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  1. reebo

    Revival Someday?

    I really hope it has a future, this is a fairly new kind of game with an excellent world. Would like to see some new characters and cases, plenty of room for crossover with Netrunner.
  2. That would totally rock. I'd be so excited to play as Kingpin, sending Hobgoblin to distract the heros while my henchmen go for my real target. Lean in and sneer as they ponder thier choice of letting the hobgoblin cause havoc or effort stopping my evil plan. Whats that you say? You are going to split up…*rub hands together*…Excellent! The licence would be the biggest issue, but who other than FFG could treat Marvel right in terms of art and overall quality of presentation. If they get it together it would a veritable gold mine of fan boys and expansion potential.
  3. Running Man and Demolition Man. I would say Hunger Games, but it's just a bit too "woodsy". Aeon Flux(the show is preferable to the movie) not that great, but makes the genre. ditto for Ultraviolet. Oh, don't forget about classics:1984, 2001, Soylent Green, Metropolis, and Logan's Run.
  4. Perhaps the best thing to do would be diversify. Install in one in a remote, install another in other remote and advance. This way, runner will probably get an agenda, but probably not two. Giving away an early game agenda is par for the course really. Of the two you laid down, he's inclined to believe one is a trap and the other in an agenda, so even if he scores one, he is then unlikely to run the other. This also leaves 4 credits, no more, no less, in your pool. So that he suspects the unadvanced card could be snare! The advanced card is the obvious choice for the runner: 2 net damage or 1 tag isn't so bad, and runner is unlikely to have any programs yet, therefore advanced ambushes aren't that scary first turn, so advance the lower-point one. Try and make the other one 3 difficulty too, so you can ****** it up hopefully 2nd turn.
  5. Maybe corp IDs are not divisions persay, but task groups. It doesn't have a personality, but a method. endless and faceless, but with a uniform of character and distinction. These groups have distinguished names but they, in a very literal sense, belong to one corp or another. Think something like Renraku's Red Samurai from shadowrun(already a nod to them on neural katana), being charged with of a set of agendas to oversee, as opposed to the agendas the main office task group is overseeing. I don't know enough about the Android world to give you a canon example, can someone help me out?
  6. Trying to start up a local scene in Hattiesburg. Go to meetup.com and search for hub city tabletop for a line on general gaming in the area.
  7. Found this on youtube, figured the android fans would get a kick out of it.
  8. Idea for an expansion that adds a final "lightning round". After proximity hits 99, escaping players must make a break for it. A few(6-10) pursuit cards would be included, along with many new cards. Players not trapped in the building secretly bid DF tokens and the pursuit card is revealed. the player who bid the least loses extra DF points with a severity based on one or more of several factors:alarm dial, players who were captured, rooms left unexplored, NPCs/lab workers in play, etc.). depending on pursuit card, player who bid second least may also suffer a lesser penalty, even 3rd least and so on. alternativly, players who bid below a certain amount might all take a penalty, player who bid below a certain amount may be considered to be "captured" and automatically lose. Hot Wheels:Several items you find during the infiltration help you out in the chase, maybe reducing DF loss from pursuit(like the codekey to fastest car in parking garage). Perhaps you find a file on their Security Protocols; allowing you to peek at the pursuit card. If you can crack the Dispatch Encryption, you can look at, and choose whether or not to replace, the pursuit card! Who's turf is this?:At setup players reveal 3 pursuit cards, then randomize them to create the "pursuit deck" for that game. this way no one is caught completly unawares as to who is coming after them, but still may not know for sure. Dead Drops:players who escape early get a head start by putting one DF token in a "dead drop", each turn before proximity hits 99. dead dropped DFs are protected from pursuit cards. If all players ecape before proximity hits 99, subtract proximity from 99 and divide that by [3+alarm], always round down. each player gets that many additional dead drops before the chase. Bit too mathy maybe, but thematically sound.
  9. i don't know about NEVER. Better safe than sorry, but Netrunner is full of risks. its at best 3 out of 45 cards, only a 1 in 15 chance of accessing it overall. You want to feel your way around. It is kind of sad for a new player to get such a bad beat. Hopefully it hasn't turned him off completely.
  10. That's the risk you [puts sunglasses on]…run. YEAH!!!!
  11. Idea for an Expansion Infiltration:Anarchy Includes some more cards of course and alternate scoring. Character can trash rooms or upload viruses to score points, upload and trash being new action cards perhaps. maybe official "fork in the road" variants. not only tougher challanges, and more maniacal ways to deal with them, but more thematic tie-ins becasue this time you're going up against jinteki and haas-bioroid themselves. Wouldn't it be cool to turn the wrong corner and come up against Floyd?
  12. That is very good question, one i have been asking for many years. still haven't got a satisfactory answer.
  13. Had an idea for how stealth and noise could work Icebreakers themselves, rather than recurring credit cards, would have the stealth trait. stealth breakers require time to be prepared and changing conditions make them less effective. criminal would be especially focused on stealth breakers. the stealth cards wouldn't use credits, but thier own stealth counters, which take clicks to add to the card(but at a much better rate than 1 per click). the corp rezzing ice would automatically trash a few stealth counters in play, representing changing conditions and the plans going out the window. certain ice or other corp cards could trash stealth counters, thematiclly being adaptive and unpredicable. I see HB as being especially good at this, and in a different fashion, NBN as well. also runner cards could exist to accelerate stealth counter generation. Noisy breakers also inherently trash stealth counters as they work. Noisy breakers would be very cheap to use. they all would have a function of something like "X credits to break all subroutines on one ice". but as a consaquence of that, they generate noise counters(and trash some or all stealth counters). they obliterate an ice, but raise the alarm while doing so. each noise counter in play would raise the strength of all ice encountered by 1. At the end of each run, all noise counters would be trashed. Noisy breakers are quite obviously an Anarch specialty, and their strength-lowering effects make for good combos too. certain corp cards can generate bonus noise counters, or allow corp to gain other bonuses from noise, such as strengthening traces, dealing bonus damage, or even gaining credits. No corp would specialize in anti-noise and each corp have their own style of punishing it.
  14. I'd like to see some greater variation in icebreakers and ice. to me, one of the biggest weaknesses of the old game. I would also love to see a return of the stealth/noisy mechanic, only it should effect a lot of different ice, not just barriers and fracters. I had a wild idea about icebreakers. they are "allergic", they are fairly strong or cheap, but if you encounter ice of a certain type, you have to pay extra or trash them.
  15. Virtuocity Sid 6.7 should have known…
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