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  1. ...are we a step closer to getting the same for the MoM app (and the Descent and SW:IA etc apps)? https://www.boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/73337/app-news-nomad-and-asmodee-digital-break-rules-acr Whilst the following, from FFInteractive , implies maybe not, I live in hope, how 'bout you? "Also, you can still expect to see titles from FFG like Mansions of Madness Second Edition that explore the intersection of board games and digital media—Fantasy Flight Games will continue to produce these titles independent of Fantasy Flight Interactive."
  2. Soz if I've missed it, but has anyone tried running Dezra/Shiver as hybrid class Battlemage yet? On paper, it looks like that should make Dezra actually worth a try now, maybe even the best choice for said class? If so which Warrior class did/would you try? Knight, Bezerker & Skirmisher seem like the top three. Looking forward to finding some time to try it myself with Road to Legend soon.
  3. With the advent of the apps first purchasable item (aka IAP or DLC), The Delve, I'd like to have an official response on: if we now "have" to do separate IAP's for each platform (Steam/Android/iOS) if we want the DLC on all devices? If so, will that always be the case? I'd just like to know where we stand, especially as The Delve is cheaper in Steam than it is via Google Play, thanks in advance.
  4. Outline idea for an augmented reality app version of either Eldritch (or Arkham if that fits better) Horror, of course inspired by all the Pokemon GO talk at the moment, but also been thinking generally about a different way to bring board games to digital... Through the tablet/phone app you'd see portals, monsters/cultists, clues, location effects and items with the app storing your stats, vitals and inventory. Also the app would make it possible to sync up with other Investigators (players) present at the same location to fight monsters/close portals etc. Basically all the mechanics of the board game/s but real life locations replace the board. Wining or loosing would be done on a country wide scale (so objective successes would have to scale accordingly) - Once every so often (month/3 months?) there could be a new Great Old one for each country to fight, there'd be a website to see country and global statistics for seeing how we mere mortals are doing against the eldritch onslaught, with perhaps a global event once a year.
  5. Set up does take some time (our group meets once a week, for a few hours after work, any time we can save for the night itself would be nice) and doing it digitally, if done right, would still fulfil the "huge part of a players strategy". Anyway, it was just a thought, it's not like I'm demanding for it to be done, or that I'm asking you to do it, please get some perspective and calm yourself.
  6. In the interest of saving time on the actual game night, would be nice to have an official digital tool (web/Android/iOS) to be able to set up the board before hand. The set up would of course have to be shareable between the players involved (first player sets up their initial start tiles, passes that to the next player to do theirs and so on). Could be done via some sort of cloud service players could log into, or perhaps just the ability to get a generated key after a setup, to send to the next player to enter into their app. Also perhaps include some kind of quick start set up randomiser function? Just a thought.
  7. Sorry if I caused confusion, I neglected to mention I'm in the UK. I'd rather not pay £15+ per figure, that'll soon add up. A number of places offering the base set figs at around the fair price of £8 here, but all out of stock.
  8. By which I mean Splig, the Farrows, Belthir etc. Whilst I'm a bit late to Descent 2nd ed, our group and I have almost instantly fallen in love with the game, so now I'm keen to replace all my lieutenant tokens with nice figures. They've been out of stock for a little while now... a little worried to find that not only my fave online shops were out of stock, but FF itself is as well... be happy to just hear, officially, that new stock definitely IS coming. If not, I'll consider paying the higher prices elsewhere. Ta,
  9. I have a similar, probably related problem (on NATPC M009S MID tablet, running current version of ICS) that's been posted before: whilst the game doesn't crash when it goes to to play a movie, it just fails to play the movie. It's possibly down to the format of the movies used (mp4) for the game, that information and possible workaround/s can be found in this thread… http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=268&efcid=30&efidt=574538 But, as I've said there, manually modifying files shouldn't be necessary, especially for a paid for product, and that perhaps it's something more general (if it's an Android ICS OS problem over an FFG problem).
  10. This problem still occurring (on NATPC M009S MID tablet, running current version of ICS): it just fails to play any of the games movies at all. Manually modifying files shouldn't be necessary, especially for a paid for product, and what looks to be after a good length of time. Happy to accept it might be something to do with my tablet of course, but I will carry on my search in more appropriate forums for answers to the general question of what might cause in game movies to fail on Android however. Appreciate any help you can give FFG / fellow forum members.
  11. Have to echo the sentiments here, found your series of vids via YouTube, was a great help in making sense of the rules, thanks Phiveball, good job
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