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  1. Thanks! That's a lot to think about. I tend to take more troopers/units for victory conditions purposes. I could see the value upgrading an extra trooper to a Z-6 for 12 points, rather than other upgrades. Definitely food for thought.
  2. Hello all, First time posting here and I have to ask...what the heck is up with all the Z-6 Troopers in Rebel Trooper squads. I tried it out in many of my early games and I don't think it every really seemed worth the cost. Is it just being used to split fire and spread suppression around? Do you all just roll white dice better than me? Please help me understand!
  3. Huh, I can make that. I'm rubbish at this game, but it may be a good time.
  4. Worked decently, considering how inept I am. My opponent only had 4 Interceptors and Fett. The Ghost had to peel of to finish off an ISD leaving the generic E-wings to finish killing Interceptors. Corran took care of Fett over two turns (with minor AA help from the Torpedo Frigate). I brought some stuff to make the bomber portion better late game...and that didn't work so well. I think they managed one bomber hit in several turns of trying. Still, I'd try it again. The E-Wings did make short work of the Interceptors and the Z-95s were great at tying them up.
  5. I have some in the list i'm playing tonight. Two stands plus Corran and the Ghost. And some Z-95s to run interference.
  6. I also use Games Plus (or Sabol or Portable Warfare, they're all the same size) foam for my Armada. I've been slowly transitioning all my foam to that size. I've been pleased with the quality and price, overall.
  7. I was thinking of adding Awings or Z95s to tie up fighters. You could easily fit 4 of either (only cause I don't own more than 4 Z-95s) in your fighter points. A-Wings may be better, speed to get in front and counter to soften up squadrons. Despite my utter inability to use fighters well, I do like A-Wings to tie up fighters.
  8. I like that. Seems like a good way to get them into the fight at snipe range. Maybe even add Corran Horn for a good group of 4 stands. I may have to play with that a bit.
  9. When the X-Wing computer game came out, the A Wing officially got missiles (which they never had before). Since then, everything I've read has ommitted the sensor jammers and added the missiles. Seems like a retcon to me.
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