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  1. Correction: the start time has been moved back to 10am instead of 11am.
  2. Yup! Anything that can hit a vehicle at that range is still able to hit it. So Angela and SSU Widowmakers would also be just fine. Think of it as fog on the battlefield, where the small soldiers are hard to discern but the giant walking tank is still large enough for you to see most of it.
  3. Page 67 of the Core Rulebook: Limited Visibility (0 Scenario Points) Whether it is due to low light conditions (such as at night) or high winds kicking up debris, the visibility on the battlefield is very limited. It is difficult to make out Soldier targets, but enemy Vehicles’ silhouettes can still be discerned. Miniatures cannot draw line of sight to a Soldier miniature more than 16” away. Burst and Spray weapons are not affected by limited visibility. Soldiers cannot be targeted by anything further than 16" away, but vehicles may still be targeted from greater ranges.
  4. Excellent! I'm in the process of trying something similar and wanted to provide some insight. I'm playing in an escalation league with games at 100, 200, and 300 points. Each successive leap requires we use the previous 100 or 200 points to complete our list, and a fourth leg with an additional 300 point game that allows us to build whatever list we'd like from our chosen faction. Like you, I got bored with the standard playstyle and went for a full ape platoon at the 100 point level. I obliterated an Axis Schwer furball but got decimated by SSU widowmakers. With no way to suppress them, the rifle squad and 4 snipers could stand out in the middle and pick off my apes. I was able to use cover to some extent, but once I moved in was torn to shreds. There is still a very strong need for some ranged support of the Apes, in my opinion. I decided to go Schwer so that between the special order and the apes I hope to remain suppression free for most of the game. Though each of my heavy troops have strong AA, it's only got a 16" range so I'll still be weak against helicopters. Aside from that though, I'm curious to see how it fares. If the apes don't kill everything I might finally cave and build a zombie army. Faction: Axis ( 298 / 300 ) --- Heroes Angela (30) --- Schwer Platoon (172) Command Section: Heavy Kommandotrupp (35) 1st Section: Heavy Flak Grenadiers (26) 3rd Section: Battle Grenadiers (17) 4th Section: Heavy Recon Grenadiers (30) Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12) Support: MPW II-B "Ludwig" (40) Support: Sniper Grenadier Team (12) --- Markus - Gorillas (96) Command Section: Markus (24, Hero) 1st Section: Axis Gorillas (24) 2nd Section: Axis Gorillas (24) 3rd Section: Axis Gorillas (24)
  5. Let's use a different miniature example since the sniper's going to ignore armor and cover anyway. Let's say it's just a dude pointing a laser out the window Page 41: Players draw an imaginary line between the center of the attacking Unit Leader’s base and the center of each miniature’s base in the target unit. If the line crosses any terrain area at all, then the target miniature is obscured (even if it is already blocked). This area of terrain does not have to be taller than either unit, the line simply has to pass through any area of terrain to be obscured. If at least half of the miniatures in the unit are obscured, then the unit is considered to be obscured and the unit will gain the benefits of the the terrain’s cover type. A Unit Leader that has its base touching or within an area of terrain ignores that terrain for the purposes of obscured line of sight, but not blocked line of sight. The unit treats the area as open terrain. This includes terrain that both the target and the attacker are within.
  6. blkdymnd said: Not to mention, when everyone else is struggling to wound Winter Child, all the axis players will be happy their lasers can cut right through him. Bah, UGLs will handle Armor 4 Infantry just fine. And didn't you just prove our point? Lasers can be useful, but you have to design your entire platoon around making them so Or, you'll need to attach a hero to the squad so it can survive long enough for some sustained attacks. I think our argument is that to use a lot of the cool Axis units, you need to design the rest of your platoon around supporting them. You have to design a laser platoon, a gorilla platoon, or a zombie platoon. You're not just bringing those units along for the ride. For comparison, I think the Allies benefit from having fantastic stand alone units that can get mixed together in more creative fashions. SSU looks to also bring a number of specialized units, but time will tell whether the Commissars give them enough flexibility, or if we'll just see the same lists popping up over and over again. In conclusion, the Axis units look badass and I thoroughly enjoy the way they look on the table!
  7. Bah, we know it's all about the weapons It's why Lara's MG44 Zwei are the same as the HRG. It's why Action Jackson carries the same stat line for his 60W Phasers. They don't get extra dice to account for skill, valor and heroic abilities. According to the Laser Pistole fluff it's a second generation model that uses cadmium batteries or some such technology. Perhaps that technology will find its way into an elite Axis counterpart for the British Commandos/French Foreign Legion. Or maybe they'll just give us three man teams that only get one weapon instead. I swear, if that flyer has a laser on it I'm going to shoot it down myself.
  8. What I don't get is how Sigrid's Laser PISTOL does more damage against infantry than the Laser Grenadiers and Heavy Laser Grenadiers walking around with giant power packs on their backs. Explicame that, por favor. I'd take anything at this point. The entire utility of lasers is based on a lucky string of one-third hit chances. If you're going to create a luck-based unit, why not maintain the "re-roll forever" mechanic from Tactics? The chance of having a string of lucky hits would make me actually consider them, rather than the expectation of two hits with the first roll, and maybe a third hit on the exploding mechanic. (Which all subsequently get absorbed through cover/armor saves after moving a unit within 12" range to use their crappy weapons.) If they don't want to maintain the Tactics re-roll mechanic or bring the dice rolls up with Sigrid's rolls, what about ignoring cover? Fluff-wise, a laser weapon is going to demand pinpoint accuracy to hit. And if it's on target, it's on freaking target. Phasers get to ignore armor saves, so why not let lasers ignore cover saves? Uff, my envy of the Allied army is strong. Freaking rocket punches and UGLs and phasers and walkers with an extra machine gun.
  9. RobT said: That's what I thought. However, without further official FAQ clarification I have a feeling the guys I play with will likely want to play the rule as requiring a unit to have an unused action from their unit phase. Hmmmm… Fortunately there has been official FAQ clarification… And it addressed this question specifically! http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/Dust-Warfare/Support/Dust_Warfare_FAQ_Low.pdf Page 3 reads: "Reactions Can a unit react even after it has activated in the previous phase? As long as a unit has no Suppression or Reaction markers, it may react as normal, even after it has activated. This means that a unit that activates in the Initiating Player's Unit phase may react during the Responding Player's Unit phase, effectively gaining an additional action during the turn (but only if the Responding Player provokes a reaction)." For future reference, FFG has errata and other online material available here, under the Support tab for Dust Warfare: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=173&esem=4
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