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  1. The full experience. And even with all that the Imperium is still the lesser evil.
  2. So he said he played them like he read about them? I kinda have my doubts about that. Also I doubt that you approved a Character at Creation that contradicts ANY fluff in existence about Astartes for he crossed the line of an individualistic or somewhat unorthodox chapter/marine by a multitude of EXTREME actions. In the end this just sound to me like his cop out is making himself somewhat of a victim here too - and that speaks of bad character. And reaching a Middle Ground? Oh my. This should include ALL the players for this may result in a fundamental fluff change to make this Edgelord-Marine work and this has a serious impact on other characters that were created according to fluff. To now have a special snowflake that is given so much more freedom while the others stick to the actual way of being an Astarte is just not "equal treatment". I try to avoid the word "fair" here for playing an astartes, as he is supposed to be, is nothing bad to begin with. Also there is actually plenty of space for individualistic Astartes, especially if you take a look at Space Wolves or the very nature of the Deathwatch that sometimes receives Marines that do not fit into the regular Chapter hierarchy and order. The thing is tho that he seems to know no limits and my advice to you as a GM is to stay strong, not just for yourself but also the other players. You have given this man so much special treatment so far, keep in mind that there are more players and that they might not be such oblivious guys that openly voice their dislike or discomfort but may slow and silently fade away. As a GM you should have shown him how you view Astartes, how the fluff supports it and that he has to live up to this standard. Meeting in the middle ground is imho not an option here for either you play an Astartes (With all the freedom there is precedence for) or you don't. It may be better for you guys (If you still are unable to ditch him) if you went for a Dark Heresy or Only War campaign. There you can have any facet of character (In DH it is still supposed to be a professional tho) and play it out. Tho a Commissar might still have a word with you that sounds like "Blam" if you cross the line. But as Space Marines are, they have certain personality quirks and features you have to live up to.
  3. Well I would not say that Astartes are just there to kill stuff. Identifying a target and gathering some intell can be fun and to be frank one of the best RP option for it breaks your Astartes out of their comfort zone where they just follow the kill order and it shows and puts an emphasis on the different doctrines of these chapters as a Raven Guard might be more subtle yet a Space Wolve breaks things. These sessions tho have to be interesting and planed so - not just a dark heresy scenario of throw-away-acolytes slugging around. A deathworld etc. makes a nice place where not just your cunning but also wour brawn is tested and you cant just send an acolyte on without issues. Catching a live Catachan Devil for tyranid related studies and working with the local population etc. might give quite some Idea what I am talking about. You cant just send your ordinary DH party for that. Yet as it stand your GM has chosen the beginner DH scenario for your deathwatch and that is just boring. If that happens again just decline and tell him to speak about this with you captain - makit it also clear outside of the RP that this does not suit the deployment of a KT. Finding some Xenos laboratory on a Hive world is as much Dark Heresy starter campaign as they come.
  4. "Couple of places"? I never read about that before tho that does not mean much. Your best guess would be to ask these places or link them here so we can get some context. After all your best guess would be to skim thru the old Rogue Trader stuff if you can get your hands on that.
  5. Tyriands are kinda like a force of nature. If you are in their way they you will feel it. Also they don't just need to eat stuff to evolve, just the mere fact that they fight something new can make them learn and improve them self.
  6. If incompetence of bureaucracy could lead an Astartes to fall for chaos - there would be no loyal Astartes left. But as Tanhauser said, a KT is only deployed with a specific target in mind unless there are rather special circumstances. The Deathwatch is not a Tool every retarded Inquisition can requisition forces from. The Deathwatch has the privilege to decline such missions and distribute its forces as it sees fit. If you get send down to waddle through a Hive City in the search for something completely irrelevant that should be taken care of by inquisitorial Acolytes that just tip of the Arbites to do the dirty work the Watch Captain or whoever will from now on just ignore most "order" by this Inquisitor for they got "lost in transit" or openly deny it.
