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  1. I keep trying to make Leia decks and her pod usually ends up being the first one I cut. I really liked to use her with Chewbacca's pod to get some Protect and combo Leia with Let the Wookiee Win, though.
  2. Thanks, but I'm still not clear what happens if I have no defending units. Can I still strike with the Trandoshans from outside of the engagement?
  3. I played against a friend of mine today and he was under the impression that the Trandoshan Security Team cannot strike from outside of the engagement at an attacker unless you also have another unit in the engagement. His reasoning was that an engagement ends when all participating units have been focused to strike. This is true, but it seems like the whole point of the security team is to do tricks like this. I really hope it doesn't work this way because this dudes just halved in use if so.
  4. If my opponent uses protect to take Boba's damage, can I capture the character with protect? Is Boba still considered the source of the damage? Is it the same deal with Lightsaber Deflection?
  5. It's probably to make cards that affect one or the other less confusing by only giving them to one side.
  6. Ozzel will almost certainly be an officer, which will combo with Apology Accepted. All he needs is some sort of "leaves play" ability!
  7. So I think I'm not alone when I say I'm confused by what the recent ruling on the card Remote Hideout means for other cards. Based on my understanding, with this change things like Hoth Operations and the upcoming Hoth Gambit won't stack much like the Hideout because they each feature the same type of absolute value in their effects. I saw a few other cards that would be affected by this ruling, but I can't remember them off hand. What do you guys think? If the other cards aren't changed, how is Hideout any different? I was going to put this in the Rules forum but I think the implications are fairly far reaching so the more people who are aware of it, the better.
  8. Rieekan is really, really good. Shielding combined with tactics makes for the perfect attacker to lure your opponent's best defenders. He can absorb both of Jabba's tactics icons and most of Palpatine's. His 3 health makes him safe from the damage of most dark side units in the game for at least one stike. The rest of the pod is perfect for sewing together the preexisting Hoth objectives into a whole new deck. I'm gonna try this... 2x The Hoth Gambit 2x Hoth Operations 2x Preparation For Battle 2x Sensors Are Placed 1x Echo Base Defense 1x Frozen Refuge There are still plenty of speeders to make Hoth Operations worth it. The combination of that objective and Sensors Are Placed means this deck should have a much better chance in edge battles than the average Rebel deck. I expect Hoth Survival Gear to end up being one of my favourite cards in the build!
  9. I actually like Serve the Emperor as an option. Force Push can be huge against Sleuth Scouts and the Prophets can make good chump blockers. The Anzati can attack and lock down dudes too.
  10. I'm currently running this deck... Mercenary Support x1 Hive of Scum and Villainy x1 Trandoshan Terror x2 Feeding the Pit x2 Jabba's Reach x2 Lucrative Contract x2 I'm having a lot of success with it so far. Resources are pretty much never a problem and all of those Trandoshans help cope with speeder and Sleuth Scout decks. Edge Battles are dealt with using Twist, bluffing, or Reversal, but usually you will have a high enough volume of units to dish out damage to attackers regardless of who strikes first. Destroying objectives is trickier, but clever attacks with Jabba's Pleasure Barge or Bossk can help you with that. All these new cards coming up are just gravy, really.
  11. Just for reference: I can probably commit to a weekly tournament and 401 will almost certainly host them.
  12. I can't do either. That is just this week, though. Let's get on the Facebook page so we can make events and stuff.
  13. I can do next Thursday for sure. Maybe my roommate too.
  14. With the preview of the Knowledge and Defense Force Pack I began building a new deck around the new Smugglers & Spies pod. In doing so I think I may have stumbled upon a solid deck using only cards that have already been released... Questionable Contacts x2 A Hero's Journey x2 Last Minute Rescue x2 Embers of Hope x2 The Secret of Yavin 4 x2 The basic idea of the deck is to get the most out of the objectives Embers of Hope and Questionable Contacts. I know it is a questionable strategy to rely on your objectives themselves to win, but in the quick game I ran against my best Sith/Scum deck I never saw either one of those and it was a very close game. The Dark Side won but I was able to recur and heal Luke an absurd number of times. The low amount of resources is mitigated by the stall-ish nature of the deck. Ideally you want Redemption out as fast as possible. I'll report back with more playesting findings
  15. Crap,I'm actually working this coming Monday, but I may be able to switch it.
  16. Mondays would probably work best for me too. I signed up for the Facebook group and sent an invite to my roommate. The group should make it easier to get together and reach new players
  17. 401 Games has opened their expansive new location and would probably be able to host a weekly night rather easily. My roommate and I are looking for players and I have the e-mails of the few players that made it to the Victoria Day tournament 401 held.
  18. The discussion of the future for the license usually feels kind of doom and gloomy. I find every delay or change tends to prompt a lot of worry about what it means for the long term health of the game. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to focus on the positive as well as the many indications this game will be around for quite a while, s' all.
  19. I'm sick of all the negativity here! I for one am excited about the future of this game. I am also fairly positive the reason we are seeing cards focused on the post Jedi era of the Expanded Universe is because of the upcoming movies. I wouldn't be surprised if they eventually released compatible expansions for the new movies some day. This is only one cycle, so I could be saying too much over too little, but this game could blossom very well as 2015 comes and goes.
  20. I've been having trouble with this too. It says Bilbo is immune to player card effects while in the Riddle Area, so doed that mean you can't play Sting on him? If I can play Sting on him this quest is much easier.
  21. Are surge, hide, and doomed considered "when revealed" effects that I can cancel with Test of Will?
  22. Playtesting has yielded Escape From Ord Mantell is probably overkill and not worth it unless I hit Leia, so I've swapped both copies for Asteroid Sanctuary which seems to work way better. I'm also starting to think Decoy may not be as effective as hitting my opponent more quickly so I'm trying the Rebel Fleet in its place. Repair Droid works really well with Renegade Squadron and we all know how much Home One rules.
  23. Makes sense. Does the same thing apply to a situation where Dark Memories kills the character it is attached to?
  24. So according to my interpretation, Mission Commander can kill itself to rescue a captured card, so with that in mind, do I still resolve her combat icons when that happens? I assume not because she would have left play, but I could see an argument to be made otherwise.
  25. Oh wow! Amazing! My Leia combo decks just got so much better!
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