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  1. Calling all Thrones players! The regional in Vancouver will be held on Saturday, May 24th, and I was hoping to see if anyone was thinking of visiting from out of state/province/country to attend. As FFG has reduced the amount of regionals from last year, Vancouver's will be one of the few offered in the area (with the next closest being in Saskatoon or in Portland, depending on where you're travelling from). If you're one of the welcome folks that is thinking of making the trip or wants any more information on the event, please let me know! For what it's worth, I'm not a rep for the store that's hosting in any way, I'm just curious as to what to expect for numbers, and to make connections before the tournament itself. If you have any questions about the regional, getting here, or anything else, feel free to PM me here, or at either agotcards.org (sorry for cross promoting, FFG) or cardgamedb.com. Cheers! - RM
  2. I've actually been in contact with Steven over the past year, and he does indeed play Greyjoy exclusively to my knowledge (and very well, at that). Sad to hear that you've been forced to switch houses due to GJ's lack of versatility/reliability, but I don't blame you. I still think TOW Holy is a fine build, but not necessarily a tournament winning one. Greyjoy can certainly be aggressive and even "rushy" with it, but I find it just doesn't have the potential to get second (or even third) turn wins effectively like a dedicated rush deck out of Baratheon could. At this point I think a serious location hate/choke build may be the best thing Greyjoy has to offer right now, but I'm curious to see others' thoughts.
  3. (Note: I wrote this with the intention to talk about Joust builds, as I don't dabble much in Melee anymore, but no prejudice either way--any discussion is good discussion) Okay, so this topic appears to have been dormant for almost two years (the last thread I found dealing with this stopped churning out new posts in April 2012) but I hope that doesn't mean people have given up on the idea. I wanted to see if anyone out there has found an interesting, viable build with GJ for regionals and store championships this year. I've personally been toying around with a number of ideas, but I end up coming back to a modified version of a boring choke deck if I really want to win. I've tried the Old Way with every obvious combination so far (Nobles, Holy, and War crest themes; claim raising aggro; etc.) and if I see Black Sails again I may vomit. So I'm putting it out to the community: is there such a thing as an original, competitive Greyjoy deck? Or are we all stuck with another season of the same?
  4. Saw an old post about this, thought I'd post it in the Trade Column as a means of a bump. I've been looking for a Greyjoy resin House Card with little success. i live in Vancouver, BC and would be happy to buy one/take one off the hands of someone who has multiple? Any info would be great. Thanks!
  5. Hey there! Just wanted to chime in on this post; hopefully it's not too late. Glad to see there are some other players out there in the Vancouver area, and it's really great to hear the Drexoll is putting on game nights (is this still happening?) I have a small meta of about 5 players in North Van that would love to meet with and play against some new people. Let me know if there's ever a group sesh and I'd love to come down! Cheers, Elijah
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