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  1. Hey, I cast Slow Death on a wizard. Every time he draws a card he takes 1 point of damage from my Slow Death spell. If he dies from this do I get 1 vistory point? Slow Death is an "attack" spell so my view is yes - the wizard die's directly from my attack spell. Some other things around this spell: 1) Can Dispel be used against it after the round it has been cast? I'm thinking no, becasue it is not a neutral spell 2) As the wizard takes damage can counter spells be used against this damage to counter, deflect it? yes - it is an "Attack" spell that keeps attacking in response to certain effects. Basically for "Attack" spells with a duration (like Slow Death, Acid Bath) - do they count as neutral spells for dispelling after the round in which they are cast? (I read that somewhere on the internet - seems to complicate things unnecessary to me)
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