  7. Well, we told you everything sensible you could do. Speaking to him and saying he has tog et his act together is the only thing you can do by disregarding anything else. Also a duel of honor is NO option. You can only participate in such a Duel if you have some Honor to begin with yet that Librarian crossed the line to open Heresy. There is no way around this. Every, and I mean every - without exception - loyal servant of the Emperor would put him down. Permanently. If you want to roleplay WH40k there is no way around of erasing that Character from your campaign. If you allow him to get through with this you just play some rebellious gary stue teenager fanfiction that has some dudes in power armor. He is actively trying to destroy the entire Roleplay and enjoys to be an OUT OF CHARACTER destructive force. He does not play a character that is falling, he just plays a little brat that would have never become an Astartes in the first place. Even the Space Wolves know when to keep some respect and they are a first founding chapter giving them some sort of tolerance. If the chapter of your player acts like that they will get visited by the Minotaur and wiped out. You cant, in any way, justify this behavior. You cant allow it. He crossed the line long ago and as of now he is an open traitor. Openly insulting a loyal Primarch? That is Category A+ Heresy.
  8. I was speaking about dedicated terminator wargear. Not including the Armor.
  9. Even for full auto Bursts I let my players declare beforehand how they intend to spread their shots and may prioritize one target. I admit that is no RAW but it adds some tactical layer without having more things to do. If you announce to fire with a wide spread it may be strange that just because you rolled badly all that hits now are on one dude so you will get an assured kill. It kinda helps so you cant perfectly ping and distribute the hits perfectly according to soak and HP. That can also turn normal goons without a horde into a threat for if you announced to spread and just got two hits they may still live. On the other hand you could have focused and get that two hits on ode dude - or maybe 4 where 2 would have been wasted. On the other side I would also play my NPCs that way ofc tho most GMs do that naturally I guess for you can focus fire a PC rather easy too by "accident".
  10. I would not allow to throw it as an effective weapon in the first place taking RAW into account. (Unless you just want to throw it like a stone) And yea, I prefer simplfication in an abstract, already simplified system rather than singeling out something rather rare and making it the only thing that follows real world physics or uncommon rules and requires a multitude of diece.
  11. I guess that explains why I never saw someone actually purchasing that Talent.
  12. I think it was DH1 where you could only use them against one foe and that it was the Moritat Assassin that got a special one that allowed to attack every foe he was considered to be in CC with? That aside I would still make the player choose to split his attacks before he rolls.
  13. RAW in this case just results in a myriad of dice rolls for a single actions that might actually not have an impact worth mentioning in the first place. I want my combat to be somewhat quick and not consume 2+ hours so every weapon has its profile, gets used and done. Declaring a Target Rolling for Demolition Throwing Rolling for how far you actually manage to throw Rolling for BS (What range modifier now?) Rolling for Scatter Rolling for Damage
  14. There is two reasons for such a thing to happen. Reason A: The player has no clue or there are actuall RP reasons to act like that. Reason B: The player is just destructive. As for reason A you can work with a lot of things and it depends only partially on the player. Just because you are new you cant get away with everything. There is a core rulebook full of advice how to play a Marine and if you are still unsure you keep the ball low and dont pressure for extremes. Also this is the fair approach to other players. In that regard there are many penances you can enact and being reduced to the minimum equipment is nice, adds flair and makes a newcomer think. For extreme cases renown should be stripped and access for certain classes too. A trouble maker will never be a Chaplain or a Champion. For that kind of duty you are a paragon with a pure white vest. Outright attacking another Astartes, even worse an Officer WITH the intent to kill will get you executed. No questions asked. And you cant imagine the kind of letter his Chapter will recieve after this. Quite likely they will "gift" quite a lot of wargear to the Deathwatch to keep up the good fight and stay on good terms with the ******* Ordo Xenos. Not everyone can pull a Space Wolve move without sanctions. For Reason B there is only one way: Have a friggin clear word with that player. If he does not change ditch him. Seriously. Trolling forth and back destroys the entire game and wont achieve anything. Either you play Deathwatch or just some pumpin dudes with big guns. To fall out of character is always bad yet that is why I would make sure that every player understands what an astartes is beforehand. The trouble is that, intentionally or not, this always destroys RP. If someone behaves like that you as a GM AND THE OTHER PLAYERS have two choices. React accordingly and that might have dire consequences for the troublemaker or not react accordingly, yet at that point they suffered for they had to limit their own character already and as a GM i always protect the players that CAN play their role and want to do so just as I expect it myself as a player. If that results in shooting someone may it be. In such circumstances I would not even allow fatepoints. Once you crossed a certain line there is no way to get out. They wont just let your body lie there and act the next day like nothing ever happened.
  15. One entry in a table without any indication of a multiplayer (varies through the rule books) can only be taken ONCE. So just as musungu said this also effects skills. If there is one "Trade (Any)" you can pick one trade that can be any trade from the list. But you cant pick two.
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