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  1. Does anyone know if FFG corrected the engine color from blue to red/orange?
  2. Feels Awesome: Starting X-Wing and learning that your favorite ship from TIE Fighter is in the game. Feels Bad: Starting X-Wing too late to buy your favorite ship from TIE Fighter. If anybody would be willing to trade one for, say, a Guns for Hire, let me know.
  3. Dark Heresy offers two alternatives for the Adepta Sororitas, the first being a branched career in the Inquisitor's Handbook including the more militant Sisters along with branches for the more support oriented Hospitallers and Dialogous. Blood of Martyrs adds a non-branching career path for militant sisters, with the support orders as 1st level alternative classes for the Adept. Which of these is better? Quite frankly, I find it highly questionable that a level 1 Dark Heresy character is representative of a militant Sister of Battle. These girls are supposed to be pretty elite troops. I sort of like the IH progression where all Sisters have a roughly similar background before specializing in their chosen order. Any thoughts?
  4. Vergaul


    You do realize Army of Two is one of the most goofy, brotastic shooters out there, right? Wait, that's the point….
  5. Vergaul


    Aluminumwolf, responding to those that aren't huge fans of tacticool with some variation of: "Everyone loves tacticool!" and "If you don't like tacticool, you are lying to try and avoid social stigma!" is not what I would call a reasoned and logical argument. I mean, really? Social stigma? On an anonymous internet forum?
  6. Vergaul


    I must say, this is the first time I've heard the word "tacticool" used with any form of positive connotation. Most of the time, its used to describe weekend warriors more obsessed with tricking out their weapons than developing the skills necessary to use them with any degree of proficiency. Any assertion that everyone finds such gadgetry as "cool", an inherently subjective descriptor if there ever was one, is overreaching at the very least. I imagine that a Space Marine tends towards the most efficient means of destroying his enemies. Add in a strong respect for tradition, an almost religious devotion to ancient and well-respected wargear, and an entire, star-spanning organization of gunsmiths that look upon innovation with a wary eye, and you have an atmosphere that doesn't seem conducive to slapping on the newest gadget-of-week to your favorite bolter, which has been slaying heretics and xenos for literally centuries just fine, thank-you-very-much.
  7. http://inkwellideas.com/coat_of_arms/
  8. Angels Encarmine Angels Sanguine Angels Vermillion Angels of Absolution Angels of Redemption Angels of Vengeance Astral Claws Black Consuls Black Templars Blood Angels Blood Drinkers Blood Ravens Carcharadons Consecrators Crimson Fists Dark Angels Disciples of Caliban Doom Eagles Exorcists Fire Angels Fire Hawks Fire Lords Flesh Tearers Genesis Chapter Guardians of the Covenant Hammers of Dorn Howling Griffins Imperial Fists Invaders Iron Hands Knights of Blood Knights of the Raven Lamenters Marines Errant Minotaurs Mortifactors Novamarines Raptors Raven Guard Red Scorpions Salamanders Silver Skulls Sons of Medusa Space Wolves Star Phantoms Storm Wardens Subjugators Ultramarines White Consuls White Scars
  9. Based on a rough and ready check, the rules for 50 chapters have been provided over the course of the Deathwatch line, in varying degrees of detail. I have an unhealthy obsession with all things even remotely splat, and as such covet rules for chapters over almost any other kind of crunch. Though I fully expect a break from yet more chapter options, I hope FFG will find ways to slip new ones in every once in a while. Though few of these have extensive fluff coverage, all have are tied to FFG's RPGs in some way: Charnel Guard (Angevin Crusade participant) Dark Sons Tigers Argent (Angevin Crusade Participant)
  10. Can anyone explain the new chapter creation system? How does it mesh, if at all, with the rules in RoB?
  11. Sorry if I'm repeating what has already been said, but wouldn't it depend on the authority and stature of the Inquisitor killed? While all Inquisitors are nominally equal (below Lord Inquisitors, of course), how much clout they have depends on deeply personal relationships that an Inquisitor manages to forge with other Inquisitors and members of the Adepta. I could easily see a young Inquisitor, or one with few allies, being killed without too much of an uproar.
  12. I registered just to say awesome. My only regret is that it is too difficult to fit these chapters in to a canon/standard Deathwatch game without resorting to the old "frozen in stasis before the Horus Heresy" trope. Keep up the good work!
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