous local players (something the us market is losing badly to against the european market) and even open the game to cross country competition without all that pesky overseas flight. Make all the currently printed cards available and as new cards get realeased use the bar code on packs to make them available for you to use online. You could even have the packs for free online after x amount of time passes. On a more related note rotation wouldn't be bad as an added format but the main issue i find is lack of players which leads to a stale meta for me and my steadily shrinking playgroup, so i think expanding the overall availability of the game without restricting card pools would solve many more problems than rotation only formats
  5. having recently found out that the iron (cliffs or mines) whichever has 2 save counters can only be used once per triggering effect, i.e only one save can be used if some one plays valar, i;m curious if multiple icons may be give back to a character targeted by the scourge, i'm fairly certain this was brought up before but just want added clarification. thanks
  6. speaking as someone who can',t for the life of me, get octagon to work i could care less if it stops working, FFG just needs to make their own browser for playing online, charge a one time fee (5$?) to access it and boom instant revenue and a more reliable online source for gameplay
  7. one caveot, i am running lady nym's guard. in the agenda heavy meta its just too good not to run
  8. I currently have a great martell deck that while not teir 1 (still has a rough battle against bara rush and greyjoy) but that is so unique and circumvents a lot of the problems i face in my meta has me very excited for the next regional. although truthfully i havent gotten anything helpful from the last 4 packs….. so i am running an unconventiona deckl, using different cards and right inline with FFG's intents some stand by's for martell are out and neutral and other cards are in. even still with all this no love in the most recent sets lol. i'm not too upset. Full disclosure i was PISSED and HURT about UUU (unbowed,unbent.unbroken) being the insanely underplayable and underpowered house words card, but i've adapted and am presently really making a showing against my meta mates, even with a third teir house : )
  9. interesting so a blanked maester could receive chains but because he currently lacks the trait they are immediately discarded. ok good to know
  10. my main question is since the errata of TMP being "printed" trait, wouldnt losing that trait through effects like nightmares/etc now negate that card from recieving attachments from the agenda, since it literally no longer has the requisite printed trait? even if it has an attachment that grants it maester
  11. blanking cards often raises interesting questions , heres mine. if i nightmares an opponents maseter (doesn't matter who) with the apprentice collar attached can he play chains on him from his agenda/ house card upon winning challenges? the agneda specifically says "printed maester you control" but now you maesters text box is blank, but to make this puzzle diffcult he also has an attachment that makes him a maester. so what happens? also if i am running the plot fortified position, can you trigger meera reed's any phase ability? im sure ill think of more but some clarification on this would be great. thanks btw follow me on twitter @wolfbrotherRob
  12. o that and starting late so a local player could make the event was a little lame, since it directly gave john the bye round that cost him top 4
  13. Hey rob here, yea i had quentyn, probably ran too lighly on uniques but o well, i'm still wrapping my head around the loss of control with the faq and treating my deck as though th e loss of control doesnt effect it as harshly as it did was a serious misplay, that and drawing high grounds with no armies certainly didn't give me any help lol. all in all i had a great time and learned alot about the ohio regional meta. no complaints aside from top 4 really screwing john out of winning, the lannister tunnels deck was the strongest deck there but top 4 kept him out of it. can't wait to see you at centerville guys later
  14. thanks ktom and bomb for seeing my point lol, yea this deck just got a lot more viable against my weak match up of lannister
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