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  1. It's pretty easy to understand why Chaos is included, regardless of ones own opinion of that particular faction. However, if you actually, as you claim, throw pieces away I suggest you visit a psychiatrist because that's not normal behaviour. There are lots of things in different games I play I don't like but throwing them away seems quite extreme and impulsive.
  2. I'll be getting this game, at least one starter so I can try it out. But what irritates me to no end is the cynical way in which FFG screws over its customers when it comes to content in their starter boxes. My problem is that they so openly force people to buy several starter boxes so that we can get a full set of cards. I might be a little daft, but I believe the basic box should give me a full set of cards for all the cards it contains, instead of forcing customers, who want to play anything but the most casual style of play, to buy TWO more boxes. Fricking annoying way of grabbing money.
  3. Sorry to hear that. But I love it myself. Where I play we don't play co-op much and almost all of us prefer VS games rather than co-op. Plus, co-op in 40k? Wrong setting.
  4. I personally don't want a unique ship design for the respective races. For the simple reason that I think it's pretty much impossible to make 17 (18 with the lazax in SotE, unless they get the default set) good looking and unique sets. Also, FFG isn't like to profit much, if any, of producing such miniatures. At least with third edition. Perhaps they could be made for 4th ed, whenever that comes, and be included in the base game. Then they could be available for individual/bits purchase if/when pieces get lost during games. I would LOVE a hex-border though, it irritates me to no end when the hexes are moved as soon as someone accidentally prods the table.
  5. Well, then I guess I'll be continuing to tough it out with the Dlords. I usually like playing with the humans in any game, like in TI. But what is the best way to use forts? In my first game I tried to build three forts in three connected hexes so as to turn those three hexes into a long solid wall to protect all of my lands behind them. Are forts best used as actual defensive positions, able to withstand enemy attacks, or as recruiting stations a bit behind the frontlines?
  6. But what makes them a top faction in your games then? Why do they win most of the time? I must have done something wrong when playing, a common thing when playing a new game I guess
  7. Great game! My only previous FFG game is TI3 and while I saw some similarities the games are quite different in how they function. FFG has (again) produced a game which has high quality components and a beautifully painted land hexes. But two things bothered me a bit. 1) we played 1,5 games, first a half game followed by the real thing. I played the humans in both and I found them to be quite lame when it comes to fighting battles. I played humans in both games and felt that the other factions, primaraly the two evil ones as I almost ever fought them, are significantly stronger in combat. What is your experience when it comes to balance of power? Things which might have influenced my experience are: I don't usually play aggressively, I never owned any city (they were razed by the bloody bid season event in both games) for more than two rounds and lastly, I'm not sure what the best ratio of different unit types is. 2) Battles are ,despite me losing most, still pretty fun. BUT, it seems to be almost impossible to make any kind of decisive breakthrough. I take a hex from my opponent and then he takes it back, and so on for most of the game. In TI3 you can't, most of the time, move units you just produced since the system is activated when producing. In RW you build and then happily march off to battle. This mechanism seems to favour grinding wars with little progress. Overall a nice game and I look forward to playing it again in about a weeks time. But I'm sure as hell not going to touch the human faction again. I think. I do like to be humans…purge the filthy xenos and all that
  8. Treguard said: …as well as his policy for keeping drinks off the table I can well imagine that the story is funny now, several years after the debacle. But man…had someone messed up my set with a drink and not even apologized I would have become _very_ angry. Accidents do happen but then it's just common sense to apologize. And as to the quote above…I live by that rule. Drinks are fine, but not anywhere close to any of the game pieces. Oh, and no greasy foodstuff at all…no greasy finger is ever going to touch anything belonging to TI.
  9. Innsmouth13 said: 3) how easily can the components be condensed and stored? A long time ago I ordered 100 zip-lock bags. I've used some to organize my various other games but I'm VERY glad I had those bags when I got Twilight Imperium. I've used roughly 30 of the bags to sort counters, ships, tokens and other bits. I also keep the map hexes sorted in the bags according to empty, filled and special systems, so as to minimize wear and tear. I have both the expansions and we use almost all the optional rules. The box of the original base game is pretty much filled to the brim with stuff. All the ziplock bags add some padding but they're a must in my opinion. As long as everything is intelligently sorted you can speed up the pre-game-sorting-phase considerably.
  10. I really don't understand what you mean. Do you actually dislike a boardgame that is no longer printed just because it's no longer printed? Seems pretty silly to me. If you have friends to play with does it even matter if it'll get more expansions or not? This game, with it's two expansions, will supply you with hundreds of hours of fun. At least. If that's not good enough I don't know what will be. This isn't some computer game where you get your 8 hours of compaign game play and it's over until an expansion comes around. So it seems very odd to me that you think it sucks that the game only has two expansions when you haven't even played them.
  11. I've lseeved all my cards. The sleeves add some height to the card piles but since you can't stack more than roughly 40 cards on top of each other, lest they all just slide into a complete disarray at the sligthest nudge. I just keep them in the tray, just like I (have to) do with the political cards. But it's easier to mix the cards now and I don't have to feel nervous as soon as someone is touching a card with even slightly grubby fingers.
  12. Well, we began the game by only selecting one SC each but we quickly found it that it leads to a boring game. So we changed back to two SCs per person after three rounds. But I enjoy the game the most when we are five players or more, because while one sc per person is too few in a 4 player game I feel that 2 SC per person (in a four player game) leads to very strong, too strong I think, combos. We also tried out the political intrigue option last time, it adds some great fun to the game.
  13. We play with both the expansions and I use all the SC cards from shattered empire. The reason I asked about the one SC card limit is because we're all still fairly new to the game and I thought that it might make things simpler if everyone only had to execute one SC instead of two. But perhaps it also makes the game less fun, I just don't know. It is quite unfortunate that we only managed to get four players this Saturday. I'm going OT now, but does the mercenary optional rule add fun to the game or does it simply just strenghten the already strongest player? We've never tried mercs before, though it does kind of look fun.
  14. Hello! According to the instructions for the game if you play with only four players then each player chooses two SCs each. I wonder how the balance would be if the players still only would take one SC. Would it work at all? Would it be broken? Has anyone tried it?
  15. Ah, figured it out. I made several errors when we played. First, I didn't separate the old and new objective decks, but rather mixed them. Second, I used imperial II without noticing that the card is only to be used with a certain other optional rule. And third, I mixed the objective cards a bit wrong so we got no stage two cards. Wow…this was a bad case of RTFM!
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