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  1. ogid

    Non official expansion.

    In this link you may discard the new school of magic: Summon. This one focuses on creatures. Enjoy it!
  2. Hi! I´m glad to help. At the beggining i was confused with some rules too, but before i started to do my house expansion i tracked the forums looking for offical answers and I noticed this game is pretty well balanced and the limits of every card was very well defined. Even if you don´t like add non official cards if you want to understad a bit more the game I recommend you to look the links to forums in the home expansion, there is a link to every official response (I don´t include redundant responses). A nuance with the attacks, a card with the red icon is an attack only when it is being casted, but not when it is being maintained unless it is stated, for example, slow death is an attack and it can be countered, but when you are cursed you cannot react to the damage as it would an attack. A wizard with disease entering in your square is the same case. There is another remarkable case with attacks, green cards that lets you to do specials attacks (like stone spikes or strength). In general to evade misunderstandings they stated in the card when it is an attack and when it´s not (cards like disease, pain link, slime form, bushes, backlash…). Have fun!
  3. Yeah, i think so, the art fits with the casual style of this game.
  4. Hi Julia! a) Your rival cannot play a pain link on your pain link because pain link isn´t an attack (the trigger of pain link is "When being attacked"). If your enemy had maintained a pain link when you reflected the damage with your pain link the damage wasn´t reflected again because pain link isn´t an attack (otherwise the damage would start to bounce util one is dead). b) Spells count as the kind of spell it was casted during its whole duration (if you cast it as a counter it works as if only have the violet icon during the whole duration of the spell) hence your rival cannot use negate neutral on it. I hope it helps
  5. I´m another addict so… If you have more questions put it here I spent some time doing a house expansion of wiz war, It could be a good way to add some novelty to the game, if you want to give it a chance you can download it from bbg or from here. Have fun!
  6. All spell have a base energy of 1, if the card have a energy value printed on it you can use the card either as a spell or as an energy card to boost something. You cannot boost an spell with the energy on its card because you cannot use it in both ways at the same time. The knock back of the waterbolt don´t deals any damage or can go around corners (Otherwise it would specified on the card)
  7. Hi! It works exactly as you say except for a nuance, Strength doubles psysical damage (it doesn´t matter if the source is mundane or not), for example, you can double the damage of Ka-Bong!. There are some great combos with Strength, Ka-Bong is one, other can be Dagger, Big man form (with this you can confine him using your body as a wall to hit it more than one turn), Golem Form, Werewolf form, mightstone… and imagine that plus adrenaline, you can obliterate a wizard in one turn XDD The movement question anser is no, you must discard a card with an energy value printed on it. The basic energy of a spell is 1, but you cannot use this energy to boost because it is an spell not an energy card and you have to boost with an energy card. I hope it helps
  8. See pg 7 under " Leaving the board and moving through portals", you warp-around unsing the open sides too (even without portal), so in all set up wizards have 4/4.
  9. Ok, i´ve read this three times and i´m starting to understand. You think the creation of the item have to be maintained but it doesn´t work this way. You play the item as a mundane action, it isn´t magical (you cannot counter, it is "played" not "casted") so you don´t have to maintain the item as a spell and as an item, only as a item.
  10. ogid


    Look at this http://www.silcom.com/~tomjolly/wizhome.htm
  11. Wakrob said: If you cast a spell can you wait to see if anyone is going to counter it before you add an energy card to it? When you cast a spell you must declare all choices before others players play counters. It includes target, energy, green external boosters (around the corner, astral projection…) and others choices (for example the knock effect of waterbolt).
  12. I wanted to say the rosebush damage isn´t an attack: As you say rosebush damages anyone who step on it, but this damage hasn´t the "attack" consideration, it is secondary damage (like destroy wall or disease) so if you had casted featherweight before you went into the rosebush you receive the extra movement, but if you have featherweight in your hand and walk into the rosebush you can´t cast it because the trigger of it is "when you are attacked" and you aren´t attacked by the bush. I hope it helps
  13. Tromdial said: What happens if you pass through a Wall of Fire in a narrow hall, a narrow hall being two walls parallel to one another for at least two space lengths and between those spaces is the Wall of Fire? So you have Featherweight, pass through the Wall of Fire; when you do so, you must take 4 damage for passing through. To negate a point of that damage, you have to move backwards. To move backwards in a narrow hall, you must pass through the Wall of Fire again. The Wall of Fire will deal you another 4 damage. To negate a point of that damage, you must go backwards and pass through the Wall of Fire again. The Wall of Fire… What happens? This one is complicated to me. In the rosebush case you recieve the damage when you enter in the square, so you can choose the direction as attacked in your square, easy. The problem in this case: you recieve damage between squares and there isn´t any rule about it. It opens several options and i don´t know which is correct. Option 1: Exactly as rosebush, consider the square next to wall of fire as the source of damage (consider you recieve damage when you stop end the movement action), so you can choose direction, you can choose go throught wall of fire again (7 life into movement when cross it); in this moment the movement is doing so you cannot backtrack (crosing the wall of fire to gain more movement) so you have to leave it behind, if you become unable to move (death end) you recieve as damage as remaining movement. Option 2: Consider you recieve damage when crosing wall of fire (consider you recieve damage in the middle of the movement action), in this moment (just in the middle of wall, so you move 1/2 square) interrupt your movement and decide in which direction want to move (right or left), then you move for free to the square next to the wall in the choosen (the 1/2 remaining movement) and keep moving the 4 squares. Option 3: As option 2 but when you recieve damage from wall of fire you must keep moving without choose direction. I would choose option 3 but there isn´t any official response. Remember you can choose the movement when start moving if the damage source is your square (or a wizard or creature in it), when you start movement you can choose move to any square adjacent to you but you cannot reverse direction (in the best situation you can choose 3 ways) or open doors, if you become unable to move you recieve the damage, so if you enemy have this spell there are some spells very useful: create wall, create door, big man form, stone block, thornbush…
  14. Aero said: Please settle an argument for me. The Rosebush says it can't be evaded, but the Featherweight ability says that instead of receiving damage, the player moves spaces equal to the damage. The rules say spells can be canceled, reduced, or evaded. None of the descriptions of these terms discuss redirecting damage into movement. A canceled spell is negated, a reduced spell delivers less damage, and an evaded spell is dodged. So if a Featherweight player walks into the rosebush, does the rosebush deal damage to him (because the rosebush can't be evaded), or does it damage him because Featherweight is a defenses against attacks (and the rosebush isn't attacking), or does the Featherweight player move the number of spaces the rosebush would have damaged it (because damage converted to movement is not an evasion, but a conversion of the damage energy)? Thanks! Aero Featherweight works in a different way, it doesn´t cancel, reduce or evade, just trade life loss for movement. If a wizard with featherweight walks into a rosebush it gains 3 extra movement XDD. But Rosebush doesn´t attack so if the wizard doesn´t have the spell cast on him it can´t be cast.
  15. ogid

    LOS and doors

    Hi! I haven´t the rulebook now but closed doors always stop LOS
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