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  1. We actually had it in our campaign that we stumbled upon a fully intact STC on Aubrey's Anvil, trapped with a bunch of AdMech Explorers inside a Necron Tesseract prison. We took it straight to Mars, abandoning everything that we were doing, and when we got there we just handed it over. Thing is, the AdMech would kill for something like this, they'd wipe out a sector for it, and all the other factions that exist that may want it too. So, all you can do is hand it over and hope for something good to come out of it, which did happen. That said, it will take hundreds of years to figure out what the STC can do and what patterns it can make, not to mention the maybe thousands of years to decide what exactly the AdMech WANTS to do with the thing. The return of an intact STC may seem like its the salvation of humanity but in the grim dark future it really only causes more infighting and civil wars on Mars as powerful Magos try to decide what it is they want to do.
  2. I'm going to throw out there that the separation of emotion and rationality is scientifically false. If you eliminate someone's ability to experience fear, say from a brain injury that damages someone's amygdala, then that same person can no longer be rational when it comes to tasks that involve risk. Games of chance, like cards or other gambling games, become impossible for these individuals to win, because they cannot rationally understand the risk involve. For more check out the book Descarte's Error. That said, I do think you can have fun rping the trait even if you stick to the vulcan tropes.
  3. One of the things that came up for our campaign was the working together of Rogue Traders and Inquisitors. Both have access to massive resources, but, ironically, as a Dynasty's success in a crusade brings more and more order and imperial rule to the area, it also weakens the power of the warrant outside of Imperial space, which increases the power of a Rosette. So, while its important to know which RT's are out there trying to maintain their own rights and holdings, remember all the other power players: Inquisitors, Judges, Cardinals, Admirals and the like that all want to establish power bases and influence in the soon (sort of) to be sector.
  4. My only comment would be that if you take a human and isolate them from time keeping devices and natural light sources (in a cave without a clock and only lamps to use) we all eventually settle into about a 25 hour day. The natural process of sleep and waking tied to dawn and dusk is important, and is biologically relevant. Grav-plates and void shields may help with long term low gravity and cosmic radiation effects, but the biorhythms tied to the rotation of the earth are long ingrained in the human animal, and can cause massive problems if disrupted for too long.
  5. Never forget that a Rogue Trader speaks with the Word of the God-Emperor outside of settled space. He IS Imperial Law and Faith. That kind of power is purely role playing, though there is the +10% mechanic. End of the day, Rule of Cool it and you should be fine. Outside of Imperial Space, your RT can do whatever he wants and no member of the crew can say otherwise. Play that up, and have fun with it. (though, I'd avoid outright abuse... your command crew are your chosen companions and advisers, not slaves.)
  6. While I understand what everyone is saying, surely the higher ups within the AAT are politically minded. Maybe the status quo suits them, but I've never seen it fleshed out in a way that satisfies. The Admech has incredible power because they control valuable resources within the Imperium. So to do that Navigator Houses. Why not the ATT?
  7. So, not sure if this is the place for this, but... I know why people fear the psyker. I understand the horrors that exist when unsanctioned witches unleash their nightmares on worlds either accidentally or intentionally. But how is it that this monolithic institution that literally controls communication between the vastness of imperial space and beyond, supplies battle weapons of massive importance and has many members within the very Inquisition itself seems to have so little political power?
  8. Let me think here, alpha can snap a titan with a flick of his wrist, alpha plus is alpha 10x and beta plus 10x that.... well i'm just going to say he's the emperor reincarnated, yep just easier that way. I wasn't saying he was that, only that his potential was that. Not that he'd ever get there as a playable character. A psyker like that would go INSANE well before they got close to their full potential.
  9. Tell him his potential is Beta Plus. Let him ponder that...
  10. Well, the Errata states that Dominate (the more powerful of the two powers) only last 6 rounds, I'd say that Compel is less than that. Commands like "Run away," or "Shoot that guy," or "open the door" should only last a round, IMO. Even something like "Tell me X" should only work for a few short answers. Eisenhorn uses it like that in one of the novels, to get past the mental engrams and blocks, and eventually the interrogated individual just gives up, realizing that they will be forced to reveal things.
  11. When it comes to inquisitors vs rogue traders, its not so much an issue of necessarily revoking a warrant as it is an inquisitor going out of his or her way to really make things difficult for the dynasty. Yeah, Inquisitor X can't do anything about the Warrant or the fact that in the Expanse Rogue Trader A speaks with the voice of the Emperor. That said, the tithes and shipments headed back through Port Wander can be subject to searches and seizures which effectively cut off profits from reaching the dynasty at large, making trade difficult and cutting off resources for repairs and acquisitions out in the Expanse. If that goes on long enough, other RT's are likely to step in and take advantage. Can RT's get around this? Of course, but a well connected Inquisitor is likely to be a major pain and bring about the downfall of a dynasty without touching the warrant directly.
  12. I believe sir you may have just given me the plot for my next Dark Heresy campaign. As my group is wandering down the radical path a crusade would be just the right place to hide. Regards Surak This is the current campaign we have for our RT game, actually. Well, this as a backdrop to other nefarious things afoot.
  13. What if the ship's cogitator is really a very old Magos who built him into the ship long ago, and now no one really knows about it. Not heretical yet very cool.
  14. For added fun, have a silent running ship in orbit with a corrupted astropathic chamber, so that your range is in VU rather than meters, and you can, in fact, corrupt a world all at once.
  15. Say a crusade was launched and the Expanse was slowly being turned into a sector as the PC's conquered worlds and brought the light of the God-Emperor to the darkness between stars... How would that change things? Would the local Rogue Traders loose power? Would the Inquisition have more of a leg to stand on? How are things like capitals and governance determined? Seems like this would make an interesting campaign, or series of campaigns, for a RT dynasty.
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