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  1. We just need to wait and see how they handle rules for inferno squadron, which also have only unique characters. And they will do the same for bad batch squadron.
  2. Where? Nothing has changed, they still have 2 dodges after a double move.
  3. rafparis

    TT disengage

    Ok, but under withdraw, it says „A withdraw is considered a move action.”, not that it is a standard move, like it is written under compulsory move?
  4. rafparis

    TT disengage

    Tauntauns must now disengage to leave melee, is it consodered a standard move and they get their dodge token?
  5. i have a question: shores are so good because of the chain of orders, but is it worth to take just one unit with a mortar (with comms relay of course)? Or 2 is a minimum?
  6. The now was as in forever to keep it simple maybye make it just if any part of the movememt tool (including the size of the base sliding on it) is at range of the standby you can use your standby. the dice is to see who shoot first, because if the enemy unit shoot first and you gain a suppression token, you can’t shoot with standby. anyway, it is to find a way to use an interesting tacticaly action, which now do almosr nothing and is not logical with the flow of combat.
  7. Standby is now rather... weak. A unit can move between two buildings at range 1 from a standby unit and not be shoot at. It can move beyond range 2 and not be shoot at. It can shoot first then the standby is lost by suppression. It can enter in melee so no shooting. what if the standby was more of an „interrupt” action, so you can use it during an enemy movement, (not just at the end of it) and eventually roll a 50/50 dice to determine who is shooting first when the enemy is shooting? this way it will be more in line with the intended overwatch effect.
  8. There is no rule for it, but i assume you show your list just before the game, so before placement, and terrain if the table is not already set.
  9. rafparis

    Tauntaun Ram

    I have seen this phrase in another topic: „He finds that ram giving two auto hits as what breaks them.„ how is it possible? On the rules it says: ”While a unit with the ram x keyword performs an attack, during the “Modify Attack Dice” step, it may change x attack die results to critical (󲉡) results if it performed at least 1 full standard move at its maximum speed during the same activation as this attack.” The at least imply that 1 or 2 full moves gives you only Ram for one dice, not two?
  10. rafparis


    If a unit gain a standby token with „deploy the garrison”, must it use the standby before their activation, or can they move, shoot, then shoot again later with the standby?
  11. It is at 1h36 time stamp
  12. and this is what they did: they initiated the melee with the regular troopers, the leader was too far away. Where in the rules it is written that you cannot cohere into melee? So you force push a unit to you -> you move the leader 1 move range, he is not touching you -> you move the rest of the unit in coesion with the leader, but touching you. That's what tehy did on the twitch stream.
  13. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/511419841?t=01h36m31s The leader was farther than 1 move from dooku, but they initiated the melee anyway with the other troopers touching dooku after the push.
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